Frequently Asked Questions

I decided to collect in one place the questions that I often hear from customers. Knowing the answers will help you understand what my job is and what you can expect from it.
What does a financial advisor do?
A financial advisor acts as an intermediary in concluding contracts related to finances, e.g. between a client and a bank. He analyzes the client's situation, all available offers and selects the best solutions in a given situation. For the sale of products, it receives a commission from institutions that offer these products - e.g. banks or insurance companies. A good financial advisor does not charge clients any fees.
Who are the credit bureau services for?
Financial advisor services are intended for anyone who would like to take care of their finances. The offer is available to both people who plan to take their first loan and those who want to consolidate their receivables, looking for good insurance or leasing. I invite both individuals, business owners and farmers.
Do I need a financial advisor?
It is true that you will find exactly the same offers at me and in banks. However, getting to know all of them requires a huge amount of time, many visits and conversations with consultants. When not dealing with finances on a daily basis, it is difficult to compare offers and choose the best one. A career counselor will help you save time and money.
How much does a financial advisory service cost?
Meeting with me is free, so you risk nothing. I earn commissions from companies whose financial products I sell. At the same time, I maintain objectivity, choosing the most beneficial solution for my clients.
What should a good financial / credit advisor do?
I meet with the client and determine what I need. I analyze financial products, prepare a few proposals and discuss them thoroughly with the client, and answer all questions. The client chooses one of the proposals. He buys insurance, decides to lease or applies for a loan. I help him in completing the forms and completing the formalities

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