How to add new elements to the website?
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How to add new elements to a website?

Today, websites consist of many interdependent elements. An element is everything you see on the page: logo, navigation menu, headers, paragraphs of texts, images, buttons, footer and much more.

For your website to work efficiently and position itself high, its elements MUST be appropriately added!

There are 2 ways to do this in BOWWE, as we will explain in the tutorial below. Learn the fundamental principles of building pages that will allow you to avoid the most common mistakes and create a stunning website, online store or any other project!

Methods available in BOWWE - best ways to add new elements

  1. Drag & Drop
  2. Adding new elements through creating a section
  3. Adding elements relatively using the green tag

Method 1 - Adding elements to a section

Today, websites consist of many sections that contain various elements. The section is the basic component of building a website - other elements are placed within it. The section makes it easier to manage and edit the elements it contains. It gives the website order, makes it efficient and legible.

Adding with + is especially useful at the initial stages of building a page (when you plan the number of sections you want to include on it). We recommend this method to beginner users of the BOWWE Builder to become familiar with its most basic functions.

 is a very intuitive button in the BOWWE builder, with which you can add new elements to your website.​​​​​​​
Any element added by will be added along with a new section placed where you click. You can freely edit the size or appearance of the section.
A new section can only be added below or above an item in a different section (each section must always be under a different section). For this reason, adding elements with  does not allow you to place them, for example, to the side of other elements.

Method 2 - Drag & Drop

The second way to add new elements to the page created in BOWWE is to use the drag and drop function. In the video above, you can check how easy and fast this technology works.


With the help of drag-and-drop, you can add any element wherever you want to your website.

Method 3 -  Using the green tag

By dropping an element onto the page with green markers, you will always place it in the same section where the element is relative to it.

This method allows you to position elements also on the side of other elements or above them. Follow the green markers and you will be sure that you add all the elements to the page correctly - in a relative way.

  1. Select the item you are interested in from the side panel.
  2. Drag an item to another item relative to which you want to place it on the page. You will see green markers to help you place the item in the right place.
  3. When the green checkmark next to an item is active, drop the dragged item, and it will immediately position itself on your page where you dropped it. It will also be relative to the object whose green marker you saw.


Now you know how to add elements to your website!