We build trust by having open and honest communication and reaching those deadlines we set. We also have a unique business offering for technical centers, R&D facilities, and universities, where they are able to rent the system for any period of time (minimum 4 months) to test it out before deciding on a purchase. This allows them to get the system in their door without the need for a large CapEx budget and the freedom to experiment with technology they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. The system also creates high quality laminates, that would pass aerospace quality control. Anything that is used in aerospace industry is unreasonably expensive, so that’s where we separate ourselves from the competition.
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Thus, anyone can get high-quality production in the aerospace industry without the prices associated with aerospace technology
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Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) has become an increasingly popular method of manufacturing in composites R&D projects as well as production. In a process that was reserved for aerospace structures for more than two decades, more and more SMEs are able to gain access to the benefits of AFP, such as:



of materials


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dev service

However, the physical tool is only half the equation. Programming the robot is done through a process called Offline Programming (OLP). A proper OLP software allows the user to visually and intuitively program the robot to perform the required task, as well as evaluate the outcome through animation with spacial recognition.

Our Products

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tape laying toolhead that attaches to the end of robotic arms. The AFP-XS by Addcomposites is capable of producing composite parts using various fiber and resin matrix materials. Enforcing its position as an ...
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an OLP software designed for path planning of tape deposition.

Addcomposites has incorporated its user-friendly ideals into our software, which can be bundled or bought separately for your specific needs ...

Our Services

We collaborate with you to determine the best way to use our equipment for your specific use case. We will provide guidance for necessary adjustments when using different materials, troubleshoot any programming issues that may arise, and provide updates to both the software and hardware as they are realized.
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Cell design and integration

we will design a cell to get the most manufacturing volume. We will install and integrate everything too, including the robot.
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Innovative material avaluations

Layup of innovative materials (ie bio-based) to test functionality. Gives the producer the ability to design specifically for AFP use. 
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Pilot projects, design evaluation

If your company is curious about the system, we can perform trials at our location for a low cost to the customer.

Why it is worth
to choose us

Up to 50%

Production cost saving

Up to 40%

Waste reduction

Up to 30%

Weight reduction

Full customization at
single unit level


Recycle materials from
production waste



the device produces the part

Automated Composite Manufacturing

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Automated Composite Manufacturing

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Automated Composite Manufacturing

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