Connecting a link to a button on Micro Page
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How to connect a link to a button on Micro Page?

Buttons make it very easy for visitors to navigate your website (e.g.: the View Price List button), extract important information from it (eg the Read more button) or take specific actions (e.g.: the Buy Now button). However, for the buttons to work properly, you must remember to always attach a link to them, which will direct visitors to your website to the right place. How to quickly connect links to buttons in BOWWE? Take a look at the instructions below!

Instruction: Adding a link to a button on Micro Page:

  1. Open your Micro Page in the BOWWE creator. Select Widgets from the left side panel, and then select the BUTTON widget.
  2. Click the button you are interested in, and then drag-and-drop it to the place on the page where you want to place it
    (If you use our templates, you don't have to do this - all buttons have already been placed in the right places by us).
  3. Click on the button and select the Widget Settings.
  4. Look at the side panel. In the Link field, put the URL of the page you want your button to point to.
  5. Click SAVE to save your changes.


The link has been connected to the button. Now you can use the button effectively!

Remember about:

  • By placing a tracking link in the button settings, you can measure all marketing statistics, like the number of clicks or conversions.