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MicroPage: A simple trick how to boost your insta bio and promote business on social media.

MicroPage: A simple trick how to boost your insta bio and promote business on social media.

2020 November 28

Instagram and some other social media allow only one link to be included in your BIO. Annoying isn't it? But did you know there's a trick that fixes this problem very quickly?...


The "News" Application - a very simple trick for the top positions in Google.

2020 November 23

At BOWWE, we have created an application that will allow you to attract more traffic to your website and guarantee high positioning. How can you best use its potential?...

Creating a website for free - is it worth it?

2020 October 14

Modern website builders allow you to create a website completely free of charge. However, this has some limitations. So, will the free option be a good choice when creating a business website, portfolio or blog?...

Top 9 Best SEO Tools, which will help you boost your traffic!

2020 September 22

You can't improve your website's SEO without effective tools. But what programs will work best for you and help you achieve success online...

Audit SEO - everything, what you need to start boosting your SEO

Audit SEO - everything, what you need to start boosting your SEO

2020 September 22

What is a professional SEO audit and how does it affect the positioning of the website? Comprehensive audit and optimization will improve the visibility of your website for search engines. At BOWWE, we know how demanding the optimization process is, which is why we will tell you what to look for when conducting or commissioning an audit....

An effectively converting landing page - what you need to do to have it

2020 July 21

How to make customers take advantage of the offer? Is a company website a good tool to convince them? It's not always like that. Too much information can distract you. A well-structured landing page solves this problem and significantly increases efficiency in acquiring customers....

The most effective website for small business - what should it contain?

2020 July 20

Small, local business owners often get new customers through referrals. If they decide to create their website, they often do so at the instigation of "specialists" and decide on a "business card page" which serves mainly an informational function. However, a small company's website should, above all, be effective, that is, it must convince the customer to choose you instead of using the services...

How to create the perfect website for an accounting office?

2020 May 29

We live in times of hyper-competition, which means that the offer of most companies in a given industry is similar. This also applies to accounting offices, which may be difficult to stand out from the competition and effectively acquire customers. So, how to do it? Your well-designed website will allow you to do so....

TOP 5 simple marketing tricks that will double your customer count on your website

2020 May 05

Have you ever wondered how to multiply sales while being the owner of a small company and not allocating large funds for this? It's possible when we use the full potential of what the internet has to offer. It is true that when selling services, there is usually no online transaction, but online customers are looking for local companies that provide these services....

Website Creators or WordPress. What is the difference? Which one to choose?

2020 April 27

Do you need a website and you don't know which platform to use to create it? Reading this article will allow you to quickly expand your knowledge on this topic and make a decision that you will be satisfied with and will allow your business to grow effectively ....

BOWWE - an alternative to WIX, i.e. a wizard in which you will quickly create your own website

2020 April 17

Users are increasingly looking for an alternative to WIX - the most popular website builder. The reasons are different: poor code quality, and a long loading time of pages created in this tool and poor positioning effects, the existence of too many sites built on the same template, or high prices of WIX packages. A good alternative is BOWWE - a web builder that offers a package of tools that allow...

5 Secrets of Creating a Professional Website Your Users Will Love

2020 February 04

Internet rules over our reality - whether we accept this fact or not. If you cannot find a business on it - it is nonexistent for Internet users. In what other way could we check the opinions surrounding a company or better yet- if it even exists? On the Internet, we can now check news, bus departure timetables, what our friends are up to. but it is worth using one’s services online as well....

How To Pick the Best Fonts for Your Website?

2020 February 03

UX and adapting websites to the needs of online users are often sought out topics, and web page creators yearn to make them not only aesthetically pleasing, but above all - functional. The necessary ingredients of a user-friendly website do not lie only within a good graphic design and an easy to use menu, but also ... appropriate fonts. How to choose them? Read this article and follow these rules...

Competitor Analysis with Ahrefs - Mega Guidebook (2020)

2019 November 19

How valuable would it be for you to possess knowledge about your competition? To know their strategies and plans through and through? Once, this knowledge was almost impossible to obtain through legal needs. Thankfully, the Internet has changed all this. On the one hand, we now can gain access to hundreds, even thousands of clients....

WWW Website Builder. A Complete Beginner’s Tutorial (2020)

2019 October 28

So you need your own website, but you don’t know where to start? In a website builder, you can create your site, even without IT knowledge. Just select the elements you wish to have on your page and drag them where you want to. In theory, this is how web builders are supposed to work, however, not all site creators are this simple in use. Are you having problems choosing the right website builder?...

The Secrets of Writing Effective Headers for Blog Posts and Social Media with SEO in Mind

2019 October 03

Do you know what the secret to getting more website traffic is? There’s something that attracts more attention than photos, videos or beautiful website design: Headlines. Inconspicuous headers that you read every day on the Internet or in the newspaper are the key to greater customer engagement. You just need to know how to use them and make them work for you....

10 Questions That You Need to Ask Your Web Developer

2019 October 02

If you’re running a business or plan to in the future, a good website is a must. Not only do websites have huge marketing potential, clients also use websites to size up companies and decide if they want to do business with them. We’ve created a list of 10 questions to ask web developer....

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