How to connect website to your social media profiles with icons?

How to connect your website to your social media profiles using icons?

If you have business social media profiles, you should link them to your website. This way you'll give visitors a chance to easily navigate from your site to social media profiles, which will make your business look more professional.

In this tutorial, you'll find out how to link your social media and website using an easy-to-use social icons widget.

How to add social media icons to your website?

Log in to BOWWE.
Open your website in the BOWWE Builder.
From the right panel of widgets, expand the SOCIAL MEDIA tab and select SOCIAL ICONS.

Place it on the page, wherever you want (Social media icons are most often located in the footer of the page, under the main navigation menu or in the side panel).


Now configure the Icons using Settings.

How to set up social media with your website?

When you drop a gallery, you will automatically see the Settings panel. Here you can configure the following parameters:
Go to Social Icons widget Settings.
Select whether the icons should keep the original colors of the companies or remain monochromatic.
Mark whether you want the orientation of the icons to be VERTICAL or HORIZONTAL.

SIDENOTE: The orientation selection will be the same on all devices, regardless of screen’s resolution. This means that you can't set a different orientation on a computer and a different one on mobile devices


To connect social media with your site, simply paste the URLs of your profiles into the appropriate fields.


You can edit the Icons by changing the styles of the entire widget Social Icons or simply style a single icon - the other icons will automatically adjust to the changes you make.


You can simply change the order of icon placement with drag-and-drop


Click SAVE to save your changes.


Click PUBLISH to publish the new social media icons to your site.


You already know how to add and set up social media with your site!

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