How to edit the URL of your website?
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How to edit the URL of your website?

URLs are one of the most basic yet crucial elements of SEO.

Google has repeatedly confirmed that URL content is a ranking factor.


BOWWE gives you full control over the content and appearance of the URLs of each of your pages. Editing them is very easy and takes seconds.


In this tutorial you will learn how to do it!

What does a URL consist of?

A website link is divided into several parts

Every website available on the Web has only one unique URL. Although no two URLs are the same, they all contain common parts. These include:

  1. Protocol - http or https (an encryption protocol that secures the site. Recommended if you care about SEO)
  2. Sub-domain - this is an additional member to the left of your domain name. It allows you to generate a sub-domain that is still connected to your primary domain. The most common sub-domain is "www".
  3. Main name - the name of your domain, which you purchased from the domain provider.
  4. Extension - indicates what your domain is about and its scope. There are different types of domains, and you can find a full list of them here.
  5. Subfolder - It indicates the structure of your site. Most often, the more extensive the site, the more subfolders.
  6. Slug - is a unique string of characters that should be to the right after the last slash in the URL. It is supposed to be understandable to search engine robots and users. It defines the subject of the page to which it is assigned. It is of utmost importance from an SEO point of view.

How to change the URL of your site in BOWWE?

Go to My projects and select Domain Settings
In the URL field, enter what you want the Slug address to look like in the page URL.
Click SAVE to save your changes.

You don't have to worry about redirects!

If you change the URL of a page that has already been published, you should always add a permanent 301 redirect from the old URL to the new one. This will ensure that search engine robots will associate the new address with the page already available on the web.


With BOWWE, however, you don't have to worry about this. BOWWE Builder automatically adds the 301 redirects to the old site for you.

How to check the current redirects of your domain?

  1. Go to the My Account panel.
  2. Select Actions.
  3. Select Domain Redirects.
  4. In the panel below, you can add a new redirect or check all the redirects that are already working.


Now you know how to change the URL on any page in BOWWE!