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Forever free on BOWWE's

Forever free on BOWWE's domain Responsive and SEO friendly websites Access to professional BOWWE templates 200MB storage 1GB bandwidth


Connect your own

Connect your domain Responsive and SEO friendly websites Access to professional BOWWE templates Online and phone support 1GB storage 3GB bandwidth Professional SEO settings Google Analytics integration
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Beautiful website optimized for
your branch

Connect your domain Responsive and SEO friendly websites Access to professional BOWWE templates Online and phone support 5GB storage 10GB bandwidth Professional SEO settings Google Analytics integration Additional language version Website access restriction


Accelerate your business
leave the competition in the dust

Connect your domain Responsive and SEO friendly websites Access to professional BOWWE templates Priority online and phone support 15GB storage Unlimited bandwidth Professional SEO settings Google Analytics integration Multiple language versions Website access restriction Annual professional website audit - included
Your Social Media Page Perfectly Optimized For:
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Connect your own domain and personal branding

FREE plán plus: Connect your domain Remove BOWWE Branding Remove cookies and BOWWE ad banner Access to professional BOWWE templates Online and phone support Professional SEO settings Google Analytics integration


Forever free on BOWWE's

Unlimited design options: Add videos/pictures/links/buttons/icons/... Drag & drop editing Forever free on BOWWE's
BOWWE Branding Amazing BOWWE templates Basic Analytics

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Professional design

Look better than your competitors

Intuitive interface

Change your page any time without any technical skills


We are always at your service

Satisfaction guarantee

30 day refund eligibility, without awkward questions

Mobile page

Your website will be optimized for mobile devices

Friendly SEO

You will have a better position in the search results

Customer reviews

Get feedback from customers and showcase your service

Confidence certificate

Prove to customers you're trustworthy


Show off your experience and gain credibility


Grab customers who are still hesitating


Upload beautiful photos in galleries that convince customers to buy

Google Maps

Let customers pinpoint you on a map


Professionally present an interactive catalogue of your product

Booking system

Your company will be reachable 24/7 so you wont lose potential customers

Social Media

Your website will be fully integrated into social media


Analyze your results and take control of your website

Advanced SEO

Our websites are very well positioned - use all of the opportunities that Google gives you


You will enrich your website with professional copywriting texts

Premium Photos

You will get a website built with premium images

Google Analytics

Get feedback regarding the effectiveness of your marketing efforts

Your Business Profile

You will receive a free Honaro profile

Online Promotion

We will create a professional promotional campaign for you on the internet

Language versions

Add multiple language versions to the website

Free hosting

High-speed servers without extra costs

Page monitoring

The BOWWE team will continually monitor your site and advise you what you should change to achieve great results.


1. What is a site builder?

It's a simple and intuitive website creator. You can create a beautiful website without any programming or design knowledge.

2. Can I make my own website?

YES! BOWWE.com was created precisely so that everyone, not having any IT skills, could create a professional website on their own.

3. Can I edit my website at anytime?

Yes! You can always change whatever you want at any time.

4. How much will it cost me?

Choose your own plan! Depending on what level your company is. Just starting? No problem, create for free! Need to be the best? We can make an individual template just for you. Check out all the plans in our pricing section.

5. Why do I have to pay monthly, not one time?

Our work does not end only by giving you access to the platform. We are constantly implementing new functionalities and making the system more effective. We have computer scientists, graphic designers and marketers working full-time on the project. Of course, we offer an upfront payment for a year so you don't have the hassle monthly payments.

6. Are the web pages adjusted for mobile devices?

Every template we created was done using a responsive framework. In translation: everything you do on our platform looks and functions perfectly on mobile.

7. OK I want a website – what's my next step?

First contact our office. You will sign a contract with us. After that, if you want us to create a website for you, you'll send us the materials you have. In less than two weeks, your website will be finished and you will get access to edit it further as you wish.

8. Can I change my template later after I've chosen one?

Of course. With a couple of clicks you are able to change the template but keep all the materials which you put on the site.

9. Can I have an custom template for my company?

Yes, it's the most advanced plan in our pricing. Contact us, tell us your idea, and we will craft a custom solution that stands out from the crowd.

10. Can I position my websites well on search engines?

All our websites are made with good positioning in mind. You have a simple way to change your SEO settings and being mobile responsive is a big plus.

11. Is it possible to edit my site offline?

No, you have to be online to edit your website and save your changes.

12. What are widgets?

Widgets are elements that help you build your website. Simply press and hold one of them (for example text block) and drop it where you want it on the website. You can choose from dozens of different widgets that you can edit to your preferences. As a result, your website will be unique.

13. Can I connect my website to social media?

BOWWE allows you to connect your website to Twitter, Google+ and Honaro. Just copy and paste the link.

14. How do I connect the website to my private domain?

This is possible for all payed plans. You have to enter your domain settings and change the DNS zone record A to

Then open domains panel in BOWWE.COM and provide your domain address.

15. Can I log in and edit my website through my smartphone or tablet?

Not at this moment. You have to use your computer but out team is working on BOWWE Mobile, stay tuned.

16. Can I have an email on BOWWE.com?

This feature is not available at this point, but we are working on it.

17. My subscription has ended and I don't want to prolong it. How do I delete my account?

Write us an email with your account information and we will remove it for you.

Are you still unsure which option to choose?

Drop us a line and we will help you to choose the best option for your business.

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