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It is never too late to take care of your finances

I address my offer to all people who are looking for financially beneficial solutions. There are so many loan, loan or insurance offers on the market that it is very easy to get lost in them. Having to visit many banks and insurers and thoroughly analyze and compare offers takes a lot of time.

I address my offer to anyone who would like to take care of their finances. My clients include

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Individual clients

I help in obtaining mortgage, cash and consolidation loans as well as loans.

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I know perfectly well how to get a favorable company loan (investment, working capital, cash), I guarantee the lowest margin.

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I offer advice on cash and consolidation loans dedicated to farmers.

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My Offer


Buying a flat, house or plot usually requires a hypothetical loan. For many people, this is a life decision that has long-term consequences. If you make a bad decision, you can overpay a lot for your carelessness. It is definitely worth comparing many offers and seeing what the hidden costs of loans are. I will do it for you.

Cash loans

Otherwise, cash loans for any purpose. A characteristic feature of such loans is a short repayment period (max. 10 years) and a limited amount. I propose the best short and long-term loan offers. Such a loan can still be relatively easy, without guarantors and additional certificates.

Consolidation loans

Are you scared by the amount of monthly installments of various loans? Would you like to pay less and remember only one installment? I have a perfect solution for you: a consolidation loan. The consolidation loans that I recommend are a guarantee of savings, peace and comfort.


Leasing consists of renting a car, machinery or equipment. Initially, it was a solution dedicated primarily to companies, but in recent years its popularity has also increased among consumers. The solution is to give the right to use a specific thing in return for paying a certain monthly amount. Such an agreement is signed for a definite period. In the case of a company, it is often related to the equipment needed to run a business, in the case of consumers - a car.


This is a solution for those who would like to multiply their wealth and gain more than banks offer on deposits or savings accounts. I can offer funds, investment policies, structured products. I always inform you about the estimated profit and the risks associated with individual financial products. I advise those that are as safe as possible.


I work with the best advisors and insurance companies. I analyze the financial, family and professional situation of clients and on this basis I select the appropriate form of security. I can propose, among others life, family, health and sports insurance, dedicated to various professional groups.

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