51+ Best Website Fonts For Every Industry [+ PDF Version] 

Article Cover - List of Fonts to use on website

Are you looking for the perfect font for your website? Do you have a unique industry that needs a distinctive font? Or maybe the opposite - your site is supposed to be elegant and professional, so the font, above all, should be readable. Regardless of which situation presents you better - in this list you will find a font for every occasion. Don't wait, find the perfect one for you right now!

Choosing fonts for your website 

Typography is an essential element of design and communication that influences how visitors perceive a website and the brand or person to whom it belongs.


The key to success is that each element of the website design is consistent and creates a harmonious composition. A properly selected font can tell much about the brand's character, what it wants to convey to its recipients and what values ​​drive it. On the other hand, an improperly selected font may poorly reflect the brand's character, get a misleading message to users and build up inappropriate expectations.

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By exploring these materials, you'll learn what good typography is and how to make sure you don't make the wrong font choice.

List of top website fonts for every occasion

Below you will find a list of the best fonts matching specific circumstances. Before choosing the one, think about what you want to convey and how you want to be perceived by the audience who will identify the font with you or your brand. With your goals clearly defined, choosing the perfect font won't cause you any trouble! 

Universal fonts

How to recognize universal fonts? First of all, they are familiar to you because you see them every day. You undoubtedly know names like Helvetica or Arial. These are universal fonts!


Universal fonts should look good in any size, on any portable medium (paper or computer screen), and any project. A typical feature of universal fonts is that they have various diacritics. However, there is no guarantee that the font you are interested in will have the special characters you care about! Therefore, always make sure before choosing a font to pick one that supports all the essential languages!


Universal fonts are usually used on all kinds of websites and their content, landing pages, blog articles, in longer forms such as e-books or documents, online stores, applications, and many others. If you want your communication to be safe, subdued, and the font non-distinctive, choose a universal font.

→ Style: clear, professional, minimalist, elegant, classic


This is a simple universal font created by a Polish designer - Łukasz Dziedzic. It can be successfully used in a variety of projects. Lato is a classic font that will work on most websites, landing pages, CVs, or Portfolios. It emphasizes the professional nature of each project and is extremely easy to read.

→ Style: clear, professional, minimalist, modern


Roboto is a simple yet modern font designed by Christian Robertson. It is pleasant to read and looks good in both the Thinversions and Bold or Black. 

→ Style: easy to read, simple, modern, minimalist


This is a very minimalist font. It has no unnecessary decorations and is kept in a straightforward form. It works well for small and more significant texts. It can be combined with a more decorative font in headings and titles.  

→ Style: simple, minimalist


It's a simple font with a story. Initially designed in 1957 by Max Miedinger. Currently, it is one of the most popular fonts that has inspired many newer fonts. Thanks to its neutrality, it fits into any content. 

→ Style: elegant, classic, professional


This font combines modernity with history very well. It was first used in 1932 in The Times of London and has been associated with the industry ever since. It is perfect for books, newspapers, or various types of official documents.  However, do not use it excessively on web pages as it is slightly outdated and may not be readable on screens. The exception may be the pages of news services such as the "New York Times."

Simple and minimalist fonts

If you want the content you create to have an elegant and slightly designer character, it is worth reaching for minimalist fonts. Usually, they do not have any decorations. As in universal fonts, minimalist fonts must be easy to read in any form and have all the diacritics that are important to you.

→ Style: neutral, minimalist, modern


Open Sans is a very minimalist font but also pleasant and casual. Suitable for all web and print content. A significant advantage is its simplicity, thanks to which it does not strain your eyes while reading for a long time.

Quote fonts

In fonts for quotes, there is no single rule about what they should look like. The most important thing is that they should be legible and attention catching. They should be distinguishable from the main text, at the same time corresponding to the content of the quote. Quote fonts take many forms. Some people prefer to keep them as simple and minimalistic as possible. Others prefer to make this text more distinctive by using more unusual fonts, such as fonts imitating handwriting.

Type: sans serif

Style: modern, massive

Application: headers, quotes, captions, photo overlays, logos, graphics

Proposed industries and projects: photography, publishing, advertising, marketing


Thanks to Impact Condensed, no one will miss a quote in any text. Due to the high thickness and the lack of complicated decorations, the text becomes legible and, most importantly, attracts attention. Fonts also work for titles and headings.

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Handwriting fonts

Handwriting fonts, which are deceptively similar to handwriting, are incredibly fashionable and eagerly used by graphic designers due to their irresistible charm and style. Such fonts will definitely add your website more creativity. So, if you are working on an artistic project or your business is related to the design industry, you can successfully include handwritten fonts on your website.

Bullet Journal fonts

Bullet Journal is a form of artistic and organizational expression. In many cases, this involves creating paper-based administrative tools - such as your own planners, schedules, or calendars - according to your taste and preferred style. Bullet Journal's fonts may look different depending on their purpose, author's taste, and form of execution (physical Bullet Journal or digital format can be made).

Type: sans serif

Style: imitating handwriting, subtle, thin, stylish

Application: very universal - logos, graphics, headlines, social media

Proposed industries and projects: wedding, photography, advertising, gastronomic

Tip: It is a very versatile font, which you can also use in social media.


It's a sans serif font imitating handwriting. This subtle, thin font will give your website an individual character and make it look beautiful and stylish. Font Porcelain perfectly reflects the style of the wedding and photography industry. It will work for a creative or advertising agency website.

Graphic - font Reenie Beanie
Reenie Beanie is another example of bullet journal font

Fonts with wavy shapes/curly fonts

In many cases, corrugated fonts have a romantic or artistic nature. That is why you can often find this type of font that imitates handwriting. They are usually used in smaller numbers in titles, headers, and logos. In their case, longer content may not look very legible and chaotic.

Type: cursive

Style: brush writing effect, imitating handwriting, stylish

Application: blog, logo, restaurant menu, in photos / graphics / overlays 

Proposed industries and projects: travel, tourism, gastronomic, photography

Tip: Bahamas Brush used in headlines adds a unique style to the text.


Bahamas Brush is perfect for travel websites or blogs about travel. The font can be used both in a logo and various types of graphics. It will perfectly emphasize beautiful photos of nature or urban architecture. 

Bahamas Brush is perfect for travel websites or blogs about travel. The font can be used both in a logo and various types of graphics. It will perfectly emphasize beautiful photos of nature or urban architecture. 

Romantic and wedding fonts

Mostly romantic fonts combine formality with freedom and delicacy in a unique way. They are often handwritten and have many decorations. Fonts for wedding invitations can be used for the entire content, which is not significant and pervasive. If you create a website design related to the cosmetics, fashion, or jewelry industries, you can also use this group of fonts. 

Type: cursive

Style: handwriting, decorative, fancy, romantic

Application: invitations, headlines, social media

Proposed industries and projects: wedding, artistic, photographic


Gattely Lovely, as the name suggests, is perfect for events, especially romantic family circumstances (e.g., a wedding). This font is primarily an accessory that will beautify all kinds of invitations or posters.

Professional, business, and elegant fonts

Professional and business fonts have much in common with the universal or minimalist fonts. However, in the elegant category, you can find more complicated fonts containing decorative elements that look good on jewelry or fashion websites.

Elegant fonts

Subtle-looking fonts are currently one of the newer trends in web design. Delicate and minimalist fonts will make your website look beautiful, professional, and at the same time very legible.

Type: sans serif

Style: contour,precise, elegant

Application: watermark, quote, headline, background photo overlay

Proposed industries and projects: creative, graphic, photographic, artistic, fashion


Elephant is a blunt but elegant contour font. It is designed to be a perfect fit for photography, graphics, or any other creative industry. It is characterized by clean and expressive lines and a slightly geometric form

Graphic - font Cormorant Unicase
Cormorant Unicase is a great example of professional and elegant font

Business fonts

In the case of business fonts, you need to pay particular attention to whether the font is legible, light, and transparent. These types of fonts should convey accuracy and professionalism. 

Style: geometric, modern, professional

Tip: perfect for blog articles


This is a stylish sans-serif font that comes in seven different weights. Cooper Hewitt is a modern font that consists of geometric curves and arcs. This thin, light font will give a professional tone to the content on your website.

 CV fonts

Designing your own CV? You should choose the font with extreme care. What to follow? You have to consider what position and industry you want to get into and how you want recruiters to pick you up. Before choosing, be sure to check how the font you have chosen looks both in electronic and printed form.


Even though the appearance of the CV has changed a lot in recent years, the most popular fonts for them are still universal fonts, i.e. It is also worth remembering about classic fonts such as Georgia or Helvetica. Business fonts can also be used in creating a CV. However, be careful with art fonts - ideally, you should limit their use only if you excel in the creative industry.

Style: legible, professional, classic


The serif style of this font does not affect its legibility. Thanks to him, any design will look professional and elegant. Georgia will also find its place in the case of other essential recruitment documents, such as portfolios or cover letters.

Luxury fonts

Type: serif

Style: elegant, simple, legible, classic

Application: invitations, titles, headings

Proposed industries and projects: wedding, jewelry


Beautiful and elegant font. Despite its 3D character, it maintains a dignified and luxurious appearance. It will look great in stylish designs.

Graphic - Font Lotus Eater
Example of luxury, vintage font - Lotus Eater

Vintage fonts

Vintage is still popular, so vintage fonts are commonly used. They are often chosen for their unique and nostalgic nature. First of all, they will prove themselves in projects related to culture, i.e., it can be, for example, in the publishing or film industry. These fonts are often inspired by older fonts or historical places or events, which only strengthens their uniqueness.

Typewriter fonts

This kind of font can be found in various forms. Sometimes they are modernized, thanks to which they present a classic look with a modern twist while remaining very easy to read. Some fonts look more like the originals. Thanks to them, the text takes on elegance and a unique character that evokes nostalgia.

Type: sans serif

Style: elegant, minimalist, legible

Application: books, newspapers, blogs, longer content

Proposed industries and projects: publishing houses, all kinds of internet creators


Roboto Mono is a modern typewriter-inspired font. However, the inspiration is not very conspicuous, so you can use this font not only in vintage designs. Roboto Mono is not only legible but also adapted to any form of reading. It looks good on paper as well as on computer screens.  

Rustic fonts

These are very atmospheric fonts that I will best represent to more casual industries. They are usually suitable for more minor texts (logos, headings, etc.). Used in reasonable amounts, they are very legible and have a unique character.

Type: sans serif

Style: decorative, old school, retro

Application: logotype, signboard, menu, offer with services or products, graphics

Proposed industries and projects: catering, hairdressing, fashion, activities referring to the vintage style


This font is suitable for a variety of vintage industries. Bernier used in a logo, restaurant menu, or on a sign, e.g., a barbershop, will add a distinctive retro atmosphere to your brand. 

Retro fonts

Retro fonts are often used because of their unusual character and unique decorative character. Are you creating a website or a project referring to one of the bygone eras? Retro fonts are a must-have. You can use them, for example, in materials related to cultural events.

70s fonts

These types of fonts are inspired by disco climates. Fonts '70 are characterized by fluidity and fun of form. In many cases, they have roundings or other curves. Due to their non-standard and artistic nature are best used as additional elements that add character to the content.

Type: sans serif

Style: movie, classic, retro, funny

Application: title, text on the page, occasional graphics

Proposed industries and projects: creative, advertising, marketing, fashion, photography, film


Kool Beans is a very funky and fun font. It will cheer up and color any content. It works best as an add-on font that can be used for titles and shorter content.

80s fonts

80' fonts are decorative and original. They feature 8-bit styling, neon colors, and uneven finishes. The film, gaming, and music industries eagerly use them as a means of expression for their projects.

Type: sans serif

Style: retro, decorative, historical, with character

Application: on posters leaflets

Proposed industries and projects: film, art, theater, musical


Big Shoulders is made for shorter and more expressive content, without unnecessary frills around it. It draws attention to the presented content and gives it a retro character. In addition, it has a night character that will perfectly represent various types of clubs.

Graphic - Font Big Shoulders Inline

Big Shoulders Inline is an example of 80s font. 

90s fonts

In fonts from the '90s, the influence of digitization is clearly visible. During this period, many computer-inspired fonts were created. They are primarily light-colored and move away from minimalist forms.

Type: sans serif

Style: retro, elegant, casual

Application: in advertising, on posters,

Proposed industries and projects: marketing, advertising


Thanks to its rounded edges, Binario Soft softens any content and presents it in an elegant but not overly formal way. The font was inspired by Italian art deco as well as advertisements and shop signs from the early '90s.

Modern fonts

The vast majority of modern fonts are minimalist and contain delicate details that add character to them discreetly. But that's not all because this genre includes many cursive fonts that identify the essence of large cities. If you create modern, urban, or artistic projects, you will indeed find a font for yourself.

Urban, city fonts

Urban fonts that represent the atmosphere of big cities are usually very free. Sometimes, with the help of a handwritten letter (stylized on graffiti), they reflect the character of metropolises with a population of millions. It also happens that urban fonts are more minimalist and contain only small decorative elements.

Type: cursive

Style: brush writing effect, street style

Application: body in the text on the page, headings, text, and graphics in advertising on social networks

Proposed industries and projects: fashion, artistic, creative, any activity related to the industrial style


Top Light Brush is an example of an urban font in a handwritten style. It fits perfectly with any website and project using street themes. This slightly austere font will work well on websites aimed at young audiences.

Neon fonts

Neon fonts reflect the nature of neon lights and other similar types of lights. They attract attention and are very flashy. They are not the most practical font. Usually, they will work well as elements emphasizing selected fragments of the text.

Type: sans serif

Style: metal press, graphic,

Application: posters, clothing, leaflets, logos

Proposed industries and projects: film, publishing, photography, organization of special events


Monoto is an example of a metal press type font. It is static and heavy. Its surprising appearance immediately draws attention to the content it presents. It will work very well on posters, in various types of catalogs or leaflets.

Block fonts

Heavy fonts that draw attention to the content in an obvious way. Due to their thickness, they will work very well in all kinds of headings, titles, and quotes.

Type: sans serif

Style: modern, distinctive, transparent

Application: logos, text on the website (body, headline, title), text on graphics, photos, leaflets, catalogs

Proposed industries and projects: tourism, event, marketing, technology

Tip: Peace Sans font will blend in perfectly with nature photos due to its simple and calm nature!


It is a smooth and transparent font. Peace Sans is characterized by an eye-catching design. This font will make sure that no user will pass by your website indifferently.

Thick fonts

These types of fonts will not work for long textual content but are ideal for shorter messages. Use them if you want to give your website character a hint of humor.

Type: serif 

Style: chunky, elegant 

Application: articles, headlines, quotes 

Proposed industries and projects: publishing, art, interior design 


Asset was inspired by the letters found on an American banknote. Even though the font itself is massive, it seems lighter than it really is, thanks to its wavy form. However, this feeling should not be considered, as it was created for short text content.

Graphic - Fredoka Ona

Fredoka One is another example of Thick fonts

Futuristic and science fiction fonts

Futuristic fonts, in many cases, have surprising and irregular shapes. They are angular and square but still legible. They will perfectly reflect the nature of modern and innovative projects or those related to technology. If you have a website dedicated to the IT sector, you can use futuristic fonts.

Type: sans serif

Style: ultramodern, technological, innovative

Application: text on the website (body, header, title), logo, graphics

Proposed industries and projects: startups, technology companies, and all business and innovative activities


Inspired by the NASA logo, this font brings associations with space, technology, and innovation. Therefore, it will work well on websites that want to emphasize their modernity. The font is very readable and offers excellent flexibility in page design. It has both uppercase and lowercase letters.

Technical letter fonts

Technical writing is characterized by simplicity and minimalism. Fonts inspired by it contain many simple lines or are very angular. Despite this, they are neat and legible.

Type: sans serif

Style: elegant, minimalist, simple

Application: flyers, short texts on the site

Proposed industries and projects: IT, startups, technical


Chara Petch has references to the Thai alphabet. The font replaces the traditional looped letters with square forms. Thus, the text has a unique but very legible character.

Autumn fonts

Autumn fonts perfectly reflect the aura of autumn blues, typical of this season. You can use them in artistic projects when creating posters, invitations, or other forms of a loose nature.

Type: cursive

Style: calligraphic, brush writing effect, decorative, legible

Application: logos, graphics, social media

Proposed industries and projects: event, advertising, wedding, photography, catering

Tip: If you are looking for a handwritten font but are concerned that intricate embellishments will reduce the legibility of the text, go ahead and bet on the Alex Brush


As the name suggests, Alex Brush is a classic calligraphic font that writes with a brush. It is exquisite and, at the same time, one of the most readable decorative fonts. Available for free in the Google Fonts database

Winter and Christmas fonts

Winter fonts are fanciful and highly decorative. They are perfect for Christmas wishes for customers and their own relatives.

Type: serif

Style: decorative, fancy

Application: Christmas cards, wishes for customers

Proposed industries and projects: gastronomic, publishing, and artistic


Valgus, a friendly font that reflects the unique nature of Christmas. Perfect for Christmas greeting cards. Due to its decorative tips and irregularities, it is the ideal decorative element for more artistic or fun content.

Spring fonts

Spring fonts are fresh and delicate. They are characterized by a large number of ornamental and decorative elements. If you are related to the floristic or art industry, it is worth remembering this type of font.

Type: sans serif

Style: decorative, precise, elegant

Application: titles, headings, quotes

Proposed industries and projects: publishing, cosmetics, clothing, Beauty & Health


In this font, each letter consists of a curved line. Spirax is delicate but also elegant. Its decorative elements give it an atmosphere of mystery. It can be used for covers of books or magazines as well as product names.

Summer fonts

Summer fonts are characterized by freedom and creativity. They also perfectly reflect everything associated with holidays: hot sand, crystal sea, sun, and crazy fun. Take advantage of them if you create projects for the tourism or recreational industries.

Type: cursive

Style: imitating handwriting, decorative, elegant

Application: headings, titles, captions

Proposed industries and projects: of a historical nature, e.g., museums, restaurants, hotels


Sarina gives the text a casual and airy feel. Through the typeface in the form of brush strokes, it is associated with relaxation at the seaside. This font will be helpful in projects related to the leisure industry or having a historical character.

Graophic - Hanalei

Hanalei is also one of the summer fonts.

Farmhouse fonts

Farmhouse fonts perfectly reflect the rural atmosphere through their homeliness, idyll, and freedom. They have their own character, which adds charm to the text.

Type: serif

Style: elegant, decorative, legible

Application: titles, headings, quotes

Proposed industries and projects: publishing, catering


A serif, thick font with character. It is not one of the most elegant ones, but it has its own charm. It is distinct, clear, and has an idyllic character.

Graphic - Font Homemade Apple

Homemade Apple reflects the Framshouse fonts perfectly.

Artistic fonts

Artistic fonts often have very original shapes and textures. They will prove themselves in fashion projects related to art, but also in all children's, gastronomic, jewelry and publishing industries.

Art deco fonts

Art Deco fonts are pretty specific. They often draw their inspiration from art, architecture, and the film industry, making them very expressive and original. They are exquisite and decorative at the same time. They are great for highlighting any headlines and titles.

Type: serif

Style: decorative, elegant, retro, art deco

Application: posters, logos, titles, invitations

Proposed industries and projects: film, music, event, hotel


Brilon has a sophisticated character and lots of beautiful, decorative elements. Despite its art deco inspiration, it is a modern font. It will be perfect for projects with a more elegant character.

Graphic - Fony Lovelo

Lovelo is also an Art Deco font

Graphic fonts

These types of fonts are very eccentric and therefore not suitable for every industry. If you create projects related to art, fashion, and culture, graphic fonts will suit them very well, especially in the titles or headlines.

Type: serif

Style: graphic, artistic, decorative

Application: titles, headlines, posters

Proposed industries and projects: architectural, artistic, art galleries, drawing schools


A slightly cartoon font very realistically reflects the creative nature of the artistic industries. It is also delicate and decorative.

Creative fonts

Creative fonts are aimed not only at projects representing art or DIY. Their unique, unconventional character will also be reflected on websites and projects related to service industries: hairdressing salons, beauty salons, or in the case of individual businesses.

Type: sans serif

Style: decorative, imitating chalk writing

Application: logo, website navigation menu, title, graphics, restaurant menu, signboard

Proposed industries and projects: catering, education, children, event, marketing

Tip: Use Bitechalk with vector ornaments to complete your design!


BiteChalk is a font that will give you the effect of writing with chalk. You can use it, for example, in the cafe menu, in the logo of a company from the children's industry, or in the graphics on the photo booth's sign in the event industry.

Edgy fonts

Due to their angular shapes, these types of fonts have a certain uniqueness. Most of them present modernity combined with an artistic style.

Type: serif

Style: unique, eccentric, artistic

Application: logos, graphics for special occasions, offers, catalogs, brochures

Proposed industries and projects: fashion, sports, technical, marketing


This eccentric font will add mystery and modernity to your website. Its complicated shape attracts attention and makes you wonder. It works well for titles, names, and various graphics.

Asian fonts

Asian writing has long been a huge inspiration for many font makers. The beauty of Chinese and Japanese writing styles is smuggled into other fonts with decorative details. If you are also inspired by oriental aesthetics in your industry, this type of font is worth considering.

Chinese fonts

Chinese hieroglyphs combined with modern inspirations create unusual fonts. They are kept in an oriental style and have a lot of elegance. The gastronomic and tourist industries will find a lot of inspiration among them.

Type: sans serif

Style: calligraphic, hand-painted, decorative

Application: headers, graphics, social media, menus

Proposed industries and projects: tourism, catering, martial arts schools, language schools


Very legible and thick font. Inspired by one of the Chinese dishes. It looks very realistic thanks to the imitation of ink writing. It will be especially useful in industries that relate to Chinese culture in their activities.

Japanese fonts

Japanese-inspired fonts are very artistic and decorative. They will be perfect as headlines, titles, or product names.

Type: sans serif

Style: calligraphic, decorative

Application: headers, photos, graphics, social media

Proposed industries and projects: tourism, travel, leisure, Beauty & Health


It is a font that combines ethnic and cultural elements of Japan. By imitating the brush technique, the font looks very artistic and elegant. It will be helpful in projects referring to Japanese culture.

Graphic - Shojumaru
Shojumaru is an example of Japanese font

Fantasy fonts

Fantasy fonts are very artistic and decorative. They contain ornamental elements that give them mystery and a certain uniqueness.

Type: serif

Style: elegant, decorative

Application: headers, posters, covers, books

Proposed industries: jewelry, publishing, tourism


Amovand is an elegant font with unique decorative elements. It will be handy in projects for the fashion, creative, and jewelry industries. Its decorativeness can overwhelm other design elements, so it should be treated as an addition.

Medieval fonts

Fonts inspired by medieval aesthetics often combine history with modernity. Typically, this type of font is elegant and minimalist.

Type: serif

Style: elegant, historic

Application: titles, headlines, posters, newspapers, quotes

Proposed industries and projects: publishing, with historical references, e.g., museums


A stamped font has the hallmarks of history. It belongs to the Black type and is dignified and heavy. Use it in your titles, citations, and historical projects.

Rock and black metal fonts

Fonts in this category have a lot of freedom and lack of officiality. However, for example, inspired by the art of tattooing, they can also be exquisite and decorative. Given their mysterious and dark nature, it is worth making sure that they fit the nature of your project first.

Type: sans serif

Style: freedom, imitating handwriting

Application: posters, flyers, quotes, titles, headers

Proposed industries and projects: music, art, publishing, graphics


A font that looks like a note quickly written with a marker. It's great for more casual and artistic content. It is best used in smaller text forms such as headings, titles, or smaller pieces of text.

Spooky fonts

These fonts refer to Halloween celebrated in autumn. Dark fonts with irregular shapes are perfect for party invitations or Halloween-related promotional campaigns.

Type: sans serif

Style: decorative, creative

Application: titles, headlines, promotional slogans

Proposed industries and projects: film, publishing, organization of special events


Creepster is a font that fits perfectly into the atmosphere of Halloween. The font will work in any project that has mystery and horror in it.

 Sport and athletic fonts

Sport fonts are meant to represent people doing the sport. They should clearly show e.g., speed or danger. However, they are kept in a loose tone. They will be helpful in the sports industry and, for example, in tourism.

Type: sans serif

Style: simple, minimalist

Application: names, headings and titles, logos, posters

Proposed industries and projects: marketing, sports, tourism


This font originated in the branding of mountain bikes. It is characterized by strong bolding and angularity. Thanks to its unique design, it attracts attention. It is perfect as a typographic detail in designs.

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Gaming fonts

Gaming fonts are very entertaining and creative. Sometimes they also have a futuristic character. If your project is devoted to the IT, gaming, or technical industries, it is worth taking an interest in this font type.

Type: sans serif

Style: futuristic, science-fiction, gaming

Application: title, headline, citation, code fragment, graphics (on websites, in mobile and web applications)

Proposed industries and projects: startups, technology companies, and all activities of a business nature


The inspiration for its creation was the font used in arcade games from the 1980s. The font has a serrated ending. Press Start 2P is perfect for creating old-style or science fiction projects. You can use it to make a nostalgic game, a science application, or a website about games or technology.

Racing fonts

Racing fonts are meant to express speed, freedom, and extreme. Often they are helped by additional decorative elements. These types of fonts are artistic and modern.

Type: sans serif

Style: simple, decorative, graphic

Application: headlines, titles, clothing, posters

Proposed industries and projects: sports, car


Additional elements behind the signs are supposed to give a sense of movement and speed. The font thus represents speed and efficiency. It is worth using it for smaller fragments of the text because, in the case of longer content, the readability of the whole text will be very low.

Graphic - Faster One

Faster One is an example of a racing font.

Military fonts

Mostly military fonts are strict, thick, and practical. They are most suitable for short tests with a minimalist background.

Type: sans serif

Style: simple, clear

Application: headers, titles, packaging

Proposed industries and projects: military, publishing


Legible and straightforward font without any decorations. Thanks to bolding, it will also be visible from long distances.

Funny fonts

These types of fonts are designed to evoke sympathy and relaxation in the recipient. Funny fonts are not only suitable for projects related to children, but they also work well for humorous or artistic content.

Type: sans serif

Style: hand-drawn, school, cute, unique, chaotic

Application: headers, logos, signatures, blog, graphics, social media, packaging designs, labels

Proposed industries and projects: children, education, entertainment, events

Tip: If you run an educational or fun activity, Little Day is a good choice


This is an adorable, slightly chaotic-looking handwriting font. Little Day is a hand-drawn font that imitates clumsy children's handwriting, so it will find its application in all kinds of children's projects.

Kids fonts

Kids fonts, in many cases, simply mimic the style of children's writing. Therefore, these types of fonts can be crooked, funny, and artistic.

Cartoon fonts

Cartoon fonts have both humorous and artistic elements. Designs with a more restrained and elegant character should avoid this type of font. In turn, for projects related to the creative or children's industries, they will be perfect.

Type: sans serif

Style: chunky, artistic

Application: names, logos, headers, titles, posters

Proposed industries and projects: children's, art, art galleries


Palette Mosaic gives the impression of a font cut out of paper and folded like a mosaic. It perfectly reflects the nature of children's games.

Pirate and nautical fonts

Pirate-inspired fonts usually use handwriting imitations. These types of fonts are suitable for projects related to the tourism industry or relating to history.

Type: sans serif

Style: Classic, Brush Painting

Application: captions, headings, quotes, titles

Proposed industries and projects: tourism, hotel, restaurants


Harlott combines calligraphy with handwriting. The font's character is strict and sharp, and its legibility in the case of longer forms is average. It will present itself well in projects related to the tourism industry or relating to history.

What fonts will not work in any project?

There are specific fonts that graphic designers have been avoiding for many years, such as Comic Sans, which professionals describe as unsightly and non-stylish. Also, its sister font - Papyrus, does not enjoy a good reputation. It's better to avoid these fonts if you don't want your designs to be perceived as messy and ugly.

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Good typography can be the key to the success of any website. Thanks to an adequately matched font, you will stand out from the competition, and your website will gain a unique character. However, remember that not every font will work in your industry. Therefore, before deciding on a font, consider what effect you want to achieve and check all possible inspirations!

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Karol Andruszków

Karol is a serial entrepreneur, e-commerce speaker, among others for World Bank, and founder of 3 startups, as part of which he has advised several hundred companies. He was also responsible for projects of the largest financial institutions in Europe, worth over EUR 50 million.


He obtained two master's degrees, one in Computer Science and the other in Marketing Management, during his studies in Poland and Portugal. He gained experience in Silicon Valley and while running companies in many countries, including Poland, Portugal, the United States, and Great Britain. For over ten years, he has been helping startups, financial institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises to improve their functioning through digitization. 

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