With me you will gain time and money
Which loan should I choose? Which loan should you choose? What exactly do the provisions in the contract mean? Will the installment be exactly what I think? With me you can be sure that you will not overpay. All the offers that I can offer are identical to those in the bank. It is the bank that pays me, not the clients.
Since I offer exactly the same, why should I use my services? Because I carefully examine all solutions, I detect hidden costs of loans and other "hooks".
Why is it worth choosing?
You will also save a lot of time. A visit to a bank regarding a loan takes several dozen minutes, and there are many banks. Analysis of offers is also very time-consuming for a person who does not deal with loans on a daily basis. With me you will gain time and money.


My services are free. You risk nothing, and I will help you choose the most favorable loan for you, thanks to which you will spend much less money than if you trusted a banking advisor.

I explain everything exactly and I make complicated entries clear for clients. I take care of the formalities - analysis of offers or filling in applications and forms.

I am an experienced financial advisor trusted by over 350 clients. I have an impeccable reputation and I have several years of work related to finances behind me.
Credit with me:
1 meeting with an advisor
Easy comparison of offers
Trusted financial advisor
Simple formalities
One-time credit check
Bank credit:
Lots of meetings at banks
Trudności w porównywaniu ofert
Random advisor
Lots of formalities to be completed
Multiple creditworthiness counting
Customer satisfaction is my priority
Check the opinions of people who have used my services.
Confirmed with a Certificate All reviews are written by real customers
confirmed by the Customer Confirmation Certificate
Honaro trust certificate is a testament to the reliability of the company, issued by its real clients. Honaro reviews can be issued by all verified customers who have used the services or products of the company. The reviews expressed are not affected by the company, nor can they be edited or removed
Kacper Przybyła

Kacper Przybyła

Jestem bardzo zadowolona z pomocy pana Jana. Przeprowadził sprawnie cały proces kredytowy. Załatwił dobre warunki. Polecam
Paulina Wojciehowska

Paulina Wojciehowska

Powierzyłam Panu Janowie opiekę nad moim kredytem, uzyskałam pomoc jakiej oczekiwałam. Bardzo dziękuję i polecam. Można zaoszczędzić dużo czasu i nerwów.
Paweł Bożek

Paweł Bożek

Bardzo profesjonalne podejście do każdego zagadnienia,wysoka kultura osobista.Jesteśmy z żoną bardzo zadowoleni,że naszą sprawę prowadził pan Jan. Chcę jeszcze nadmienić,że jest to druga sprawa jaką prowadził u nas pan Jan.
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