How to design UI Kit?

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How to design your UI Kit?

The user interface (UI - User Interface) is the part of a system or application responsible for communicating with the user. 


In this tutorial, you will learn how to effectively design a UI kit that will help you stand out and speed up the process of building your website.

Creating a UI set is mainly about designing interfaces that are not only pleasing to the eye, but most importantly understandable and convenient for the end user.

UI is the sum of all the elements that make up the visual and functional sphere of a product. This includes:


This is how your UI Kit can look like:

Benefits of using an UI Kit on your website:


Attract new customers.

Attract potential customers and increase profitability by using a consistent design for your site that is appealing to the user.

Strengthen your brand.

With an original design, you will increase your brand identity and credibility. It will help you stand out from the competition.


Increase in customer engagement and retention.

By planning their experience on your site build positive relationships with your customers and instill loyalty.
Increase in the conversion rate on your platform.

The goal of the UI kit is to provide simple and quick access to the content a user is looking for. Customize the interface for your customers to stay longer and encourage them to return to your site for more.

Manual - Designing an UI Kit on your website


Open your website project in the BOWWE creator.


Click the Styles button located on the left panel.


Set the "Main Colors" for your site, which will be saved in the library. They will appear in the color palette window, so they will always be at hand when using the builder.

In the "Typography" section, adjust the font parameters that determine the appearance of headings, text and links. Give them style by adjusting color, size, spacing and more.

Go to the page design and create your brand image with the help of the designed styles.


You already know how to design an UI Kit on your website

Remember about!

Your UI set is the user's first interaction with your brand. Make sure it’s impressive enough to encourage them to take action!

UX vs UI

The main difference that should be kept in mind is that UX design is about the sum total of the user's experience when using a product, while UI design is about its visual presentation.

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