Hover effect - How to make an interactive website?

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Hover effect - How to make an interactive website?

Interactive design can add a touch of style and personality to your site and help you to to make your website look more advanced.

If you're looking for improving your design - read this tutorial and make your online presence shine with BOWWE builder.

Hover effect is a visual change that occurs when a user interacts with an element on a webpage by hovering over it with a cursor. It can involve changes in color, size, shape, or other visual aspects of the element to indicate that it is being hovered over or interacted with in some way.

Popular practices

BOWWE lets you customize your hover effect any way you want it. 

Below we prepared a few inspirations you can add to enhance your website:

Hover effect on image

Hover effect on button

Hover effect on card

Hover effect on cards

Manual - How to add a hover effect in BOWWE


Open your project in BOWWE Builder

Select the element you want to edit

Switch tabs between “Basic” and “On hover”

Create an effect by editing styles in separate tabs

Basic tab: view of the element before a user interacts with it

On hover tab: effect appears when a user hover their cursor over the element

By customizing the elements separately in the Basic and On Hover tabs, you can edit their appearance before and after user interaction. 
Every change you make on basic tab is inherited by corresponding properties in On hover tab. If you change something on the hover tab, it doesn't affect styles you set in the Basic tab.

to save and select 
to see how th effect will look on your website