detached houses

semi-detached houses

terraced houses

energy-saving houses

smart homes

modular homes

cheap houses under construction

houses of expanded clay

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We handle all formal matters - obtaining a building permit and a home use permit after completion of construction works

We make an outline from the land development plan

We guarantee that the plot will be changed

We will take care of geodetic service - preparing the map for design purposes

We define the terms of media connection

We obtain opinions of the land inspector

We undertake a house design or adaptation already finished

We provide support for an educated construction manager

We plan the work schedule and implement it in accordance with the designated dates

We provide tested and certified materials of the highest quality

We provide tested and certified materials of the highest quality. We guarantee professional construction of the building thanks to the team of professionals

We have a large machine fleet

We provide a 5-year quality guarantee for services rendered

We advise the best solutions at each stage of cooperation as well as after its completion

We provide an on-line construction log, available 24/7 a day

We provide fixed, predetermined prices, regardless of the differences on the market

If you need construction advice, please enter your phone number, we will contact you within 24 hours



demarcation of the building

benches and foundation walls

foundation and bearing walls external and internal

thermal and damp insulation of foundations

fertilization and densification of the filler

sewage installation

floors made of "lean" concrete

building water supply

construction and partition walls

reinforced concrete pillars, substrings

ceilings with internal stairs

earthworks, excavations

pressure plate along with horizontal sewerage, fertilization and sand compaction

reinforced concrete poles, substrings

roof truss, impregnated at the factory

chimneys inside the building and bricks above the roof truss

roof - covering with complete guttering


electrical, tv, telephone, alarm and computer installations

water installation (hot and cold water) and sewage system

complete boiler room with heating installation and radiators

insulating the building and facade construction 

cement floors with insulation

roof insulation

concrete floors with insulation

roof soffit

construction and partition walls

external and internal window sills

roof insulation with mineral wool

attic building with drywall

external windows, doors and garage door

external and internal window sills

external stairs, terraces

connection to the sanitary sewerage network, septic tank or household treatment plant

roof - covering with complete guttering

partition walls


floor and wall cladding (tiles, terracotta, panels, parquet, staves)

wet installation of accessories, eg shower, bathtub, washbasin, toilet, washbasin faucets, etc.

laying tiles in bathrooms, kitchen

cladding of internal and external stairs, terrace and balconies

banisters on balconies and internal stairs

internal doors

smoothing coat

painting walls

roof soffit

laying of paving stones

fencing according to a separate, individual project.