3 Tips on How to Find an Excellent Name for Marketing Agency

3 Quick Tips on How to Find an Excellent Name for Your Marketing Agency

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Building a strong marketing agency demands expertise, originality, influence, and reach. However, your marketing agency still requires one more thing; and thats building an intriguing brand identity with a compelling brand name.

In our current market, where consumers have a wide range of options to choose from in terms of companies to do business with, having a solid brand name indicates that your company is halfway to winning the battle for securing its consumers' attention.


Without question, the greatest approach for your marketing company to instantly stick in your clients memory is to give it a great business name.


If you’re a knowledgeable entrepreneur entering the marketing space, you should already know the value of a recognizable brand name to your business. But most business owners' major problem is coming up with excellent name suggestions for their brands. So without further ado, let's explore some great techniques that’ll enable you to name a company perfectly.

3 Easy Steps to Choosing the Best Marketing Business Name

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1. Gain a Clear Understanding of Your Brand

Your brand's tone, values, and image are essential elements of your business because they influence how people respond to you and your services.

Your marketing agency’s name must be short, easy to say, and consistent with your brand identity. Getting a name that aligns with these simple naming requirements will make it easier to find a name that embodies the image you want and easily connects with your customers.

So, think about the goals, image, tone, and emotions you want your intended audience to associate with your organization before choosing a name.

So, start by answering these questions about your brand:

  1. How should your marketing brand appear and feel?
  2. What are your core values?
  3. What is the best tone and voice for your brand?
  4. What emotions do you hope to evoke in your core audience?
  5. What kind of names do my primary competitors have?

Finding the answers to these questions would give you a solid picture of your brand, making it much easier for you to begin an extensive search for a company name.

2. Start Searching for Potential Brand Name

After meticulously building your brand, prepare a simple naming guide that embodies the company's concept and core principles. Show these naming criteria to your name team, if you have one, and ask them to come up with creative names that genuinely capture the soul of your company.

Your goal should be to come up with 200 unique, appealing, memorable, and fitting name ideas for your marketing agency. Be sure to avoid eliminating ideas during brainstorming sessions, as this could limit the team's or your creative flow.

To assist you in coming up with ideas, we suggest using the resources listed below:

  • Dictionary and Thesaurus
  • Good generators of company names
  • Marketing slangs
  • Rhyming words

In the next stage, you’ll examine each of the names you came up with during your brainstorming session in detail. That’s why having a wide variety of options is essential.

3. Analyze the Possible Names

After your brainstorming session, you should have 200 or fewer potential names, all with an equal chance of becoming your company's name.

But before choosing any name, make a list of your top ideas and check them to see if each one satisfies these essential validation criteria.

  • Customer Reviews and Evaluations: This assessment is crucial since it will demonstrate how effectively the name appeals to your target market.

Ask people from your target demographic—whether they are family members, close friends, clients, or total strangers—to rate your name suggestions. And the way to achieve this is to conduct a poll.

Performing a simple survey of your top names will help you choose a name that aligns with your customer's expectations.

  • Having an Available ‘.com’ Domain Name: Given the significance of the internet in today's market, a marketing business name that doesn't support the use of other online branding elements is unlikely to have the same effect in the market as one that does.

Verify that any potential brand names you are thinking about have a matching domain name and a social media presence.


  • Find out Its Trademark Status: To avoid future legal problems and issues with using an already trademarked name, register them as trademarks with the USPTO and check for trademark protection.

New business owners usually find the trademark registration procedure difficult and unpleasant. So we strongly suggest you get legal advice from a trademark attorney to help you with the process.


After all the names have been validated and rated, the confirmation process is complete. Feel free to choose the name that most accurately represents your marketing agency.


One of the most crucial tasks in starting a marketing agency is still choosing the right name that would appeal to your clients from the moment they see it. Given the severe consequences of naming your business poorly, you know why this process shouldn’t be taken lightly.


By following the instructions we’ve discussed, we’re confident that you can select your ideal marketing company name quickly and easily.

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Grant Polachek is the head of brand building at Squadhelp, a 3X Inc. 5000 company renowned for creating catchy and outstanding brand names. Squadhelp has reviewed more than 1 million names and compiled a list of the best-performing domain names currently available online. And as the best place for crowdsourcing great brand names, Squadhelp’s services have served Fortune 500 companies, as well as early-stage startups.

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