Headers H1-H6. How to use them?

Headers H1-H6. How to use them?

Using headers will allow you to position your website higher in search engines ... but only on one condition. You must add them in the correct order!

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to correctly add headers to your website.

Headers hierarchy. Why should you know it?

There is a 6-step hierarchy of headings that determines their order on the page. According to it, each header takes a value from H1 to H6.

When to use specific types of headlines?

Header H1

The H1 header defines the title of your website. The H1 heading appears most often at the top of the page. In the case of the page you are on, this is "Headings H1-H6. How to use them?". Each page should have only one title. Therefore, you can only set the H1 value to one headline on your website.

Headers H2-H6

All headings from H2 to H6 are sub-headings. Their goal is to better organize the content on your website. They differ in the order in which they should be used.

If your page has only a few headings, just set them to H2. An example of an H2 header on the page you are currently on is "Headers hierarchy. Why should you know it?". 

What if your website is more complex? Then you should use the following types of headers, i.e., depending on your needs - H3, H4, H5 and H6.

Instruction: How to select H1-H6 class for a header?

The example of correct use of H1-H4 headers

Imagine you are blogging an article about the iconic sports car.

So how can the correct order of the headings on your website look like?

H1(Title):          Iconic Sports Cars You Must Know!

H2:                          German sports cars:

H3:                           1) Porshe cars

H4:                                  a) Porshe 911

H4:                                  b) Porshe 917

H3:                           2) BMW cars

H4:                                   a) BMW M3

H4:                                    b) BMW M5

What is headline diversification and headers hierarchy?

The more detailed the content you present on your website that requires you to enter sub-topics or subcategories - you should reach for the next headings, in the order H2-H6.


You already know the correct headline hierarchy necessary for high positioning!

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