BOWWE vs. WordPress | Will Free Website Builder Beat CMS? 

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Are you looking for a CMS platform that is better than WordPress? That will allow you to build a free site or run a personal blog? One of the best WordPress alternatives is actually BOWWE. See how both platforms compare with each other and choose your winner!

BOWWE and WordPress - introduction

BOWWE -  various project-oriented online builder

BOWWE is a free online builder that allows you to create various projects, from websites to multilingual blogs. 


The platform allows you to create no-code using ready-to-use widgets or high-quality templates that can be freely modified.

WordPress - blogging-focused CMS

WordPress is one of the world's most popular content management systems (CMS) and is used by millions of websites. 


WordPress is free and open-source software, meaning anyone can use and contribute to it.

Overall comparison - BOWWE vs. WordPress

1. Creation possibilities: Where can you create whatever you want?

Website template, CV template and linking page template on a white background with blue and green decorative elements

BOWWE: Next-gen builder for every purpose

BOWWE offers many ways to create projects. They are tailored to those with no coding knowledge, as well as to the more advanced ones. 


You can start from scratch or choose from over 200 high-quality templates. You can also use ready-made widgets or add your own code anytime.


With BOWWE, the possibilities are endless. You can create a Website, Landing Page, Micro Page, Portfolio, or Blog. But you can also go beyond these and make whatever you want.

WordPress: A blog-oriented platform

If you have programming experience, WordPress will not have any major limitations for you regarding your ability to create a site. 


However, on the other hand, if you don't have such experience, you may encounter some difficulties creating a WordPress site on your own. 


In this case, you can reach for any of the countless Themes explicitly created for WordPress or hire a specialist to make a site for you (of course, this is a more expensive solution).

2. Creation without code: Where does it actually work?

A fragment of the browser window on which the website code seems to be dripping on a green background.

BOWWE: Intuitive no-code builder

BOWWE provides an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, which makes project creation simple for even novice users. 


Using 570+ ready-to-use widgets and blocks or one of over 200 templates, you can easily create your own website without using a single line. 


For more advanced users, BOWWE gives you complete freedom to create your website exactly how you want by allowing you to add your own HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. This means there are no limitations on your projects! 

WordPress: CMS with a high level of expertise

As you already know, to get the most out of WordPress, you need to have IT knowledge; without it, you will have to rely on Themes or hired specialists to create a site. 


In 2018, WordPress released a new version of the editor - Gutenberg. A drag-and-drop solution allows you to create a page from blocks. This editor makes it easier for inexperienced people to develop projects in WordPress. 


Although Gutenberg may resemble solutions found in website builders (BOWWE, Wix, etc.), it has a much more limited way of editing the blocks from which a page is created.

3. WYSIWYG: Where you will get exactly what you want?

A fragment of a browser window with four images and a widget through which you can see adding graphics.

BOWWE: 2.0 WYSIWYG Builder

Even while you are creating and editing your page, you can be sure that when you publish it, it will look exactly as you envisioned it. The BOWWE Builder follows the principle of WYSIWYG - which means that the final version of the page will reflect what you have done with it. 

WordPress: low level of WSIWYG

When creating a page in the WordPress editor, you need to be aware that it will look different after publication. It is best to enter Preview mode from time to time to control how the page you are creating actually looks.

4. Templates/Themes: Where you can find better quality?

List of templates along with a list of template categories from on a pink background

BOWWE: Stunning collection of professional templates

BOWWE has over 200 high-quality free templates that are responsive and completely editable. 


The creation of each template is preceded by an in-depth analysis of the industry for which it is intended so that it contains all the necessary elements for the dynamic development of your business. 


The templates also maintain the most crucial SEO principles, so you don't have to worry about the fast performance of the site or its friendliness to search engine robots.

WordPress: User-made Themes

WordPress has a very rich database of Themes that work a bit like templates you might encounter when using website builders. The official WordPress website has almost 10,000 Themes that users can freely use. 


However, it is important to remember that not every Theme is responsive. It is also imperative to keep in mind that they are not always easy to implement, so many often have to turn to developers for help. If you can, it is worth choosing those Themes built by the platform itself, as this means that they do not have bugs that can cause you problems later.

5. Plugins/Apps: Where you can leverage your project more? 

Green graphic with outlines of a website, mobile and two blog posts with a plus icon.

BOWWE: Boost your project with engaging add-ons

BOWWE has an extensive list of applications developed by an experienced BOWWE team that allows users to enrich their websites with additional functionalities.


Some of the most popular BOWWE apps are Portfolio, Blog, Reviews, and Vouchers. They are especially effective in reaching new audiences and turning them into customers.


You can also connect external applications to each BOWWE project, which will be able to cooperate with the user's website freely. 

WordPress: Expand your project with countless plugins

WordPress is an open-source platform allowing anyone to participate in the forum's development. Different developers can create plugins for WordPress. Thanks to this, the choice of plugins is really huge, but on the other hand, you have to be careful not to come across one that is not very professionally made or, even worse, contains viruses. 


As of this moment, there is a collection of more than 60,000 plugins on the official WordPress website. These include editors to help you create in WordPress or plugins for advanced SEO activities.

6. SEO: Where do you get more high visibility?

Green outlines of a browser window with a rocket flying out of it next to the word "SEO" where "O" is a magnifying glass.

BOWWE:  Easy to manage basic and advanced SEO settings

BOWWE offers the main sections of SEO settings - Basic SEO and Rocket SEO. The first allows you to perform basic SEO actions like setting meta titles and descriptions. The second section, on the other hand, allows for more advanced SEO activities. Here you can add whatever meta tags or structured data markup you desire. 


In the settings of the project itself, you have additional functionalities that also count towards SEO activities. Here you have the possibility, among other things, to set up 301 redirects or connect the project to Google Analytics. 

WordPress: Basic SEO settings

Ultimately, WordPress allows you to perform basic SEO activities. Only by installing special plugins (e.g., Yoast SEO) do you get the opportunity to develop in terms of SEO. However, most such plugins are paid. 


Sites created in WordPress can lack in terms of speed. In that case, it remains to increase the amount of work for optimizing the site.

7. Blog: Where you will get the most out of your Blog?

A computer monitor with a blog structure and several blog posts.

BOWWE: Multi-language Blog with exceptional SEO

You can complement each site on BOWWE with an influential Blog, which will allow you to effectively increase organic traffic and provide valuable knowledge to your audience. To reach foreign customers as well, you have the option to create countless language versions of your Blog.


Each Blog post also comes with basic and advanced SEO settings that will satisfy any blogger who dreams of getting the first position in search results.

Are new to blogging? Don't worry! Just avoid these novice bloggers' mistakes to develop a professional blog.

WordPress: Blog tailored to personal needs

This is the area in which WordPress excels the most. Many just associate WordPress with a mostly blogging platform. 


The entire CMS is tailored to the needs of bloggers and has the functionality they need most. 


On WordPress, primarily personal blogs are set up, rather than company blogs, because such blogs often function as part of a larger and more advanced site.

8. Support: Where you can rely on support?

A person in a green shirt sitting on a green ball and typing something on the computer.

BOWWE: Best support at each step

BOWWE provides professional assistance through an active 24/7 chat on the site. In the chat, customers can ask questions related to pricing, the functioning of the builder, and more. 


The BOWWE team also makes it possible to make an appointment for a demo, during which the client will be introduced to the tool and receive help to start creating their project.

WordPress: Forum-based support

When creating a website in WordPress, you have to reckon that you will usually have to deal with it yourself because the platform doesn’t have support for its users.


In the case of purchasing some Themes, its offer also includes the possibility of contacting its creator, who will provide you with support in its implementation and subsequent updates. The situation is similar when using some hosting services.

9. Education: Where you will gain valuable knowledge? 

BOWWE: Learn how to make your project right (and successful)

Working via the BOWWE builder, you'll find helpful information that will help you become more familiar with how the tool works and best practices for creating pages. Such materials appear in mini-tutorials, messages with information, or even a reference to a more comprehensive source. 


BOWWE also offers tutorials in the form of text instructions, as well as in video form. It's also worth going to the BOWWE Blog or perusing PDFs from BOWWE for an extra dose of knowledge.

WordPress: Get tips from other users

As with support, WordPress itself does not provide much educational material. Much of it is created by WordPress users themselves. 


There are also plenty of forums that are solely dedicated to WordPress. This is where users most often look for help. However, you have to expect that you will not get an answer quickly, and the one you get may not be helpful enough.

10. Maintenance: Where is easier?

Browser window outlines along with green screw.

BOWWE: Automatically updated Builder

When it comes to maintaining the site, the BOWWE user doesn’t have to worry about anything. Updates are carried out on a regular and automatic basis by the BOWWE team so that the user has access to the tool's newer functionalities all the time without having to make the updates themselves. 

WordPress: Manually updated platform

Pages created in WordPress must be constantly updated and in addition, manually. If one skips updating the site and its Plugins, Themes, etc., will not work correctly. 


If you can't do such an update yourself, you should seek help from a specialist. In some cases, hosting companies or owners of the plugins you use can do it themselves as part of their offer.

11. Security: Where your project is better protected? 

A white and pink padlock and next to it a green key in a circle with a pink border and a URL with a padlock.

BOWWE: : Builder with high protection

Overall, website builders, are less helpless to hacking attacks or other security breaches. Every website created in BOWWE is safe because it is not an open-source platform, it updates itself, and all widgets, templates, and applications are created by the BOWWE team, which guarantees the safety for your website.

WordPress:  Open-source platform with risk of attacks

Because WordPress is one of the most popular ways to build pages and is also an open-source platform, it makes it very vulnerable to hacking attacks.


An additional risk is the ability of literally everyone to create Themes and Plugins for WordPress users. Although this will significantly increase the resources a WordPress website builder can use, this solution also has some dangers. Sometimes, unfortunately, you can come across a Plugin containing, for example, a virus.

12. Price: Which is a better investment?

Two browser windows - green and pink, and between them there is a wavy line with circles with pink dollar signs.

BOWWE: One plan = all you need

At BOWWE, you have the opportunity to create a site for free, which in this case, will operate on the BOWWE domain. 


BOWWE also offers three paid plans, where the cheapest is $12 per month. Subscribing to one of the plans means you won't incur any additional costs associated with the site, as everything you need for its operation is already included in the plan.

Want a full breakdown of website creation cost? Check this article about the real cost of creating a website. 

WordPress: Unpredictable costs

WordPress is not a completely free platform, as to use it, you must, among other things, purchase hosting. Hosting prices for a WordPress site start at $3 per month. 


Other costs you need to consider include the cost of paid Themes or technical support.

BOWWE vs. WordPress pricing comparison 

BOWWE vs. WordPress - Summary

Graphic - BOWWE vs. WordPress Summary

Many choose WordPress because it is one of the most well-known CMS platforms, even more so in the context of blogging. However, many other CMS platforms are on the market today, including website builders, which are better alternatives to WordPress in terms of the ease of creating a site and managing it. One such alternative is BOWWE, a free page builder with the ability to make the multi-language blog that WordPress users care so much about. 


So, if you're looking for a free WordPress alternative that allows you to create a site yourself without coding and then enhance it with a powerful blog - be sure to try BOWWE, completely free!

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BOWWE vs. WordPress - FAQ

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