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My name is Johnny. For over 20 years I served in the American Air Force . I designed my own course which allowed me to increase the efficiency of the air force soldiers. I effectively transfer my skills from the army to conduct training.
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In 1998 I got the first time at the controls of the F-15. I felt that discipline and strategy is what allows us to live in the everyday world. Working in the Air Force has given me an enormous amount of self-denial and creativity to solve problems. It is this knowledge that gives me the opportunity to teach others how to work successively in a team and how to be successful in business.

How I Started?

Why i do this?

When I was in the military, I understood how much the work of a soldier and a person working in a corporation have in common. It's amazing how many strategic military plans can be applied to any business to be successful. All my life I wanted to help people, so I started training them.

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Why me?


Constantly learning new methods of effective team performance. My knowledge is based on scientific research.


The discipline I learned in the military allows me to work effectively with a large number of people. I also teach it to my participants.


I have worked with a lot of people. I talked to the owners of the largest corporations in the world. I know what to do to help them

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