Modern technologies for your safety

16 May 2023
Smart home also means solutions that enhance your security. Alarms, intercoms and videophones, motion detectors, fire alarm systems, and smart locks are increasingly being chosen to protect your property or business premises. Find out how you can increase the security of yourself, your loved ones and your property.

How to set up a home theater

16 May 2023
A movie theater in the home is a treat for any cinema goer. Televisions providing the highest picture quality, speaker sets of the best brands, very comfortable seats - these are important elements of a room with such a function. How to arrange a cinema room and what equipment should be in it? We present budget solutions that will provide strong emotions during movie screenings.

Smart solutions in meeting rooms

16 May 2023
Conference rooms are representative rooms where training sessions, meetings with clients, presentations are held. The appearance and functionality of such a room has a huge impact on how the company is perceived. The quality of sound and video in such rooms is also very important - especially if they are used for talks with foreign contractors. AV systems find great use here.

Homes of the future, or how smart home technologies will change how we live

16 May 2023
What we have known from SF series may soon become a reality. Systems that recognize human speech are already used in Google's search engine, and in the future we will be able to give commands to our home. In this smart home solutions are used to, among other things: turn on the heating remotely, control the lighting, start music with just a cell phone.

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