How To Become a Freelance Copywriter & Get Clients With NO Experience

Freelancer copywriting how to start with no experience ideas

Would you like to combine your passion for writing with earning money online? You feel good at creating marketing content, but do you doubt whether copywriting is a good business idea? In this article, we discover for you the secrets of a freelance copywriter. To help you start your copywriting career, we have prepared some practical tips for you - you will find them at the end of the article.

Who is a freelance copywriter?

Copywriter-freelancer is the so-called freelancer - a self-employed person. It deals with providing companies with copy, i.e., marketing content.

Even though a copywriter writes content, he is not a writer. Why? The main task of the content prepared by the copywriter is selling. And it is not about a literal sale, i.e., a transaction for money. A copywriter is a person who sells with words - he wants to elicit an appropriate response from the recipient. What's the reaction? As a rule, it is, among others: making the reader a good impression (e.g., creating the company's image) or encouraging him to perform a specific activity (purchasing a product, signing up for a newsletter, or reading an article on a blog).

A copywriter should not be confused with a journalist, SEO, or social media specialist - although knowledge and skills in all these areas can benefit him.

How else can copywriters work? Other career paths 

Although a copywriter's profession is most often associated with freelancing, this does not always have to be the case. Before starting your own business, it is worth considering all copywriting options. There are several paths in this career:

  • Full-time - larger companies sometimes hire a permanent copywriter instead of outsourcing individual texts to a freelancer. If a company has a high demand for content, a full-time copywriter may be a good solution.
  • Part-time - frequent practice in agencies, where copywriter prepares content not only for one company but serves many clients. It means writing texts on various topics, so a copywriter working in an agency should be more versatile. He often works in a duo with a graphic designer, creating content for clients.

Nevertheless, the fastest path to becoming a copywriter is to start collecting jobs as a freelancer.

Advantages of working as a freelancer

Being freelance a copywriter has many advantages:

  • Save time - as a freelancer, you work remotely and focus on promoting yourself, acquiring customers, and delivering results. Due to the growing popularity of remote work, you can also work from home as a full-time copywriter.
  • Minimal equipment required - the only things you need are something to write (notebook, tablet, etc.) and Wi-Fi to do research. You can invest in writing software or SEO tools. Still, it's not necessary (Many of them also offer free trial versions).
  • Low entry threshold - As a freelancer, you don't need to have completed studies or specialized courses. Your portfolio will be much more critical for your clients. So remember to prepare them - in your case, they may be samples of your best texts.
  • A large number of orders - if you are adequately prepared to start your business, you can collect a vast number of orders as a freelance copywriter.

Despite intense competition, the demand for texts on the Internet still exists. But it's essential to stand out, find suitable customer acquisition sources, and earn feedback! It is effortless to catch the first orders - even if you have no experience - we write how to do it later in the article!

In what area of ​​copywriting can you work as a freelancer?

Copywriting is a broad term. Besides writing texts, it has a lot in common with a brand image-building strategy, marketing tactics, advertising, or specialized SEO knowledge. For this reason, there are several areas of copywriting that you can deal with:

  • B2B copywriting involves creating content for companies or entrepreneurs targeted at their business clients. B2B (business-to-business) communication characterizes professional language and a professional tone. In this type of content, facts, data, numbers, and statistics are often used. It may involve writing:
  • social media posts
  • creating newsletters
  • e-books
  • articles
  • case studies 
  • catalogs
  • landing pages 
  • B2C copywriting - the content is to be delivered directly to the customers of a given company. Business-to-customer communication characterizes a colloquial language that speaks to a given target group. Talking about emotional benefits is used because emotions often play a crucial role in making a purchase decision. B2C copywriting may include content for online advertising, content for social media posts, offers on websites, descriptions of services and products on an online store, newsletters, landing pages. 
  • Social-media copywriting - focuses on creating texts for social media (usually content for posts). An excellent choice for those who know very well the specifics of the operation of individual social networks. A social-media copywriter should make a copy that generates reach. It often includes any activities on social media that build community involvement, e.g., starting discussions, encouraging followers to like, comment. Also important is adjusting content to current trends and optimizes texts to specific social media portals requirements.
  • SEO copywriting - texts created following SEO principles influence the website's position in search engine results. Therefore, an SEO copywriter should have technical knowledge of positioning, use SEO tools, and write and optimize texts following SEO principles.
  • Content copywriting - Content copywriter focuses on creating valuable and consistency with the company's content to attract the right audience. In principle, this type of content should reach the customer organically (not through a paid promotion) and translate into activities that will profit the company. Therefore, the content's goal is to inspire customers' trust in the company and persuade them to take action (make a purchase, use the service, or make an appointment). Content copywriting may include valuable writing articles, know-how guides, newsletters, e-books, providing information via infographics, case studies, and social media channels. A content copywriter can also cooperate with other departments, e.g., graphics, and ensure the created content's consistency.

What do a freelance copywriter's earnings depend on? 

Freelancers' earnings can vary significantly due to many factors.

The amount of the copy fee may depend on the:

  • Copywriter's experience - apart from education and experience, specialist knowledge is essential. It's best if you're a copywriter who's also an SEO expert or have broad knowledge in a specific field (e.g., accounting, dietetics, or IT). 
  • Speed of writing and quality of texts - quick preparation of good-quality content will increase the service price. For example, a student with no experience will write a text quickly for a shallow rate. However, nobody can expect it's going to be a high-quality copy. So it all depends on the client's expectations. Some companies need a large number of texts in a short time and want the lowest possible rate. Others will be able to pay more and wait for better-quality content. 
  • Topic Difficulty - More complex topics require more research time. Topic's extension may increase your payment. In a situation where creating content involves many consultations with the company, freelancers can offer hourly billing. 
  • Many corrections - the amount of time the customer spends on introducing revisions or annotations to your text also affects the rate's amount. Hence, it is so important to choose a topic in which you are an expert. 
  • Customer value of the content - some content will be more critical to the customer, resulting in a higher bid. As a rule, there will be all image content, i.e., text for the website and experts articles for the blog.
  • Providing additional services - if (besides writing a copy) you perform other services (e.g., translations, graphic design), your rate should be correspondingly higher. 
  • Result - the effectiveness of your copy is of great importance for future customers. That's why we suggest using your current works in your portfolio.

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Is it worth starting a business as a copywriter in 2021? 

People who want to start their own business as a copywriter in 2021 have many opportunities for development and a good chance of good earnings despite much competition. The growing popularity of remote work generates demand for online marketing specialists, including copywriters. Every entrepreneur who wants to develop their business must invest in presenting their services on the web. For you, this means the correct number of orders to be able to earn satisfactorily.

However, it is essential to improve your skills and develop distinctive competencies constantly. There is already artificial intelligence that can automatically create content, e.g., a blog article. That is why it is worth combining copywriter skills with other qualifications (e.g., SEO knowledge) to ensure that no machine can replace you.

Karol Andruszków

Karol is a serial entrepreneur and founder of 3 startups, as part of which he has advised several hundred companies. He was also responsible for projects of the largest financial institutions in Europe, worth over EUR 50 million. He has two master's degrees, one in computer science and the other in management, obtained during his studies in Poland and Portugal. He gained experience in Silicon Valley and while running companies in many countries, including Poland, Portugal, the United States, and Great Britain. For over ten years, he has been helping startups, financial institutions,  small and medium-sized enterprises to improve their functioning through digitization. 

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