How to use structured data to improve a site's SEO?
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What are structured data and why should you add them on your website?

The goal of any search engine is to return the best possible answers in search results to a specific user query. 


The better you describe your site's content, the better the search engine will understand it. This means the more accurate capability to match it to user queries. An accurate content description is crucial for great SEO and high page rankings!


To accurately describe the content, metadata is used, among other things: structured data.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to easily and quickly add structured data to your site in BOWWE!

What are Structured data?

Structured data (rich snippets) are unique tags placed on websites. They aim to describe your site's content in the most understandable way for search engines. 


By placing structural data on your site, you will allow indexing robots to more accurately recognize the content on the page. As a result, the search engine can display additional information to users in organic search results. These take the form of so-called enhanced descriptions (rich snippets).


Take a look at the example below:


Note that the search engine displays such data as:

  • Average rating, based on user votes
  • Number of votes/reviews of the recipe
  • Time required to prepare the recipe
  • Number of calories


If a user is looking for a recipe for a homemade cake, all this information will be beneficial to him. Which recipe a user chooses depends primarily on which site convinces him/her. And this is helped tremendously by displaying information about calories, cooking time, etc.


Structured data is responsible for the visibility of this information. Below you will learn how to add them to a page in BOWWE.

How to add structured data to a page in BOWWE?

BOWWE supports structured data in JSON-LD format, currently the most popular and recommended format by search engines for saving this data.


Below you will find step-by-step instructions:

Open the Site Settings
Adding Open Graphs in BOWWE
Go to the Rocket SEO tab
Adding Open Graphs in BOWWE
Find the structured data panel
Adding Open Graphs in BOWWE
Paste your JSON-LD code there. Remember to do it according to Google's guidelines
Click SAVE to save your changes
Click PUBLISH to publish the new version of the page with the updated structured data
Perform a Rich Results Test to verify that your page correctly displays the structured data!


You already know how to add structured data to your site to boost its rankings!