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10 practical tips for creating the perfect meta description

By Karol Andruszków

How to write a meta description? When developing a meta description, you need to remember that it has a big influence on whether a user visits your site. And while there is no single recipe for creating the perfect description that will guarantee a flow of traffic to your website, there are smart ways to help you create an effective meta description. Here are 10 tips needed to create an effective meta description that will distinguish you from the competition and encourage you to visit your website.

1. Write succinctly and to the point

Remember that the meta description should be short, marketing and reflect (or summarize) the content of the page it refers to. Meta description tags should be consistent with the general content and nature of the page. Their adequate context is the key to your success

2. Work on the message

An effective meta description should build a simple message in the user's mind: "This is the page you are looking for!". It should also have an informative value, so you should not distort the reality. It is best if you clearly define what is on your website. If the user is looking for this type of service, he / she will click on the link without hesitation.

3. Use keywords

Some SEO specialists believe that it is not worth including keywords in the meta descriptions because it has no direct impact on positioning. But is this a good strategy? The words entered in the search engine, which also appear in the meta description of the page, are automatically bold. What is it doing? More bold words will surely get the recipient's attention. However, the whole thing must look natural! We want to avoid key word stuffing. A random blend of words will never be attractive to either the user or the search engine. Moreover, such an action may have the opposite effect than expected - a significant decrease in the position of your website due to penalties imposed by search engines.

4. Make the meta description unique

Also make sure that each subpage has a different meta description set. Search engines don't like duplicate, repetitive content. This can cause cannibalization, i.e. a situation where several subpages appear in the search results for one keyword. The content of a given subpage should therefore be defined with a unique and valuable description.

5. Apply Call-To-Action

Try to approach your meta description creatively. After all, your description should stand out from the rest and attract the user to enter your website and use your services. So try to engage the user. To do this, use words that will appeal to his imagination and cause him to act. What might a sample call-to-action sound like? "Find out", "Check", "Get to know us", "Find out more".

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6. Update the content

As with all content on your site, the meta description can and should be updated as well. So you don't have to limit yourself to a general description that summarizes your services. An interesting idea is to include information about the current offer or promotion. This will surely interest the recipient!

7. Include relevant information

As we said above, the meta description doesn't have to be a typical general sentence. It is also a good place to record and structure important information about your business. Therefore, nothing prevents you from including contact details, such as address, telephone number or the name of the author (in the case of a blog).

8. Be inspired

See how your competitors are doing it and follow the example of the best. Read and analyze meta descriptions of others for inspiration. Thanks to this, you will see what works best for users and what the current trends are.

9. Highlight your meta description

If you want your website to be visible, use Emoji. Such a procedure will definitely make you stand out from the competition, and at the same time will affect the friendly reception of your website. You probably have seen more than once pages that had emoticons in their descriptions such as: ✅, ⚠️ or ⭐️. Since search engines show them in search results, many people have successfully used this method to make the page description more attractive. Of course, remember not to overdo it with the amount of emoticons. Their purpose is only to emphasize the message. Too much can backfire and distort the message.

10. Use your marketing potential

Meta description describes itself as an excellent advertising tool. In order to create a description that will appeal to the recipient and induce them to visit the website, you need to put yourself in the user's shoes. The potential recipient must be sure that they are dealing with a website that is reliable and that will allow them to obtain certain information. Of course, the meta description becomes a kind of advertisement for your services. However, be careful not to advertise too intrusively as this may discourage users. A good meta description only arouses the user's curiosity and ensures that after entering the website he will find a satisfactory answer.

How to create an effective meta description for your website?

While the meta description doesn't directly affect your site's search engine rankings, it can prove to be a great marketing tool to get visitors to your site. It is worth taking advantage of this and taking the time to create a meta description that will not only accurately summarize the content of your website and services, but also attract the attention of potential customers. If you follow a few simple tricks and remember our tips, it will take you a few minutes to create an effective description!

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