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How it works?

  • 1
    The guest scans the QR Code
  • 2
    The guest uses the app
  • 3
    You earn revenue directly

No installation needed

Enhance the guest journey from start to finish with BOWWE Apps

Provide exceptional guest experience from very first contact
From first glance to instant book
Let your beautiful app dazzle your guests and make them want to book an visit right away.

1. Scan code

2. Browse through hotel offer

3. Book stay directly in the app!

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Quick reservation process
Seize the chance and enable instant bookings for interested guests.

1. Scan code

2. Find the perfect offer

3. Book stay directly in the app!

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Commission-free direct booking
Significantly boost your direct signups and eliminate unnecessary commission fees.

1. Scan code

2. Find the perfect offer

3. Book stay directly in the app!

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Seamless booking access
Offer guests the ease of accessing booking details anytime through the app, eliminating staff involvement.


1. Scan code

2. Check your booking details

3. Upgrade your reservation!


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Multilingual options for every guest
Offer guests the ease of accessing booking details anytime through the app, eliminating staff involvement.

1. Scan code

2. Select app language

3. Browse in your chosen language!


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Create an unforgettable experiences for your guests
Quickly online check-in
Reduce wait times and empower staff to focus on providing complex, personalized services.

1. Scan code

2. Start online check-in

3. Enjoy skip-the-line check-in

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Effortless upselling
Make buying services delightful for guests and effortless for you.

1. Scan code

2. Check out the hotel's offering

3. Book an extra service!

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Instant showcasing & sales via QR codes
Enable guests to swiftly unlock offers with a QR code scan from any location.

1. Scan code

2. Browse the offer

3. Order service from your room

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Contactless food and drinks ordering
Let guests access the hotel restaurant's menu anytime with QR codes.

1. Scan code

2. Explore the menu

3. Order your favorite food!

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One-click ordering
Enable effortless one-click ordering for services, bypassing the need for staff assistance.

1. Scan code

2. Check the offer

3. Order anything you want!

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Hassle-free travel experience and stay
Consolidate essential guest information in one spot, minimizing reception desk inquiries.

1. Scan code

2. Browse key information

3. Enjoy a hassle-free stay

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Instant issue reporting
Simplify and speed up the issue reporting process entirely online.

1. Scan code

2. Describe the problem

3. Enjoy smooth service

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Enhanced events visibility and sales
Showcase the hotel's events compellingly, making them irresistible to guests.

1. Scan code

2. Review events

3. Reserve your spot!

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Irresistible coupon offers
Enhance your guests' experience by offering exclusive service coupons, boosting upselling opportunities.

1. Scan code

2. Find the coupon you need

3. Enjoy an enriched stay

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Turn goodbyes into See You Soons
Quick online-check-out
Enable guests to leave at their convenience, reducing queues and alleviating staff workload.

1. Scan code

2. Start online check-out

3. Enjoy skip-the-line check-out


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Efficient reviews collection
Streamline the process of gathering guest reviews to enhance the visibility of positive feedback.

1. Scan code

2. Share your impression

3. Submit your feedback in app!


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Smooth loyalty program enrollment
Make it easy for guests to join loyalty program and entice them to return with exclusive offers.


1. Scan code

2. Discover program benefits

3. Sign up!


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Enhanced newsletter subscription
Keep guests updated on hotel's newest offers and special occasions.

1. Scan code

2. Subscribe to the newsletter

3. Be updated about hotel offer


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Attractive promotions
Entice guests to return by offering special deals for their next visit or added services.


1. Scan code

2. Browse exclusive promotions

3. Book now and enjoy the promo


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Save time and put effort where there is a real deal

Increase ROI even 250X
*based on our calculation for solution implementation

Sell and upsell any service or product in seconds

Convert with just 1 click

Generate leads at every ocassion

Make a room for staff for sale-related tasks

AI Support

Unlimited language versions in seconds

Make communication that fit guest from every part of the world

Create unlimited language versions of your Micro App in seconds. Use the advantages of international and local SEO and reach guests from every corner of the world.


Digitalize all information and pass it to guests with one scan

Share branded QR codes for easy access 

and enhanced conversion opportunities. 

No install required.


Connect all digital actions to specific guest

Track your guests' behavior in the app and personalize their experience. Easily assign online orders to a specific guest, table or room number.


Measure the results and react instantly

Detailed insights and data about the performance and usage of websites. You can access metrics such as visitor numbers, page views, session durations, and traffic sources to make informed decisions and improve user experience.

Discover all dreamy features

Super fast, super cheap, and easy

Create your Micro App in beautiful, convenient and intuitive drag & drop builder in minutes with no IT skills required.

Create an App up to 100x faster

Manage your apps  across multiple hotels seamlessly.

Integrate with whatever you want

Add any application or API in seconds and solve even complex tasks.

No installation or downloading of the app

Just let your guest scan the code and do what you expect them to do.

Unified hotel system integration

Effortlessly connect to different systems like PMS, CRM, POS...

All your apps in one place

Manage your apps across multiple hotels seamlessly.

Collaborative content hub

Add any application or API in seconds and solve even complex tasks.

Consistent, responsive guest experiences

Deliver a consistent, responsive experience across all devices for every guest.

Safe and secure

The highest-level security standards, regular backups, and updates, together with roles and permissions, will make you always safe.

Environmental friendly and sustainable

Go paperless, save energy. No more printed flyers. No more time and energy wasted.

Check all BOWWE Features


Create using templates and go live in a few minute

Made in BOWWE

We spent +100 hours on each template to make it beutiful, proffesional and optimized for your growth. BOWWE templates are the fastest and most professional way to start!

Or build from scratch

Choose the plan that suits your hotel the best

International Pro

Do it yourself. Micro App with multi-language versions and integrations included.


What’s included:

Full version Micro App available through QR code

Connect to your domain

Integrations (PMS, CRS & more)

Add language version for $5/mo each

Multilanuage sites with AI translation

Choose plan

Design Pro

We create one perfect, fully operating Micro App with integrations just for you.

/month International Pro plan

$499 paid once for creation of

your Micro App

What’s included:

Creation and implementation of Micro App

Full version Micro App available through QR code

Connect to your domain

Integrations (PMS, CRS & more)

Add language version for $5/mo each

Multilanuage sites with AI translation

Contact us

Full Package product & service

Monthly Growth Services

No stress, our specialists will be doing everything for your hotel’s constant growth.


What’s included:

Creation of 3 Micro Apps with International Pro plan

5 hours of work for your hotel development each month

Full team with specialists: marketers, analysts, designers

Personalized design

Designing visuals (QR codes, cards, flyers) for optimal use of Micro Apps

Professional reports

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What clients say about BOWWE

Our mission

is to help creators and small, medium-sized businesses succeed. Working with our clients for several years we've learned what they need.

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BOWWE Builder is a comprehensive and user-friendly web development platform that empowers users to effortlessly create captivating, highly effective digital assets. Whether you're a professional designer or a beginner, BOWWE offers the tools you need to construct:

1. Websites

2. Landing Pages

3. Micro Apps

4. Blogs

5. Portfolios

6. CVs

7. AI-Powered Multilingual Websites

And there's more on the horizon! BOWWE is expanding its capabilities to include online stores and both mobile and web applications soon!

A Micro App is a compact, yet powerful application designed for simplicity and speed, both in creation and management, making it ideal for users without technical expertise. Far surpassing ordinary linking pages or microsites, Micro Apps enable you to achieve remarkable feats and drive business growth with their advanced functionality.

For the hospitality industry, the Micro App is a game-changer. It digitalizes a vast array of hotel-related activities, significantly boosting revenue opportunities. Guests can effortlessly book appointments and purchase additional services, like spa treatments, directly through the Micro App. This automation reduces the need for receptionist intervention, allowing staff to focus on higher-value tasks and enhancing guest experiences.

The BOWWE Micro App is a strategic tool for hotels looking to elevate their operational efficiency and revenue. It frees up staff to concentrate on critical revenue-generating activities they previously lacked time for. Furthermore, the Micro App facilitates effective upselling by streamlining the promotion, personalization, and reservation processes, enabling guests to seamlessly access and book services with a single click. Embrace the BOWWE Micro App to transform your guest experience and operational excellence.

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