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Addcomposites aims to become the go-to provider of advanced manufacturing solutions that enable widespread adoption of composites.


We design reliable and user friendly advanced manufacturing systems that provide opportunities to integrate composites into your production. We regularly interact with our customers, listening to their feedback and creating a better user experience.

Our Story

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Addcomposites provides digital automation solutions for composite manufacturing. We have developed the world’s first plug & produce solution for advanced composites production, enabling small-scale and customized production. Our core competency is in automating the layup of fibers; of both the traditional carbon fiber prepreg and even innovative materials that haven't hit the market yet.

Why its better with us

Addcomposites was incorporated in 2018 after a research project at Aalto University led to the development of a compact fiber placement attachment for industrial robots. That summer, we were inducted into the first class of the European Space Agency - Business Incubation Center of Finland, where we were able to collaborate with space-minded companies on the development and end usage of our system. This led to fine tuning different aspects of the entire system, from hardware functionality to software capability, and everywhere in between.

With past experiences in different industries all over the world, we noticed that composites manufacturing has a problem. This problem is that composites is lagging far behind every other forms of manufacturing in regards to automation. The monotonous and repetitive labor was causing health and quality issues, and knew it needed to change. So we set out to design the smallest, lightest, most versatile tape laying system available to improve upon those past experiences.

Converging in Finland brought a new perspective as to what could be done. Using our knowledge, and incorporating the high standards that come with Finnish Design, we set out to change SME manufacturing capabilities. Years of R&D and a few iterations later, we have come up with the current solution: AFP-XS

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Mark Frey

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Daniel Meyers

CTO (Automation)

Technical advistory

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Ann Davis

Composite and Materials Expert
Dean ICT TampereUniversity

+35 Years Research Experience

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Emily Lee

Industrial automation and

Quality control expert

Founder a successful industrial

automation company

25+ Years Industrial Experience

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Denise Parker

Modularity and Robust Design Expert
Professor at Aalto University Ex-MIT

professor, PhD CalTech

25+ Years Industrial Experience

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Jason Lewis

Financial Navigation Expert
Server as a liason between

investors and startups / growth

Dean ICT TampereUniversity

+35 Years Research Experience


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