How to add localisation and Google Maps to your website?
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How to add location and Google Maps to your website?

Adding your business location on online maps - especially on the most popular Google Maps - is a massive help for your customers. Thanks to this, they will know exactly where you provide your services. Knowing your company's address will surely increase their trust and make the purchase easier. Moreover, adding a business to Google Maps is also highly effective for local positioning. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to add Google Maps to your website.

Adding Google Maps to your website:

  1. Open your website in BOWWE Builder.
  2. Press the + sign where you want to put Google Maps.
  3. Open the Section tab, choose the green SELECT button.
  4. Press + again.
  5. Open the Google Map tab and select Maps by clicking SELECT.
  6. Ready! Google Maps are now on your website.
  7. Click SAVE and PUBLISH to publish all changes!


You already know how to add Google Maps to your website!