The Dom-Blach company was established in 1994. We took our first steps as a distributor of sheet metal roofing and façade coverings. However, bearing in mind the growing requirements and needs of our customers, we constantly expanded our offer with new products and services. Today, we are a leading manufacturer in the region and we know perfectly well how individual elements of the roof structure affect its safety and durability as well as usability and aesthetic values.
a house with white walls and a green roof
High quality guarantees a long life of the sheet. Attractive appearance and a wide range of colors allow for excellent results, allowing the roof to be adapted to the façade and the surroundings. Compared to other coverings, sheet metal is a light material, cut to any size, minimizing the cost of waste. The high quality of the sheets we use and precise processing guarantee a long life of the roof
the great double-top boudinok
We have gained the trust of many customers who appreciate comprehensive and professional service at every stage of cooperation. In 11 branches of our company, customers can count on professional advice and assistance in choosing the right products and solutions. We also attach great importance to the proper packaging and storage of our products, and the developed transport system guarantees that our products reach customers intact.
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ArcerolMittal has been the world's largest steel producer for over 30 years. Specialized research, development and technology departments and, above all, having our own raw material deposits create the best quality steel. Continuous development is due to the latest steel products and a huge state-of-the-art machinery park in the world.

The steel supplied by ArcerolMittal comes from Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Germany and Poland and is a source of durability, longevity and the best quality.