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We have been working in the field for many years, helpin and supporting our clients in difficult life situations. Such problems often become and obstacle when working to improve ourselves, which is why we have decided to create a place where you can talk about your dilemmas. It is here that we can calmly think and look for new ways and solutions in the comfort of a cozy room and a cup of tea. Through our observations we have concluded that the primary problem our clients face is excessive alcohol consumption. To tackle this phenomenon, we have completed the necessary studies and courses.
Our office is the only place in the city where clients can come to us with their problems in order to get professional help.





individual and group sessions

self development workshops

We are supported by:

Prof. Fred Johnson - Head of the Department of Social Psychology at the Eastern University
Dr. Sandra Brown -
Head of the Cognitive Psychology Laboratory at the Eastern University

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We know from experience that the best form of help in getting out of addiction is to combine professional knowledge with attending AA support groups.

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