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"Creation of an advanced, mobile MobRM e-service, including a community system that creates business trust"

The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund and

Grants for Innovations - „We invest in your future”

Measure 8.1: Supporting economic activity in the field of electricity.

Priority axis 8: Information society - increasing the innovativeness of the economy

Operational Program Innovative Economy for the years 2007 - 2013

Beneficiary: ULAN SYSTEMS Wojciech Andruszków
Co-financing agreement no. UDA-POIG.08.01.00-02-302/13-00
Total value of the project: 790 700,00 zł
The value of co-financing from ERDF 470 466,50 zł
Value co-financed in the form of a subsidy: 83 023,50 zł
Innovative Economy Dolny Śląsk EU


The main goals of the project are to expand the company's operations to include clients from foreign markets. The specific objective in the case of the project in question will be the implementation of a long-term (comprehensive) business strategy, which indicates the most important directions of the company's development in terms of internationalization in the field of promotion in foreign markets and activities necessary to develop exports.

The main goal of the project coincides with the priority axis. The action and sub-action within which the project is implemented, namely: 1.4 Internationalization of enterprises, Scheme 1.4 B projects implementing long-term (comprehensive) business strategies.

The overall goal is related to the objectives and planned indicators of measure 1.4. RPO province Dolnośląski and ZIT WrOF strategy:

Increasing the export volume of entrepreneurs from the Lower Silesia Voivodship, among others, by concluding new commercial contracts with partners / recipients of products and services from abroad.

The promotion of the province will support the export of highly innovative products by an entity operating in Wrocław.

Thanks to participation, the company will increase its recognition on international markets, which will translate into starting export activity and increasing the volume of sales of products and services.


The result of the project will be the introduction of the Honaro portal to the target market of the United Kingdom, while adapting its functionality to the requirements of this market.
It is assumed that a year after the project implementation, the company will acquire 30 clients who will continue to use its functions. The effect will also be to increase the recognition of the portal among SME companies on the British market.


The total amount of eligible expenses related to the implementation of the Project is PLN 162.601.63.

The DIP grants the Project Promoter, in the amount not exceeding 138 211.38 PLN, constituting 85.00% of the total eligible expenses of the Project.

The beneficiary will contribute own their contribution to the implementation of the Project in the amount of PLN 24 390.25 and own funds in the amount of PLN 61,788.62.

Ulan Systems Wojciech Andruszków is working on the realization of the below project

“The internationalization of the company and promotion of the BOWWE brand” under sub-measure 3.3.3

The support of small and medium enterprises in the promotion of product brands - Go to Brand from the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020,

co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Banner of the European Union donation


The goal of this project is to actively promote the company’s product brand, i.e the internet platform BOWWE and through participation in trade fairs, business missions and with the broad promotion of company services in electronic channels.

As a result of the activities undertaken under this project, the BOWWE brand will gain recognition on foreign markets, which will result in an increase in trade. The direct result of the actions taken will be an increase in revenues from export activities.

In the course of the project implementation, the company will be awarded a subsidy, which will be allocated to the implementation of tasks aimed at the internationalization of the company. All tasks indicated in the project will be completed. New business partners will be acquired.

An indirect objective of the project will be to promote the Polish Economy and Polish Brand as a place where high-quality, innovative products and services from the IT / ICT industry are created.