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The BOWWE Affiliate Program gives me predictability and confidence. BOWWE products are best-in-class — so when I recommend BOWWE, I’m confident that I’m recommending products worth buying.
Ewa Martinez, Site Builder Report

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Frequently Asked Questions

is to help creators and small, medium-sized businesses succeed. Working with our clients for several years we've learned what they need.

Contact BOWWE Support

BOWWE is a no code/low code platform that empowers businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives and agencies to create next-gen websites and online stores up to 10x faster, without sacrificing top-notch quality and any coding knowledge. BOWWE helps businesses achieve measurable results from online presence and marketing by enabling them to move it online and grow effectively.

The Affiliate Program is a service that allows participating people to earn commission on sales referred to BOWWE using specially tracked links. We provide you with custom links and banners that you can post on your website. Then when a visitor you've referred to us makes a purchase, we'll keep track and give you a commission on the sale.

This means that: When your referral registers an account on BOWWE.com through your affiliate link, and purchases any paid BOWWE subscription either monthly or annual, you get 50% of all referral’s payments for 12 months! There's no limit on how much you can earn.

All you have to do is fill out the application. We accept websites that are relevant to our products and do not contain objectionable or offensive materials. We welcome all applications but reserve the right to refuse membership or revoke a membership at any time at our sole discretion.

Don't worry! We will notify you in a special email. We will also send you our brand guidelines and all the instructions necessary for you to properly embed BOWWE affiliate links on your site.

No. BOWWE Affiliate Program is completely free to participate.

Absolutely yes, we welcome affiliates from any location across the globe, provided that your country of residence is supported by our third-party affiliate platform.
Please keep in mind that all commission payments are currently made in U.S. dollars.

No. You should apply once, list all of your websites on your application and advertise BOWWE on any of them once you are approved.

Having previous experience using BOWWE can be highly beneficial, as it provides you with an in-depth understanding of the product and allows you to easily identify your favorite features. Nonetheless, it is not obligatory to be a current BOWWE customer to participate in the Affiliate Program.

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