Create Your CV: Expert Tips and Examples For a Winning CV

Create Your CV: Expert Tips and Examples For a Winning CV

Karol Andruszków
Reading time: 7 minutes
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Your curriculum vitae (CV) is the key to unlocking exciting career opportunities. A well-crafted CV can make a lasting impression on potential employers, showcasing your skills and experiences in the best light possible. In this article, I’ll provide you with expert tips, examples, and guidance to help you create a winning CV that stands out from the competition and sets you on the path to success.


With the guidance provided, you'll learn the essential elements of a great CV, understand how to tailor it for specific job roles and industries, and discover the power of personalization. 


Remember, your CV is more than just a document—it's a representation of your skills, accomplishments, and potential. By following our expert advice and utilizing the tools you'll be empowered to create a professional and standout CV that truly reflects who you are as a candidate. Get ready to impress employers and take your career to new heights with a winning CV.

Understanding the power of crafting a winning CV

Your curriculum vitae (CV) is more than just a document; it is your gateway to exciting career opportunities. A well-crafted and compelling CV can make a lasting impression on potential employers, highlighting your unique skills, experiences, and qualifications. It is the ultimate tool for showcasing your professional journey and positioning yourself as the ideal candidate for your dream job.

Understanding the purpose of your CV is paramount. It serves as a powerful marketing tool, presenting a comprehensive snapshot of your abilities and achievements to potential employers. By tailoring your CV to specific job roles and industries, you demonstrate your genuine interest and showcase how your qualifications align with the employer's needs.


Throughout this article, we will delve into the essential sections of a CV, offering strategies for structuring and organizing your information effectively. I will provide insights on how to highlight your skills, experiences, and achievements in a way that captivates employers and leaves a lasting impact.


To assist you on your journey, we will also explore the advantages and considerations of using ready-made CV templates. Additionally, we will discuss the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the recruitment process and how to navigate it to ensure your CV stands out.


The tips you will find here are applicable regardless of the tool you choose, whether it's the BOWWE platform, Microsoft Word, or other CV creation tools. I will provide universal and up-to-date advice to ensure your success in crafting a winning CV.


So, are you ready to create job-winning CV and open the door to new career opportunities?

What is a CV?

Hands holding collection of CV templates

A CV, short for curriculum vitae, is a document that presents a summary of your skills, education, work experience, and achievements. It is typically used when applying for jobs or academic opportunities. Think of it as a snapshot of your professional life, providing an overview of your qualifications and showcasing why you are a suitable candidate. Your CV helps employers or admissions committees assess your suitability for a position or program. It includes important information such as your contact details, educational background, employment history, and relevant skills. 


In a nutshell, a CV is a concise and organized representation of your professional profile, enabling others to quickly understand your capabilities and potential.

What is a resume?

A resume is a document that highlights your skills, experiences, and qualifications in a concise and structured format. It is typically used when applying for jobs in industries where a shorter summary of your professional background is preferred. Resume focuses more on your work experience and achievements, showcasing how your skills align with the requirements of a specific job. It provides a snapshot of your career journey, including your education, employment history, and any notable accomplishments. A resume is designed to catch the attention of employers and demonstrate why you are a strong candidate for a particular role. It serves as a marketing tool to showcase your relevant skills, abilities, and potential contributions. 


In essence, a resume is a brief and targeted document that highlights your qualifications and makes a compelling case for why you should be considered for a job opportunity.

CV vs. Resume: Understanding the key differences



Provides a comprehensive overview of qualifications, including education, work experience, research, publications, etc.

Presents a targeted snapshot of qualifications for a specific job application

Commonly used in academia and international job applications

Typically used in industries such as business, administration, and other professional fields

More extensive, covering a broader range of information

Concise, focusing on relevant skills and achievements

Provides detailed information about education, work experience, research, publications, and more

Highlights skills, work experience, and achievements relevant to a specific job

Offers a comprehensive profile of the candidate

Emphasizes qualifications specifically tailored for a particular job

Detailed description of projects, research, and publications

Specific achievements and skills related to the desired role

I compared the differences between a CV and a resume in the table above. CV and resume are terms often used interchangeably, but they differ slightly. A CV provides a comprehensive and detailed overview of education, work experience, research, publications, and more. It is commonly used in academia and international job applications. On the other hand, a resume is a concise summary tailored for a specific job, focusing on skills, work experience, and achievements. Resumes are typically used in business, administration, and other professional fields. 


In summary, the main difference lies in the level of detail and the purpose of each document. A CV provides a comprehensive profile, while a resume presents a targeted snapshot of your qualifications for a particular job.

4 effective strategies for crafting a job-winning CV

Men in suit going up on start

1. Specify the purpose of your CV

When creating your CV, it's essential to tailor it to specific job roles and industries. Each position may have unique requirements and preferences, and by customizing your CV accordingly, you increase your chances of capturing the attention of employers. Research the job description, company, and industry to identify key skills and qualifications that should be highlighted in your CV.

⚡BOWWE Growth Hack:

Imagine that you are a freshman that wants to dive into the world of digital marketing but doesn’t really have an impressive experience to show. So at this point what could be the purpose of your CV and how could you achieve it? Possibly you have to get a little bit creative and dig deeper to showcase something that will let you connect with potential employers. For example some online courses in running Google Ads or examples of marketing plans for famous brands prepared as school projects. This is great to include in your CV. If you still think is too little you can always use your secret weapon - marketing cover letter

Remember, defining your career goals and understanding where you stand in your professional journey will help you determine what to highlight in your CV. For instance, as a fresh graduate, you can emphasize school projects, group involvement, volunteering, or participation in science clubs to showcase your potential. On the other hand, individuals with more experience can highlight their achievements and expertise gained throughout their careers. 


Tailoring your CV to align with your goals and experiences to show where you are in your career is the key to creating a standout CV that resonates with employers.

2. Choose the best structure for maximum impact 

When it comes to creating a winning CV, the structure is key. By choosing the right CV format and layout, you can immediately grab the attention of employers and ensure that your information is presented in a clear and organized manner. Let's explore the essential sections that should be included in your CV and how to optimize them for maximum impact.

2.1. Personal information

Start your CV with your full name, professional title, contact details (phone number, email address, LinkedIn profile), and location. Keep this section concise and professional.

2.2. Professional summary

Craft a compelling professional summary that serves as an elevator pitch, highlighting your key skills, experiences, and career objectives. This section should be tailored to the specific job you are applying for, showcasing your unique value proposition.

2.3. Work experience

This section is crucial, as it demonstrates your professional history and showcases your accomplishments. Include the job title, company name, employment dates, and a brief description of your responsibilities. Emphasize your achievements and quantify them with measurable results whenever possible.

2.4. Education

Provide information about your educational background, including degrees, certifications, and relevant coursework. Include the institution name, graduation date, and any academic honors or awards.

2.5. Skills

Highlight your key skills and competencies that are relevant to the desired position. This can include technical skills, software proficiency, language proficiency, or any other specialized skills that set you apart.

2.6. Additional sections

Consider including additional sections based on your specific experiences and industry. It could be projects, publications, certifications, professional memberships, volunteering experience, or leadership roles. Tailor these sections to enhance your suitability for the role.

⚡BOWWE Growth Hack:

Remember, organization and clarity are vital in structuring your CV. Use clear headings, bullet points, and concise sentences to present information in a reader-friendly format. Keep the most relevant and impactful information at the forefront of each section to capture the attention of employers.


By structuring your CV effectively and strategically highlighting the necessary sections, you will ensure that employers can quickly and easily identify your skills, experiences, and qualifications. As we move forward in this article, we will delve deeper into each section, providing expert tips, examples, and tricks to help you optimize the content and presentation of your CV for maximum impact.

BOWWE CVs offer flexibility when it comes to the order and selection of sections, allowing you to customize them based on your details, the job, and the employer's preferences. Remember, the order and selection of CV sections can be customized, so tailor them to suit your specific details, the job requirements, and the employer's preferences. 

Ready to create a job-winning CV?

Stand up from the crowd and transform your job search with an outstanding CV. Share your CV online and win the job of your dreams!


However, it's essential to be aware of what can be added to these sections and what sets them apart, as well as the most popular choices. Knowing what can be added and understanding the most popular choices can help you create a CV that stands out and effectively showcases your qualifications.

3. Make your content hard to pass by

CV template with graphic of woman in black hair

To create a winning CV, it's essential to craft captivating content that effectively highlights your qualifications, experiences, and achievements. Each section of your CV should be strategically crafted to leave a lasting impression on potential employers. Let's explore how to make each section stand out:

3.1. Professional summary (aka “About me” section)

Section "About me" from CV

Begin your CV with a compelling professional summary or objective statement that succinctly showcases your career goals and key strengths. Tailor this section to align with the specific job you're applying for, emphasizing what makes you a valuable candidate.


Example: “A highly motivated and results-driven software engineer with a strong background in developing innovative solutions and optimizing software performance. Proficient in multiple programming languages and frameworks, with a keen eye for detail and a passion for problem-solving. Seeking a challenging software engineering role where I can contribute my technical expertise and collaborate with a talented team to develop cutting-edge applications that drive business growth and enhance user experiences.”

⚡BOWWE Growth Hack:

Don't be afraid to infuse your personality and character into your Summary! This section is your opportunity to captivate the reader and entice them to explore the rest of your CV. Showcase your unique qualities, values, and passions that make you stand out from the crowd. 

3.2. Work experience

Section "Work experience" from CV

When detailing your work experience, focus on relevant details and achievements. Use action verbs to describe your responsibilities and accomplishments, quantifying your achievements with specific numbers or percentages whenever possible. Demonstrate your impact in previous roles to showcase your value to potential employers.


Example: “Marketing Specialist

ABC Company | January 2018 - Present


  • Implemented a comprehensive social media marketing strategy, resulting in a 30% increase in brand engagement and a 20% growth in website traffic.
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to launch a successful email marketing campaign, resulting in a 15% increase in customer retention.
  • Led a team of three marketing associates, providing guidance and support to ensure the timely execution of marketing initiatives.
  • Conducted market research and competitor analysis to identify emerging trends and opportunities, contributing to the development of effective marketing strategies.”
⚡BOWWE Growth Hack:

New to the job market? Don't fret! Highlight relevant projects from your studies, circle involvement, and other experiences to demonstrate your skills and potential. Emphasize the gained skills and achievements to showcase your capabilities and make a positive impression on employers. Showcasing your potential and transferable skills is key to being a valuable asset to any organization.

3.3. Education

Section "Education" from CV

Highlight your educational background and any relevant certifications to the job you're seeking. Include the institution name, degree or certification earned, graduation date, and notable academic achievements. Emphasize coursework or projects that demonstrate your expertise in specific areas.


Example: “Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

XYZ University, Anytown, USA

Graduation Date: May 20XX


Relevant Coursework:


  • Database Management Systems
  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Web Development
  • Software Engineering


Notable Academic Achievements:


  • Dean's List for three consecutive semesters
  • Recipient of the Computer Science Excellence Scholarship”
⚡BOWWE Growth Hack:

Turbocharge your CV's education section! Showcase your academic prowess by highlighting relevant certifications, standout coursework, and notable achievements. Boost your credibility by featuring hands-on projects and research experiences demonstrating your practical skills and real-world application. By putting your education in the spotlight, you'll create a dynamic profile that positions you as a top-notch candidate in the eyes of potential employers.

3.4. Key skills and qualifications

Section "Skills" from CV

Showcase your key skills and qualifications that are pertinent to the desired role. Include both technical and soft skills that align with the job requirements. Use bullet points to make this section easily scannable for employers.




  • “Technical Skills: Proficient in Python programming, data analysis with SQL, web development with HTML/CSS, and familiarity with JavaScript frameworks.
  • Soft Skills: Strong communication and collaboration abilities, excellent problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and a proactive mindset.”
⚡BOWWE Growth Hack:

Unlock the power of continuous learning! In today's digital age, acquiring advanced skills has never been easier or faster. Embrace the wealth of knowledge available through expert blogs, captivating podcasts, and online courses. Dive in eagerly and let them propel your experience and qualifications to new heights. By actively pursuing learning opportunities, you demonstrate a growth mindset and show employers your commitment to staying ahead of the curve.

3.5. Additional sections

Consider incorporating additional sections to further strengthen your CV. These can include projects you have worked on, publications you have contributed to, certifications you have obtained, languages you are proficient in, or any other relevant experiences. These sections provide additional evidence of your capabilities and demonstrate your commitment to professional growth.






  • Developed a mobile application that garnered 10,000+ downloads on both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Led a team in implementing an innovative marketing campaign that resulted in a 20% increase in customer engagement.




  • Published research paper titled "Advancements in Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare" in a leading scientific journal.




  • Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) - Scrum Alliance
  • Google Analytics Certification




  • Fluent in English and Spanish”
⚡BOWWE Growth Hack:

Go beyond the basics! Showing your passion projects, publications, certifications, and language proficiency adds depth to your CV. It highlights your creativity, expertise, and commitment to professional growth. Don't hesitate to include these sections to impress employers and open doors to exciting opportunities.

4. Tailoring your CV for specific roles

Men standing if front of shooting target

To create a winning CV, it's crucial to tailor it for specific roles and demonstrate how your skills and experiences align with the desired job requirements. By customizing your CV, you can showcase your suitability for the position and make a strong impression on potential employers. Let's explore how to effectively tailor your CV:

4.1. Research the target company and job requirements

Conduct thorough research on the company and the specific role you are applying for. Understand their values, goals, and the skills they seek in candidates. Analyze the job description, identifying keywords and requirements that should be reflected in your CV.

⚡BOWWE Growth Hack:

Dig deeper! Before applying, delve into the company's website, social media, and reviews to gain a deeper understanding of your potential employer. This research not only helps you tailor your CV to their needs but also ensures alignment with their values and culture. Sometimes, during this exploration, you may discover that a company's values differ significantly from yours. In such cases, it's better to seek opportunities elsewhere. Remember, finding the right fit goes beyond qualifications—it's about shared values and a mutual sense of purpose.

4.2. Adapt your CV to align with desired skills and qualifications

Highlight the skills and qualifications that are most relevant to the desired role. Carefully review the job requirements and incorporate specific examples from your experiences that demonstrate your proficiency in those areas. Tailor your language and emphasize the qualifications that match the employer's needs.

⚡BOWWE Growth Hack:

Unlock hidden potential! Explore diverse job listings within your industry to discover valuable skills to showcase in your resume. Don't limit yourself to your current role—venture into new territories and uncover hidden talents. By adapting and incorporating relevant skills from different job positions, you'll present a dynamic profile that captures the attention of employers. 

4.3. Emphasize relevant experience and achievements

Prioritize and highlight experiences and achievements that directly relate to the desired role. Focus on showcasing projects, responsibilities, and accomplishments that align with the specific job requirements. Quantify your achievements with measurable results to provide tangible evidence of your capabilities.

⚡BOWWE Growth Hack:

Focus on relevance! Highlight experiences and achievements in your CV that directly align with the desired role. Emphasize projects and responsibilities that showcase your capabilities and match the job requirements. Quality over quantity is key. Choose wisely and let your most relevant achievements shine!

5. Polish your CV for success

Woman in crown writting on laptop

To ensure your CV stands out and leaves a lasting impression, it's essential to polish it for success. Paying attention to details and refining your CV can make a significant difference in capturing the attention of potential employers. Let's explore how to polish your CV to perfection:

5.1. Don’t forget about proofreading and editing

Thoroughly review your CV for grammar, spelling, and formatting errors. Check for consistency in font styles, sizes, and spacing. A well-edited and error-free CV reflects your professionalism and attention to detail.

5.2. Keep consistency in style and tone

Maintain consistency in the style and tone of your CV. Ensure that the formatting, language, and overall presentation are uniform throughout. This creates a cohesive and polished impression for employers.

⚡BOWWE Growth Hack:

Match your style to the setting! When applying for a position, consider the industry and company culture. Maintain a consistent and professional style that aligns with the expectations of the organization. Consistency in tone and presentation creates a polished impression and increases your chances of making a positive impact.

5.3. Get feedback

Seek feedback from trusted professionals or mentors in your industry. They can provide valuable insights and suggestions to enhance your CV. Consider their input and make necessary adjustments to improve its overall effectiveness.

5.4. Use professional language but avoid jargon

Use professional language and avoid jargon that may not be universally understood. Employers appreciate clear and concise communication, so focus on conveying your skills and experiences in a straightforward manner.

5.5. Add infographic enhancement

Consider transforming your CV into an engaging infographic. Infographics combine visual elements, colors, and icons to present information in a visually appealing and memorable way. This unique approach showcases your creativity and helps your CV stand out from traditional formats.

5.6. Communicate results through numbers

Communicating results through numbers is essential in showing your impact to potential employers. Quantifying your achievements provides concrete evidence of your contributions. Using numbers, you provide clear and measurable results that leave a lasting impression on employers. Remember, numbers can convey the magnitude of your affairs and set you apart from other candidates.

⚡BOWWE Growth Hack:

Let numbers amplify your achievements! Use dollar amounts($), percentages(%), and specific figures(#) to provide concrete evidence of your impact. Showcase the financial results you achieved, quantify improvements in efficiency or sales goals, and mention the scale of your responsibilities. Employers are impressed by quantifiable accomplishments, so leverage these strategies to effectively demonstrate your achievements and captivate their attention.

5.7.  Use a storytelling approach

Instead of simply listing your experiences and qualifications, adopt a storytelling approach to weave your professional journey together. Craft a narrative that connects your past experiences, achievements, and aspirations in a compelling manner. This technique captivates employers and allows them to understand your professional growth and potential. 

Creating a CV from ready-made templates: Is it worth trying?

Check All CV Templates!

Creating a CV from ready-made templates has become popular for many job seekers. Let's explore the advantages, potential drawbacks, and essential factors when utilizing templates to create your CV.


One of the main concerns is the lack of uniqueness, as templates can be used by multiple individuals, resulting in similar-looking CVs. To overcome this, personalize the template to reflect your qualifications, achievements, and career goals. Showcase what differentiates you from other candidates and ensure your personality shines through.


When selecting a template, consider design, layout, and compatibility factors. Choose a template that aligns with the industry and role you're targeting. Pay attention to the visual elements, font choices, and overall structure to ensure it complements your professional image.


Don’t forget that using ready-made CV templates offers several advantages. Firstly, they save you valuable time and effort by providing a pre-designed structure that you can easily adapt to your needs. These templates often come with visually appealing designs that enhance the overall presentation of your CV, making it stand out from the competition. 


Additionally, platforms like BOWWE goes the extra mile by providing a diverse range of customizable CV templates that can be easily modified to suit your individual skills and experiences. With user-friendly interfaces and a vast collection of materials, BOWWE makes it effortless to personalize the templates and create a CV that perfectly represents you. Whether you're starting from scratch or seeking inspiration, BOWWE has you covered with ready-made templates that can be tailored to your specific needs.

While using templates can be advantageous, avoiding common pitfalls is essential. Avoid overloading your CV with excessive information or using generic phrases. Tailor the content of each job application, emphasizing the most relevant experiences and achievements. Remember to strike a balance between creativity and professionalism. Personalize the template to stand out, but maintain a clean and professional look that is easy to read and navigate.


Finally, choose the tool that best suits your needs when creating your CV. BOWWE offers a comprehensive collection of customizable templates, allowing you to create a professional CV effortlessly! 

CV in the age of AI: What you need to know and how to prepare?

Men as robot checking documents

Understanding the influence of AI on the recruitment process is crucial. Many companies now utilize AI-powered tools for CV screening and selection, analyzing large volumes of CVs efficiently. To navigate this landscape successfully, it's essential to optimize your CV for AI algorithms without compromising its human appeal.


One effective strategy is to incorporate relevant keywords and phrases into your CV. AI systems often scan for specific terms, skills, or qualifications, so tailoring your content to include these keywords can increase your chances of passing through initial filters. However, it's important to strike a balance and maintain a natural flow in your CV that appeals to human recruiters as well.


Avoid common pitfalls that may trigger AI filters, such as using unconventional formats, excessive graphics, or unexplained gaps in employment history. Focus on showcasing your unique skills, experiences, and achievements in a clear and concise manner. Highlight your accomplishments and quantify them wherever possible, as this can capture the attention of both AI systems and human recruiters.


Staying updated on industry trends and adapting your CV to changing AI technologies is essential. As AI continues to advance, new features and algorithms may emerge. By keeping yourself informed, you can proactively modify your CV to align with the latest AI-driven recruitment practices.

Crafting a winning CV: Unlocking opportunities for career success 

Men standing on column in the city

Crafting a winning CV is a crucial step towards achieving your career aspirations. By implementing the expert tips and utilizing the examples provided, you can create a standout CV that grabs the attention of potential employers. With a professionally crafted CV that captures your essence, you'll be well-positioned to open doors to exciting opportunities and embark on a successful professional path. Remember, your CV is your personal brand, so invest the time and effort needed to create a winning CV that represents your true potential.

Article by
Karol Andruszków

Karol is a serial entrepreneur, e-commerce speaker for the World Bank, and founder of 3 startups, as part of which he has advised several hundred companies. He was also responsible for projects of the largest financial institutions in Europe, with the smallest project being worth over €50 million.


He has two master's degrees, one in Computer Science and the other in Marketing Management, obtained during his studies in Poland and Portugal. He gained experience in Silicon Valley and while running companies in many countries, including Poland, Portugal, the United States, and Great Britain. For over ten years, he has been helping startups, financial institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises to improve their functioning through digitization.