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Which loan should I choose? Which loan should you choose? What exactly do the provisions in the contract mean? Will the installment be exactly what I think? With me you can be sure that you will not overpay. All the offers that I can offer are identical to those in the bank. It is the bank that pays me, not the clients. Since I offer exactly the same, why should I use my services? Because I carefully examine all solutions, I detect hidden costs of loans and other "hooks". You will also save a lot of time. A visit to a bank regarding a loan takes several dozen minutes, and there are many banks. Analysis of offers is also very time-consuming for a person who does not deal with loans on a daily basis.
With me you will gain time and money.

Why is it worth choosing?


My services are free. You risk nothing, and I will help you choose the most favorable loan for you, thanks to which you will spend much less money than if you trusted a banking advisor.


I explain everything thoroughly and I make complicated entries clear for clients. I take care of the formalities - analysis of offers or filling in applications and forms.


I am an experienced financial advisor, trusted by over 350 clients. I have an impeccable reputation and I have over a dozen years of work related to finances.
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Use my consultation

You can only gain.

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Credit with me:

1 meeting with an advisor
Easy comparison of offers
Trusted financial advisor
Simple formalities
One-time creditworthiness check

Bank credit:

Lots of meetings at banks
Difficulty comparing offers
Random advisor
Lots of formalities to be completed
Multiple creditworthiness counting

Case studies

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PROBLEM: I cannot take out a loan because the employment is too short.

SOLUTION: I advised my client to combine her two specific work contracts into one contract. It is possible when working on a similar position.
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PROBLEM: 5 banks refused to grant me a loan.

SOLUTION: I researched the history at BIK. It turned out that the client owed a very small amount to the bank. He settled the payment quickly and received a loan.
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PROBLEM: I have a lot of loans that take a lot of money.

SOLUTION: This is a common problem for people in debt. We consolidated the loans into one, thanks to which the client saved 70 thousand. PLN.

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