How to use the Area widget properly?

How to add and use the Area widget?

Each website consists of many elements that work together. Often, there are so many items that editing the settings for each of them separately can take a long time.

The Area widget was created for editing many elements at the same time. Its task is to collect elements that are relative to each other and combine them into a group. Such grouped widgets can then be quickly and conveniently edited by changing only the Area settings.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to add an Area to your website and use it effectively.

How to add and manage the Area widget:


Go to the page builder, expand the WIDGETS category in the bar on the left.


Select the AREA widget.


Place the AREA on your site in a relative or absolute way.

(You can read about the difference between relative and absolute placement here!)


Now click on the AREA widget where you placed the items and go to Widget Styles.


By changing the styles and settings of the AREA widget, you will affect all the elements it contains (you can test it, for example, by changing the padding of the AREA).


Click SAVE and PUBLISH to save and publish all changes at your website!


You already know how to group widgets on your website using the Area! widget


By hiding/deleting an area containing items, all its content will also be hidden / deleted.
As you can see, the Area widget is very useful for controlling and editing a whole group of widgets. It just pays off to add a lot of elements to an area that are meant to interact with each other and be relative. This is a very good practice in creating websites in BOWWE.

If you want to learn more of the most useful tips on how the wizard works, continue our tutorial and check out the next BOWWE tutorial!

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