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MicroPage technology. An unknown trick that will help you build a strong personal brand

By Karol Andruszków

More and more people want to build their personal brands nowadays. As often happens, however, the popularity of personal branding has resulted in a lot of concepts and strange myths. How was personal branding born? What is its purpose? And which one of BOWWE tools can you use to develop it successfully?

Have you heard of the recently popular concept of "personal branding"? Admittedly, attention to opinion and building recognition is nothing new, both among people and companies. However, the so-called personal branding - in the modern sense of the word - was born along with social media. Why then? At that time, a massive number of people gained the opportunity to speak out in public and express their opinions on virtually any topic. Naturally, this made it possible for individuals to target a broad audience quickly. The entire media concern, such as newspapers or television, was no longer needed for this. What was necessary, however, was a reliable personal brand, thanks to which the recipients trusted what was communicated to them.

What influenced the development of personal branding?

When many users started to use the possibility of almost unlimited publishing of content on profiles, another fact about social media quickly revealed. They allowed for a great insight of other people into our private life. Also, those with whom we have been working only on a professional level, such as employers. How did this affect our work and business relationships? As recruiters in many companies began to study the private profiles of job applicants more and more carefully. When they started discarding those they deemed inappropriate, it became clear that we couldn't publish everything we could think of online. The image we build on the Internet has become more and more critical.
At the same time, more and more internet creators started to appear on the web. Those of them who knew how to build their personal brand began to earn much money from it over time. Of course, we are talking about influencers who are followed by millions of users around the world. They are gaining more and more influence on the consumer choices of their recipients. As numerous studies have shown, the opinions and recommendations of influencers are treated by us similarly to recommendations from friends, which is why we trust them much more. This is because, for example, influencer fans often identify with them, creating a very close creator-fan relationship. Also, followers often consider influencers as experts in many specific areas.

How to use personal branding?

Why is personal branding so important now? Because a strong personal brand is key to earning money on the Internet! Your image directly influences the trust placed in you by recipients following your channels or listening to your recommendations. Otherwise, it doesn't work - you can't build your brand and grow your online business without inspiring trust. Would you listen to advise on running a business from someone who has never started a business? Or would you consider credible recommendations on a healthy diet and sport from someone who eats junk food and smokes a pack of cigarettes a day? I do not think so. Your image works similarly: it instantly evokes specific associations among recipients. If you approach building your brand comprehensively - the associations that you evoke will be positive and desired by you - thanks to which they will strengthen your brand. A strong brand automatically translates into greater trust - in you, your offer and your business! And remember that only when recipients trust you will they be able to become your customers.

It doesn't matter where you come from, who you are or what you do. It would help if you were interested in personal branding. It applies to everyone who wants to be active on the Internet, develop their business there and earn money. And even if you do not tie your earnings directly to the Internet, there are plenty of benefits, which you can gain thanks to a strong personal brand. For example, you will surely strengthen your position in the local market, in the company, or even among friends. Or you will gain a lot of new followers on Instagram!

The problem of social media

However, the contemporary structure of social media makes it challenging to build a strong personal brand. Why? This issue may seem a bit complicated, but we'll sort it out quickly.
Social media keeps coming. And with more and more robust social media platforms, your audience is increasingly fragmented. They are not only on Facebook anymore, but you will also probably find them on LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and many more. Is that a problem for you? Yes, because it imposes on you the need to be active in many social media at the same time.

Contrary to appearances, it is not easy. If you want to build strong personal branding, you have to give the right amount of time and attention to each channel. Otherwise - due to the lack of appropriate quality and regularity - your efforts may fail! It is impossible to conduct extensive and professional activities in a large number of social media at the same time without anyone's help!

A good idea to organize and speed up your work is to build a network of connections between all your channels and social media. How? Very easy - via links! If you manage to attract the attention of a potential customer on one of the social media with an attractive post, you can use links or ads (which also contain links) to direct visitors directly to your blog, website or e-commerce.

Unfortunately, some social media restrict linking to other channels. Why is this happening? Probably the reason is the competitive rivalry between social media. All of these platforms are committed to capturing and maintaining the audience's attention. So why would they give it back and let you direct your audience - who are social media users - to other places on the web?

A perfect example of the activities mentioned above is biographies (popularly known as BIO) on Instagram or TikTok. According to the rules of these websites, you can only place one link on them. This is a huge obstacle in building a personal brand these days. You cannot provide your recipients with a link to your website, blog and Facebook account at the same time. Instead, out of all your important sites and channels, you only have to pick one!

How to deal with this problem?

Luckily, we've found a solution. To break the limitation imposed by social media, we have created Micro Page. It's a simple microsite to which you can easily and quickly connect an unlimited number of links leading to all important places on the Internet. If you want to link to many sites in BIO, all you need to do is put there a link to your microsite. Then the recipients of your content will be able to easily visit all the websites of their interest and your profiles, such as social media accounts, blog, website, sales accounts on various websites and much more!

MicroPage is so profitable?

What will you gain, among other things, by using MicroPage?

Simple navigation

MicroPage's strength lies in its simplicity. It is the smallest and at the same time the most convenient tool with which you can direct your audience to the most important places on the Internet. Therefore, it enables straightforward and intuitive navigation. You can compare it to a signpost, with the help of which your recipients will quickly find the places that interest them the most.

Saving time

Web users don't read all the content you give them. Most of users "scan" the text, pick up what interests them most, and then exit the page.
Nowadays, we do not have time to delve into the content of little importance to us. Therefore, respect your and your audience's time. By using MicroPage, you will never let them not find what they came for. All you need to do is use the links pointing directly to the content that is crucial for you and your business. Remember that the speed with which users find interesting content on the page directly affects conversions.

Professional image

By creating MicroPages, we wanted not only the speed and simplicity of operation but also the great benefits that it can guarantee you. MicroPage is an extremely professional image tool that perfectly organizes access to your pages, profiles on social platforms, websites and much more. Thanks to it, you will show followers and potential customers your organization and professionalism. This is an excellent method of building a strong image and gaining trust!

Micro Page - test it for free now!

Building a strong personal brand is very important today. However, it is not one of the easiest. That is why we have created Micro Page. This tool breaks the limitations of social media. It effectively supports you in the consistent, regular building of your brand. It's a simple trick, thanks to which you will promote yourself against others and improve your image.

You can find the available MicroPage templates below. Check them often because we are always creating new ones!

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