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Template description:

The Sound Studio Micro Page template is a great way to showcase your audio production skills. This template includes a button for your social media profile and a button for your website, so potential clients can easily learn more about you and your work.
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Sound Studio

Template description:

The Futuristic Micro Page template is perfect for those who want to create a sleek and modern linking page. The template includes a photo and decoration in neon colors, giving your project a futuristic look and feel.
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Template description:

The Musician Micro Page template is perfect for musicians who want to showcase their work and connect with fans. The template includes a button for 'My Songs' so visitors can easily access your music, and an 'About Me' section so you can share your story.
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Template description:

The Gradient Micro Page is a beautiful, minimalist template with a soft, gradient background. This template includes a download button, making it perfect for showcasing your podcast or music.
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