Check In To Success: Full Guide To Google Business Hotel Setup

Check In To Success: Full Guide To Google Business Hotel Setup

Karol Andruszków
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Hotel receptionist showing Google business card
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Creating a Google Business for a hotel is both free and really simple, and you can have it up and running in under 10 minutes! This quick setup is a game-changer for hotels in the recreation and hospitality industry, offering a significant boost in online visibility.


Did you know? Businesses in the hospitality sector receive the highest number of directions requests on their Google Business Profiles, with an impressive average of 92,626 search views per verified profile. Such exposure is critical, particularly for smaller hotels or boutique establishments that are battling to carve out a niche against larger competitors.


In the following sections, I'll guide you through the simple steps to maximize your hotel's presence on Google, drawing more guests right to your doorstep.

Benefits of a Google Business account for your hotel

A Google Business for hotel not only increases visibility but drives substantial web traffic and customer interactions directly to your hotel. Here’s how:

Top performance in the industry

The hospitality industry leads in online engagement, with an average of 92,626 Google search views per verified Google Business Profile. This is significantly higher than sectors like automotive or other service industries, highlighting the unique value of Google Business in hospitality. 


Not only can you drive direct reservations through your hotel's Google profile, but you can also quickly showcase special prices and comprehensive information directly in Google search results. Hotels consistently have the highest number of views on both Google Search and Google Maps, demonstrating the integrated strength of Google’s platform in promoting hospitality businesses.

Enhanced detail in reviews

Google is constantly evolving, now requiring more detailed reviews for hotels. Utilizing Google hotel reviews, you can gain deep insights into your guests' experiences with your services. Reviews are a crucial aspect of decision-making for guests looking for hotels. Google Business accounts simplify the management and display of these reviews, enhancing your hotel's reputation and attractiveness to prospective guests.

Unique local search dynamics and customizable hotel listings

The local search results for hotels are specifically tailored, differing greatly from searches for other types of businesses. For instance, a search for "hotel Madeira" on Google provides an extensive set of information about available hotels, initially displayed as listings from Google Maps. This includes a list of hotels with their pictures, prices, and characteristics such as SPA, Pool, Eco-certified, Restaurant, and much more, making it easier to attract guests looking for amenities your hotel offers. The modern Google Hotel Pack further enhances this by showcasing prices, amenities, and promotional offers like free cancellation, tailored to attract a diverse range of travelers, from budget to luxury seekers.

How to create a Google Business hotel account? 

👉 Before you begin


First things first, you need a Google account. If you haven’t set one up yet, go HERE to create it. Important: When creating your account, make sure to mark the account use as for business purposes to access all the features that will benefit your hotel.


👉 Already have a Google Account?


If you’re already equipped with a Google account, you're ahead of the game! You can set up your Google Business account in just about 10-15 minutes. 

Step 1: Start creating a Google Business hotel account 

Simply click HERE to visit the official Google Business (formerly known as Google My Business) website. Follow the on-screen instructions to start the setup process, ensuring you have all necessary information about your hotel at hand for a smooth and efficient registration.

Step 2: Add your hotel name 

Screen from Google Business setup for hotel with editing of Business name and category

Type in your hotel's name as it is known publicly. It’s crucial that this name is consistent across all platforms to help guests recognize your establishment on Google effortlessly. If your hotel appears in a Google search, you can claim it by clicking on its name.

Step 3: Choose a business type

When prompted, select the business category that best represents your hotel. You can choose from online business, local, or services. You can select multiple categories if your hotel offers additional services like a restaurant, spa, or conference facilities. Choosing the right category will help Google accurately list your hotel in search results.

Step 4: Add your hotel shop online (optional)

If your hotel has an online shop, provide the URL here. This step is optional, so if you don’t have an online shop, feel free to skip this part.

Step 5: Select a hotel category from the list

Screen from Google Business setup for hotel with editing of hotel category

As you begin to fill in the field for your business type, the form will automatically suggest a list of relevant categories. Choose a category that matches the services and amenities your hotel offers. This helps Google present your hotel to users who are most likely to book a stay. Select the one that best fits your hotel. Categories like "boutique hotel," "bed and breakfast," or "luxury hotel" can precisely target the kind of guests you are looking to attract.

Step 6: Add your hotel address

Screen from Google Business setup for hotel with editing of Business address

Enter the exact address of your hotel. This information is critical as it ensures that your hotel appears correctly on Google Maps and improves local SEO, making it easier for guests to find your location. Don’t forget to double-check the address for accuracy to ensure it matches your other listings online, which helps with your overall search credibility.

Step 7: Add your hotel telephone number (optional)

Screen from Google Business setup for hotel with editing of Business phone number

While optional, adding a telephone number to your profile can significantly enhance guest trust and improve accessibility. Providing a direct way for potential guests to contact your hotel can facilitate better service and higher customer satisfaction.Consider adding a toll-free number if you cater to international guests. Remember, businesses receive about 595 calls annually from verified Google Business Profiles—that's roughly 50 calls a month!

Step 8: Finalize your hotel Google Business Profile

Congratulations on nearing the completion of your Google Business Profile setup! This is a pivotal moment in enhancing your hotel's online presence. To maximize the benefits of this service, it’s essential to also integrate your hotel with Google Maps. Detailed instructions for this can be found on our blog.


Next, proceed with the verification process, which is critical for making your profile fully operational. Your hotel’s visibility to potential guests hinges on this step, as only verified profiles are publicly displayed. This ensures that all details, from your location to contact information, are accurately represented on Google.

How to verify hotel Google Business Profile? 

Screen from Google Business setup for hotel with editing of verification

Verifying your Google Business Profile is a crucial step in ensuring that your hotel appears legitimate and trustworthy to potential guests. Here are the ways you can verify your profile:


  • Long letter verification (takes 2 weeks): This method involves Google sending a verification code to your business address. It's the most common verification process but takes the longest.
  • Quick telephone verification: If eligible, you can choose to receive a verification code via a phone call to your listed business number.
  • Quick email verification: Some businesses can verify their profiles through a verification link sent to their registered business email.


⚠️ Disclaimer: Depending on your location and business type, some verification options may not be available. It's best not to delay setting up your Google Business profile as only letter verification might be available, and it can take up to two weeks.

How to list your hotel on Google - summary

Setting up a Google Business account is not just about putting your hotel on the map; it's about unlocking the potential of your business to attract more guests and enhance their experience from the moment they search for accommodations. Here's a quick recap of how to setup Google Business for hotel: 


  1. Go to the Google website and begin setting up your Google Business profile. 
  2. Add your hotel name as it is known publicly.
  3. Select the appropriate categories that best describe your hotel. 
  4. Add your online shop (optional). 
  5. Choose the most accurate category for your hotel. 
  6. Add your hotel physical address. 
  7. Add your hotel telephone number (optional). 


Finally, remember that setting up your account is just the beginning. To fully activate and optimize your hotel Google profile:


  • Add your hotel to Google Maps. 
  • Complete the verification process. 


Think of your Google Business for a hotel as your digital front desk—make it as welcoming and informative as the reception your guests receive when they step through your doors.

Google Business for a hotel - FAQ

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