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How to secure the website with a password?

Securing your site with a password gives you complete control over who accesses your site and when. This way, you can, for example: keep your projects on it, which you share only with the clients you work with.


This tutorial will show you how to protect with a password any site created in BOWWE quickly.

How to protect your site with a password in BOWWE?

Open your website in the BOWWE Creator.
From the right side panel, select PAGES.
Selecting the PAGES panel in BOWWE
Select the sub-page for which you want to set a password and click the Settings (cogwheel icon ). If you want to protect your entire website with a password, you'll need to set up a password for each published sub-page.
PAGES panel in BOWWE

Go to the Permissions tab.


Select the options Only With Password.

Site password management options

Create any password to protect your subpage.


Click SAVE.


Click PUBLISH to password-protect your page. Remember, thus making it invisible on Google.

saving and publishing website changes in BOWWE

FAQ - Password-protected page:

Is a password-protected page visible on Google and other search engines?

A site with a password is not visible to visitors from a search engine.

This is because setting a password prevents search engine robots (involved in indexing pages) from accessing the page. Then they cannot scan or index it, making it invisible to users.

Can setting up a password for a site be undone?

Yes. In BOWWE, you can assign and remove a password from any subpage with a few clicks.

Can a URL link access a password-protected site?

Yes, but the visitor still needs to know the password to get to the site and see its content - without it, he won't be able to do anything. He will only see the following view:
Password request for the website


You already know how to protect your site with a password!


There are four ways to make your site invisible in search engine results:
  1. blocking page indexing,
  2. blocking page crawling,
  3. password-protecting the page,
  4. completely removing the site from the search engine index.

Using solution #3. your site will not be visible in Google, but people you trust will still be able to get to it with both of the following conditions:


  1. knowing the URL leading to the page and pasting it into a search engine,
  2. knowing the password.

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