How to add localisation and Google Maps to your website?

How to add location and Google Maps to your website?

Adding your business location on online maps - especially on the most popular Google Maps - is a massive help for your customers. Thanks to this, they will know exactly where you provide your services. Knowing your company's address will surely increase their trust and make the purchase easier. Moreover, adding a business to Google Maps is also highly effective for local positioning. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to add Google Maps to your website.

Benefits of having a Portfolio on the website:


You will inspire confidence in your company

the Portfolio will serve as a confirmation that you are doing your job properly and that you are proud of your projects. New customers will never be afraid to buy your products or services.


You will start to create a better image of the company

By praising your achievements, you present yourself much better in the eyes of potential customers and partners. This proves that you are fulfilling your contracts. You will be able to enter into profitable business partnerships.


You will stand out from the competition

most companies on the market do not use such solutions. The portfolio will give you an advantage. You will present rare services, the name or description of which might not be a sufficient representation for an unfamiliar client


You will promote your company

a well-made, interesting portfolio is a good way to advertise online. Clients looking at works done for others will build a vision in their heads - I want the same! - which will increase the chance of buying or using your services.


You will present your unique style

Thanks to the portfolio, it is easy to show what a given company offers, not only in terms of the service, but also how it will be performed.


You will achieve a better position in search engines

A regularly updated portfolio will be a sign for search engines that your website is constantly developing.This will result in its higher position in the search results. You can read more about positioning in search engines here.

Adding Google Maps to your website:


Open your website in BOWWE Builder.


Press the + sign where you want to put Google Maps.


Open the Section tab, choose the green SELECT button.


Press + again.


Open the Google Map tab and select Maps by clicking SELECT.


Ready! Google Maps are now on your website.


Click SAVE and PUBLISH to publish all changes!


You already know how to add Google Maps to your website!

Remember about:

 In addition to Portfolio, you can put on the Customer Reviews page. You will build even greater trust of potential customers in your company.
Use only high-quality photos in the Portfolio. Find out where to get them here!
Update Portfolio min. 1 a week. You will achieve higher rankings in search engines!

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