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The best (free) fonts for website. And how to choose the perfect one

Do you already have a ready-made website design with a content plan and graphic design? Perfectly! But there is one more important element you must remember - fonts! When creating a website, the question will always be: Which font should I choose? If you are unsure whether a decorative font is more suitable for your website or a simple font - don't worry! At BOWWE, we will help you choose a font perfectly tailored to your brand’s needs. This article has prepared a collection of the most interesting fonts from various categories. Get to know the best fonts for your industry and use them on your website!

Font and the nature of your industry

Typography influences how others perceive your website (thus - your business or you). One of its elements is the typeface, which is nothing but the text’s appearance. It is worth taking care of your content’s visual form, which is just as important as other content forms on your website: graphics or the text’s substantive value. The key to success is that each element is consistent and creates a harmonious composition. A properly selected font can tell a lot about the type of services you provide and appeal to a specific target group.

  • Think about what typeface fits the characteristics of your industry
  • Choose a font that will emphasize your brand’s unique features or characteristics.
  • Follow the applicable standards, but do not be afraid to distinguish.

The impact of a typeface on the reception of your brand

Typefaces convey a message and can evoke emotions, just like words. Each typeface carries a different message and can make your website appear severe and organized, or vice versa - chaotic and sloppy. Therefore, before deciding on a specific font for your website, consider the typeface and how it will affect your brand’s consistency and reception by potential customers. Serif, sans-serif, or decorative fonts differ not only in form. Typefaces carry entirely different messages.

Serif typefaces - are characterized by ornaments and decorations. Differently, serifs are decorations. The group of sans-serif fonts includes traditional and serious-looking fonts. They are most often used to create catalogs, invitations, and any formal documents in print. On the web, they will prove themselves on elegant and business websites. Examples of such fonts are:

  • Garamond
  • Georgia
  • Palatino
It is worth noting that serif fonts are the least used font type on the Internet. The vast majority of texts redirected to us by search engines will contain fonts without serifs. Why is this happening? Serif fonts are often considered as serious. What's more, they make it difficult to read longer texts, especially those we read on the screen - hence, sans-serif fonts are more often chosen on the web. Web designers usually use serif fonts to attach importance to tradition and focus on a formal image website. A great example is the website of the famous New York Times. Here the serif font reflects the nature of the printed newspaper.

Sans serif fonts are letters without the so-called serifs or tiny protruding lines at the ends of letters that are ornaments. They do not have any decorative accents and are characterized by more geometric shapes. Thanks to this, they look modern. They are the perfect choice for innovative and innovative companies. It is these fonts that are most often used on the Internet. If you think that sans-serif fonts are too strong, you can choose slightly softer versions with rounded ends. The most popular sans-serif fonts are:

  • Arial,
  • Helvetica,
  • Tahoma,
  • Trebuchet MS
  • Verdana
Written and decorative typefaces are characterized by a thin line and often a complicated form. You can stand out and express your unique character with decorative fonts - yours or yours. There are two main types of decorative fonts:
  • Script fonts (so-called "Easter eggs" or "handwritten" fonts) A calligraphic style often characterizes such fonts - they contain ornaments that imitate intricate handwriting and give the effect of letters drawn or painted with a brush. These are decorative fonts that can help create a strong association with your brand, thanks to their uniqueness.
  • Slab Serif fonts (the so-called Egyptian or square serif) - contain Egyptian serifs (that is, peaks at the end of letters), which give an optically heavy but expressive style. This distinctive decorative typeface combines serif and sans serif fonts’ features and will make you stand out. An example of the so-called Egyptian fonts is Century Extended or Rockwell.

How to choose the perfect font?

No doubt, using typography requires a certain sense of style. If you think you don't have one, you can always choose a standard Helvetica or Georgia font. Additionally, thanks to tools such as Google Fonts, you have access to an extensive collection of free fonts. However, if you want to stand out from the competition, you need to add more appeal to your website. Don't be afraid to experiment. After all, choosing a font that imitates handwriting or is unusual can become the showcase of your brand.

Match the font to the target audience

The font on a website can significantly affect how your business communicates with your customers. When choosing a font for your page, remember who your potential reader will be and what you want to convey to the recipient. If you run your own business and choose a fun font, you run the risk that your website will not be taken seriously by customers unless your target group is a younger audience, such as in a language school or toy store.

So what fonts will work in your industry?

  • If you are the owner of a startup or technology company, choose a modern and transparent font (e.g., Open Sans) or opt for a futuristic font (e.g., Roboto). And if you want to include a code snippet on your website, you can use the font Fira Mono
  • If your target group is a younger audience, choose a combination of fonts Karlwith Merriweather. They are pleasing to the eye and make even small text easier to read. They will certainly not bore the reader and even encourage them to familiarize themselves with your offer.
  • If you run, for example, a law firm, the best font will be the one that will inspire trust and reflect the severe tone of your company. Try the dignified and elegant fonts Neuton.

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The most unique handwriting fonts

Fonts confusingly similar to handwriting are incredibly fashionable and widely used by graphic designers because of their irresistible charm and style. Such fonts will add fantasy to your website. If you run an artistic business or your business is related to the design industry, you can successfully include handwritten fonts on your website.

Porcelain Sans Serif

  • Typeface: sans serif
  • style: imitation handwriting, subtle, thin, stylish
  • Usage: very universal - logos, graphics, headers, social media
  • Proposed branches wedding, photo, advertising, catering
  • Note: This is a versatile font that you can also use on social media
It's a sans serif font imitating handwriting. This subtle, thin font will give your website an individual character and make it look beautiful and stylish. It will correctly reflect the style of the wedding and photography industry. It also works for a creative advertising agency.

Alex Brush

  • Typeface: script
  • Style: calligraphic, brush writing effect, decorative, legible
  • Application: logos, graphics, social media
  • Proposed industries: event, advertising, wedding, photography, gastronomic
  • Tip: If you are looking for a handwritten font, but you are afraid that intricate ornaments will reduce legibility text, you can go ahead and bet on the Alex Brush.
As the name suggests, Alex Brush is a classic calligraphic font that gives writing with a brush. It is exquisite and, at the same time, one of the more readable decorative fonts. Also available for free in the Google Font database.

Seascape script

  • Typeface: script
  • Style: imitating handwriting, natural, cute
  • Application: headers, quotes, captions, overlays on photos, logos, graphics
  • Proposed industries: wedding, photography, event, advertising, marketing
  • Tip: Use Seascape script in a quote - thanks, this will highlight the text
Thanks to the characteristic ligatures (usually combining two letters into one), the Seascape font will make your text as close to natural handwriting as possible. You can use the font to create headings, captions, quotes, or overlays. Seascape looks very natural and stands out from other handwritten fonts. It will surely interest the recipient and give your website a unique charm.

The Styled Edit

  • Typeface: sans serif
  • StyleStyle: imitating a handwritten signature, stylish, very distinctive
  • Application: logos, graphics, signatures, portfolio
  • Proposed industries: fashion, photography, art, creative, design
  • Tip: Use the signature using The Styled Edit instead of a logo - thanks, you will give your website an original, original expression
It is a stylish font that reproduces the look of elegant natural handwriting. The font gives you a real signature effect that you can use on a blog or website that displays a photo, fashion, or other artistic portfolios.

Bahamas Brush

  • Cut: script
  • Style: brush writing effect, imitating handwriting, stylish
  • Application: blog, logo, restaurant menu, in photos / graphics / overlays 
  • Proposed industries: travel, tourism, gastronomic, photography, wedding
  • Tip: Bahamas Brush used in headlines adds a unique style to your text.
The Bahamas Brush font is perfect for travel sites or blogs about travel. It will perfectly emphasize beautiful pictures of nature or urban architecture. The font can be used both in a logo and various graphics types.

Little Wonder

  • Cut: script
  • Style: hand-painted, decorative, fancy
  • Application: headlines, photos, graphics, social media
  • Suggested industries: art, fashion, wedding, advertising, marketing, photography
  • Tip: Little Wonder font is bold, so feel free to use it for your website’s headlines
Little Wonder is a hand-painted typeface converted into a digital font. It's a fancy font that will give each page a fairy-tale atmosphere.

The Great Outdoors

  • Cut: script
  • Style: calligraphic, hand-painted, decorative, precise
  • Application: headlines, photos, graphics, social media
  • Proposed industries: tourism, travel, leisure, carpentry, furniture, event, advertising
  • Tip: The Great Outdoors font will work well on the websites of campsites, ski lodges, and mountain resorts.
It is an exact Japanese style font. A clear and slightly austere font will be an ideal solution for websites offering carpentry services, online stores with garden furniture, or all kinds of outdoor equipment.

Little Day

  • Cut: script
  • Style: hand-drawn, school, cute, unique, chaotic
  • Application: headers, logos, signatures, blog, graphics, social media, packaging designs, labels
  • Suggested industries: children, education, entertainment, events
  • Tip: If you run an activity focused on education or fun, Little Day will be the right choice
It is an adorable, slightly chaotic looking font. Little Day is a hand-drawn font that imitates clumsy children's handwriting so that it will find its application in all kinds of children's projects.

Vintage and retro fonts

Vintage fonts - in the old style - will give your website a bit of nostalgia and charisma. If you want your website to have a timeless and classic feel, try the coolest retro fonts.


  • Cut: script
  • Style: calligraphic, hand-painted, decorative, old school, stylish 
  • Application: title, headings, quotes, logos
  • Suggested industries: fashion, gastronomic, any activity referring to vintage style
  • Tip: Use the font to create a monogram - a symbol containing more than one letter (e.g., initials), most often used in the logotype
Clarkson is a stylish decorative font that will take users decades back. Choose this font if you run a 1950s-style clothing store, retro cafe, or just want to give your business a unique, old-school atmosphere.


  • Typeface: script
  • Style: calligraphic, handwriting, decorative, vintage
  • Application: text on the website, headers, logos, advertising graphics, invitations, greeting cards
  • Proposed industries: fashion, advertising, photography, any activity referring to the vintage style
  • Tip: Apply Vinesday on those parts of the text on the page that you want to capture the recipient’s attention
Therefore, this font has a beautiful calligraphy style and is most often used on invitations and greeting cards. Due to its expressiveness, it will also be used in logos.


  • Typeface: script
  • Style: decorative, old school, retro
  • Application: logotype, signboard, menu, offer with services or products, graphics
  • Proposed industries: catering, hairdressing, fashion, any activity referring to vintage style
This font will work in various industries related to vintage style. Bernier used in a logo, restaurant menu, or sign, e.g., a barbershop, will add a distinctive retro atmosphere to your brand. Font exists in 3 versions: Regular, Distressed, and Shade.

Palm Canyon Drive

  • Typeface: script
  • Style: film, classic, retro
  • Application: title, text on the website, newsletter, occasional graphic
  • Proposed industries: creative, advertising, marketing, fashion, photography
Palm Canyon Drive is a font inspired by retro covers and postcards with travel. This classic, unpretentious font gives your website a Hollywood feel.


  • Typeface: serif
  • StyleStyle: classic, imitating handwriting, decorative, vintage
  • Application: text on the website, headers, covers (e-book, newsletter)
  • Proposed industries: artistic, graphic, advertising, marketing, translation, editorial
It is a classic font serif that has over 700 characters. This font will give your website a novel feel. Choose this font if you provide writing, editing, proofreading, or translation services. Restora is also great for activities related to art or design.


  • Type: decorative (display) 
  • Style: vintage, contour, geometric, decorative
  • Application: title, headings, text on the website, newsletter, occasional graphic
  • Proposed industries: gastronomic, creative, fashion, any activity referring to the vintage style
  • Tip: Display fonts they are capitalized, so don't use them in the body text. Use Check for particular tasks on your website, e.g., in the headlines, to attract attention
This geometric font will add a classic vintage feel to any page. Font Check comes in two versions - black style and contour version.


  • Typeface: sans serif
  • StyleStyle: vintage, geometric, subtle, elegant
  • Application: body in the text on the website, headers, text, and graphics in advertising on social networks
  • Proposed industries: fashion, beauty, artistic, advertising, any activity referring to the vintage style
  • Tip: Apply Audrey to social media ads
Audrey is characterized by rounded geometric letters. The font is inspired by the 40s and 50s and the famous actress Audrey Hepburn’s figure. For this reason, the font will correctly reflect the style of the page from the women's industry, but not only! Audrey's font in a non-intrusive way attracts the audience’s attention to every page in vintage style.

Iron Head

  • Cut: script
  • Style: retro, western, characteristic, decorative
  • Application: logos, illustrations, graphics, prints
  • Proposed industries: catering, hairdressing, fashion
This font does not contain any numbers or special characters but gives the headlines a western style.  It will perfectly emphasize the old school nature of your website.

Urban fonts in an modern style

Fonts from the category urban are characterized by strong, geometric letters with expressive shapes. Their raw style will add an industrial character to any website. If your business refers to city architecture, modern art, street fashion, or the sector industrial, choose fonts in an urban style.

Top Light Brush

  • Cut: script
  • Style: brush writing effect, street
  • Application: body in the text on the website, headlines, text, and graphics in advertisements on social networks
  • Proposed industries: fashion, artistic, creative, any activity referring to the industrial style

Top Light Brush is an example of an urban font in a handwritten style. It fits perfectly with any website that promotes a street look. This slightly austere font will be perfect for websites aimed at young audiences. 


  • Cut: decorative (display) 
  • Style: contemporary, technical, calligraphic
  • Application: text on the website (body, headers, titles), quotes, business cards. 
  • Proposed industries: industrial, fashion, artistic, creative, any activity referring to the industrial style

It is a font in the style of a template technical letter. Thin and tasteful lines characterize the font. It also exists in bold, i.e., bold. Rafale is a sophisticated font that will add an industrial feel to any project.


  • Typeface: sans serif, scripted
  • Style: handwritten, contemporary, calligraphic
  • Application: logo, titles, graphics, business cards
  • Suggested industries: design, handicraft, DIY products sales
  • Tip: Cabana font will perfectly emphasize the nature of business consistent with ecology
If your business has something to do with design, industry, or DIY products, this font will be perfect for you! Perfect for the projects of online stores that sell items made by hand or made of organic materials.

Creative and expressive fonts

Unusual, bold fonts will attract users’ attention and highlight your industry’s unique subject. Fun fonts will add life to your website and make it interesting for your visitors. These types of fonts are perfect for the children's industry.


  • Typeface: script, sans serif
  • Style: decorative, imitating chalk writing
  • Application: logo, website navigation menu, title, graphics, restaurant menu, signboard
  • Proposed industries: catering, education, children, event, marketing
  • Tip: Use Bitechalk together with vector ornaments that will complete the entire project!
BiteChalk is a font that will give you the effect of writing with chalk. You can use it, for example, in the cafe menu, in the logo of a company from the children's industry, or in the graphics on the photo booth sign in the event industry.


  • Typeface: slab serif
  • StyleStyle: decorative, imitating handwriting, brush-painted effect
  • Application: logo, title, graphics on social networks
  • Proposed industries: travel, tourism, event, marketing
  • Tip: Thanks to the fact that Wanderlust has rounded edges, you can easily combine them with any simple serif typeface
It is a bold type slab serif. Its appearance is associated with freedom to use it on travel and tourist websites.

Peace Sans

  • Typeface: sans serif
  • StyleStyle: modern, distinctive, transparent
  • Application: logos, text on the website (body, header, title), text on graphics, photos, leaflets, catalogs
  • Proposed industries: tourism, event, marketing, technology 
  • Tip: Due to its simple and calm character, the Peace Sans font will perfectly blend in with nature photos!

It is a smooth and clear font. Peace Sans is characterized by an eye-catching design. This font will ensure that no user will pass by your site indifferently.


  • Typeface: sans serif
  • Style: contour, precise, elegant
  • Application: watermark, quote, headline, background photo overlay
  • Proposed industries: creative, graphic, photographic, artistic, fashion
The Elephant is a beautiful, elegant contour font. It has been designed to be a perfect fit for photography, graphics, or any other creative industry. Clean and expressive lines and angles characterize it.


  • Cut: script
  • Style: decorative, cute, funny, unique, imitating handwriting
  • Application: logo, graphics for special occasions, greeting cards, offers, catalogs, brochures
  • Suggested industries: gastronomic, fashion, e-commerce, kids 
  • Tip: This fancy one and cute font can be used in girly products, candy, flowers, and many other industries!
This unique font will emphasize your business’s creative nature, regardless of the industry. Curely will look great in graphics for holidays and special occasions.

Lunar Cone

  • Typeface: script
  • Style: fun, decorative, unique, cute, distinctive
  • Application: logo, title, headlines, quote, social media graphics
  • Proposed industries: food, fashion, e-commerce, children
This font is an essential element of your website’s fun and unique typography. Feel free to use it if your target group is children.


  • Cut: decorative (display) 
  • Style: contour, geometric, unique, funny, attractive
  • Application: logos, headlines, texts on the page, advertising graphics, social media, website banners.
  • Suggested industries: event, marketing, advertising, creative, artistic
This funny font will help you create marketing materials and party content. You can use it to create advertisements, graphics, or banners for various celebrations and special occasions.

Elegant, thin fonts. A sign of professionalism

Subtle-looking thin fonts are now the latest web design trend, which has replaced the popular wide fonts not so long ago. Delicate and minimalist fonts will make your website look beautiful, professional, and at the same time, very legible. All the fonts presented below belong to the group of sans-serif typefaces. They can be used anywhere in the text on the page (body, headings, title). Due to their universality, you can use fonts from this group in any business sector.


  • Style: clear, professional, minimalist, elegant, classic
It’s a simple font, which you can use successfully in various cases. Lato is the universal font, which will check the websites for most industries. It will undoubtedly emphasize the business character and give a professional tone. You can download it for free from the Google Fonts database.


  • Style: clear, professional, minimalist, elegant, classic
  • Tip: Use Raleway in your headline to grab your audience's attention and set a professional tone on your website
It is one of the most popular thin letter fonts. Designer Matt McInerney designed this elegant, sans-serif typeface. On websites, the font looks good both in the headings and in the main text’s composition.


  • Style: clear, professional, minimalist, elegant, classic
Moon is a representative of the group of sans serif fonts. The font has rounded edges and a spotless, modest character. It’s a perfect solution for a subdued, slightly conservative brand.

Cooper Hewitt

  • Style: geometric, modern, professional
  • Tip: Ideal for blog articles
It is a stylish sans-serif font that comes in seven different weights. Cooper Hewitt is a modern font that consists of geometric curves and arcs. This thin, light font will give a professional tone to your website’s content

Ostrich Sans

  • Style: clear, professional, minimalist, elegant, classic

It is a classic sans serif typeface with a whole range of styles and weights. It comes in eight different variants, five of which are classified as thin fonts. Despite its classic character, Ostrich Sans will undoubtedly make you stand out. 

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Futuristic fonts and science fiction

Futuristic fonts are ideal for the IT industry, technology startups, and software houses. Most minimalist and modern fonts are universal - they will emphasize the modernism of websites from many business sectors. In turn, fancy science fiction fonts can break the website’s standard design devoted to applications, games, or technology.


  • Typeface: sans serif
  • StyleStyle: geometric, modernist, elegant
  • Application: text on the website (body, header, title), logo, graphics
  • Proposed industries: startups, technology companies, and activities from many other business areas
It’s masive and elegant font. We recommend it to anyone looking for high-quality sans-serif typefaces. Letters have specific geometric shapes of triangles, circles, and squares. The modern look of Intro will make the font look good on a website for a startup or technology company.


  • Typeface: sans serif
  • Style: geometric, modernist, elegant
  • Application: text on the site (body, header, title), logo, graphics
  • Proposed industries: innovative startups (e.g., healthcare, finance), software house, IT companies, creative and advertising agencies, and activities from many other business areas
The geometric, sans-serif font will give a modernist tone to any website. This clear and legible font is the right choice for IT companies and companies to emphasize their innovation. You will find it for free download on Google Fonts.

Press Start 2P

  • Cut: decorative (display) 
  • Style: futuristic, science-fiction, gaming
  • Application: title, headline, citation, code fragment, graphics (on websites, in mobile and web applications). 
  • Proposed industries: startups, technology companies, and all business activities
The inspiration to create this font was the font used in arcade games from the 1980s. The font has serrated endings. Press Start 2P is perfect for creating old-style or science fiction projects. You can use it to create an old-fashioned game, science application, or a website about games or technology.


  • Typeface: sans serif
  • Style: modernist, technological
  • Application: text on the website (body, headline, title), logo, graphics
  • Proposed industries: innovative startups, IT companies, business, and technological activities

This sans-serif font is distinguished by contrasting characters with angular endings. A website from the technology industry or an IT company logo will catch the eye!


  • Typeface: sans serif
  • Style: futuristic, science-fiction, innovative
  • Application: text on the website (body, headline, title), logo, graphics, branding (i.e., building a coherent layout for the visual identity of the brand)
  • Proposed industries: startups, technology companies, and all business and innovative activities

This futuristic font will correctly reflect science fiction and technology projects’ atmosphere, but not only! Astron has a vast potential that can be successfully used on many industries’ websites.


  • Typeface: sans serif
  • Style: ultramodern, technological, innovative
  • Application: text on the website (body, headline, title), logo, graphics
  • Proposed industries: startups, technology companies, and all business and innovative activities
Inspired by the NASA logo, the font brings associations with space, technology, and innovation. Therefore, it will work well for companies that emphasize their modernity. The font is very readable and offers excellent flexibility in page design. It has both uppercase and lowercase letters.

What fonts won't work in a business?

There are specific fonts that graphic designers have been avoiding for many years, such as Comic Sans, described by professionals as unsightly and lacking in style. Also, its sister font - Papyrus, is not very famous. It's better to avoid these fonts if you don't want your website to perceive your website as messy and ugly.

A well-chosen font reflects your industry

Good typography can be the key to the success of any website. Thanks to an adequately matched font,  your website will gain a unique character, what will let you stand out from the competition. However, remember that not every font will work for your industry. Therefore, before deciding on a font, think about what effect you want to achieve and check all possible inspirations! Not sure what to choose? Contact us!

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