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Who is the Data Administrator?

The data administrator is Wojciech Andruszków running a business under the name ULAN SYSTEMS Wojciech Andruszków, based in Wrocław at ul. Dąbrowskiego 42; 50-457 Wrocław, NIP: 8971647346, REGON: 021199525, e-mail: phone number: +48 5 3007 3007.

Do you download any data when visiting the Website

When visiting our website, it is not necessary to provide your data. We only save access data that does not refer to a specific person. The downloaded data is only analyzed to improve our offer and is not intended to identify the visitor to our site.

What data is collected on the Website?

In order to set up a User's account on our website, it is required to provide an email address and password. However, in the case of registering an Administrator account, it is necessary to provide additional data, such as: name, surname, address and company - in the case of a business owner or legal representative of a company; company's company - in the case of a commercial law company, additionally the relevant register and NIP.

How is the collected data used?

It is important that the data we collect is used only for the purposes for which you have agreed. The information collected by us in the process of registering the user's account and ordering the services serve only to provide the correct implementation of the order and the implementation of the ordered service.


Information collected during user account registration enables us to contact said user by email or phone. It is also possible to consent to the processing of personal data for marketing and promotional purposes, which is done by checking the appropriate box on the website. Moreover, you can agree to receive commercial information from the website by email (newsletter). At any time it is possible to withdraw your consent to the processing of data or to receive commercial information by electronic means.

How do we ensure personal data on our Website?

Our Website is protected against loss, destruction, access, modification and dissemination of our Users' data by unauthorized persons. In addition, the personal data of each User is protected by an individual password, which is only available to a specific User. Therefore, please remember to log out of the Website and close the browser after using the Website to prevent third parties from accessing your account and personal data.

Is it possible to modify the entered personal data?

The User has the option of editing his data after logging into his Account on the Website. If you have forgotten your login password, please contact the Data Administrator.

Can you delete a user account?

To delete a User's account, please contact the Data Administrator.

What about changes to the Privacy Policy?

Due to the planned development of our Website and services provided by us, other factors will change as well, such as technology and legal requirements, which may result in changes to the Privacy Policy. Using the Website after the changes come into force will mean their acceptance. By using the website at you agree to the terms and conditions of data processing described in this Privacy Policy.

Contact details:

ULAN SYSTEMS Wojciech Andruszków

ul. Dąbrowskiego 42; 50-457 Wrocław,

NIP: 8971647346, REGON: 021199525,

email address:, contact phone: +48 5 3007 3007.


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