Top 12 Reliable Tricks To Boost Sales On Website!

Top 12 Reliable Tricks To Boost Sales On Website!

Karol Andruszków
Reading time: 23 minutes
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How to multiply your sales without spending significant funds on this goal? It is possible if you make good use of the potential of the internet. Whether you sell services or products, you can always increase your sales without spending a fortune on this venture. It is enough to follow a few effective and best marketing tips...

Why is an online activity so important?

The Internet is a space where we look for entertainment, contact with people, and information. It is from the web that potential recipients often start looking for a service or product. They are looking for specific offers from search engines, recommendations from other users, or special occasions.


Despite the massive role of the Internet in gaining new audiences and turning them into regular customers, many still underestimate the positives of an online presence. Some people think that a simple recommendation from friends and word of mouth is enough to maintain a steady income. And although it is not entirely untrue, such a situation... practically doesn't happen. Usually, these are stories of local, small businesses who are satisfied with the clientele's sales from the immediate vicinity. However, this doesn't mean that they should not be interested in the development opportunities offered by their presence on the Internet.


If you are not on the Internet, then for a large group of potential customers, you don't exist, and for many others, you raise doubts, because today having a website is already a standard. Those you will be referred to will not be able to verify you online, they will not be able to trust you, and you will lose the chance to profit. What's more, people who could be interested in your offer will go to the websites or Facebook profiles of your competitors. You are losing potentials, but your competitors are gaining them - worst situation of possible.

Increase website conversion rate thanks to these tricks! 

Anyone wishing to increase sales on their website can do it at a low cost and without the need for complicated strategies. Some of these activities need to be done systematically, but others only need to be done once to see with relief and satisfaction how they will generate benefits for a very long time.

1. Create buyer personas and a way of communicating with them

No actions will bring you adequate profits if they don't meet the recipients' needs. Ask yourself:


a) Who is your audience?

b) What do they do?

c) How old are they?

d) What is their life and ordinary day like?

c) What problems are they facing?

The answers to these questions are essential because they will make it much easier for you to design effective communication and adjust your offer to the actual needs of the recipients. These questions are a great introduction to building a persona that will be necessary when planning your following marketing activities.

1.1. Persona - definition

Your customers can probably be divided into several categories. People from each will be different - primarily in terms of the problems they have and the needs and expectations of the services they plan to use. Their demographics may also differ.


For example, an optician's shop is visited by middle-aged people, for whom the glasses must be modern, well suited to the shape of the face and the style of clothing. For many people in this group, the brand matters. Another group of customers is seniors, for whom the most important thing is the comfort of wearing glasses and a reasonable price. Another group of clients is children and adolescents. Probably their parents will decide on the choice of optician and will have a significant influence on the selection of glasses.


For each of these groups, you can choose a "typical representative", give him a name, give his age, what he needs and what his expectations are. These are the buyer personas. But this is not the end. Now think about how to communicate with individual personas. How can you build a relationship with these audiences? What arguments will convince them to take advantage of your offer? What will make them recommend your services?

1.2. Where to get information for creating authentic personas?

There are many methods. If you have a website, you have access to the best and most up-to-date information about your audience. Of course, we are talking about statistics available in such tools as, for example, Google Analytics. Thanks to them, you will learn, among other things, what gender predominates among your recipients, what countries they come from, what hours they visit your website, and much more. You can also research social media to see what they are interested in, what groups they belong to, or what brands they like.


You also have the option of using more traditional methods, such as conducting a survey or in-depth interviews. To do this, you need to directly interact with your audience and get the answers you need from them. Often, if you work with a marketing agency, you will find yourself combining several techniques - the traditional ones with the more modern ones. When choosing the method, you will use, think about which you can devote time to, which you will have better access to, and give you the best results.

2. Polish your website

An outdated or poorly designed website can create a negative impression on visitors. It's easy to think that the rest is similar since a website is of low quality. This claim doesn't have to be accurate, but a well-presented website is like your business card. You have to take care of it to encourage people to use it. Remember: you can make the first impression only once, and nowadays, the internet and website are most often responsible for what it will be like.

2.1. What to look for?

When checking the efficiency and operation of your website, first of all, pay attention to such issues as:


a) Goals 

You must have clear and achievable goals defined for your website. This can be direct sales, filling out a contact form, presenting an offer, etc. In this way, you will also know what should be on it and what statistics to check to evaluate the effects of your actions.


b) User experience (UX - User Experience) 

Remember - the website has to respond to its users first and foremost. If it is non-functional, slow, or difficult for the user to find the information he needs, it will certainly not achieve its goals. You always have to control the satisfaction of users using your website. Sometimes improving one thing can improve her performance.


c) SEO

It is an essential part of your marketing efforts that will help you reach your audience. First of all, you need to make sure that you rank at least in the Top10 of search results for important keywords. Thanks to this, you will appear in users' minds, and you will be easy for them to find. SEO is one of the systematic activities that gives long-lasting results.


Taking care of the website must be your priority. Remember that all marketing and promotional activities lead users to your website. Therefore, check its results regularly and react quickly to any errors.

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3. Create a purchase path (sales funnel)

Some purchasing decisions are made impulsively. Usually, the decision-making process involves:


a) Comparing several offers

b) Asking friends for their opinions

c) Getting to know the portfolio


Most people operate according to the principle I DO NOT KNOW = DO NOT TRUST = DO NOT BUY. For this reason, you will need a well-functioning and tight sales funnel. 

3.1. Sales funnel definition

The sale funnel shows the entire sales process. That is the way to how you acquired a customer and how he made a purchase. Having a designed sales funnel will make it easier for you to see more precisely at which point potential customers give up their purchase. In this way, you will react faster to problems that arise, thanks to which you will reduce the number of unsuccessful transactions. The sales funnel may differ in appearance and the number of its stages. For this reason, it should be designed adequately to the needs of the recipients and the website's goals.

4. Create valuable content

Just being online won't make your sales grow drastically. You need to grab your audience's attention with something and encourage them to stay with you for longer. It's best if you create content for them that will be valuable. But what does that mean? This means that such content must be unique and respond to the needs and interests of the recipients. 


Use it to share your knowledge, skills, and valuable advice. Include storytelling, refer to universal experiences of recipients. Try to make your content accessible and understandable to everyone. Thanks to this, you will become an expert in the field you describe and naturally inspire confidence in your offer. 

5. Be in important places for your audience

Don't limit your online presence to the website only. Use other places as well. Find the platforms where you will be able to present your projects best and where the most of your audience is located. The sooner you start social media promotion, the better.

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Being on multiply platforms at once can be challenging. That is why try to stick to omnichannel marketing. What is omnichannel marketing? It's all about consistency. It means that you have to have specific and consistent communication on all your platforms. Because of this, your recipients will have a clear vision of your brand and goals. 

5.1. Google My Business

93% of all search queries are entered into Google, so this is the place where you should be visible if you have a business. And Google My Business is a simple way for potential customers to find you online more quickly. Your Google My Business profile will appear to the right of search results when someone types your business name or search query related to your services into Google. This way, the user will receive information about your business in a nutshell. If you enter a business address, your website will be added to Google Maps, and these results appear at the top of the general search results and in the Maps tab.


Google My Business is called the company's showcase on the Internet. Still, it gives more possibilities than just appearing in results search- it allows access to profile statistics. It enables you to communicate with potential customers, e.g., answer their questions or opinions issued by them.

5.2. LinkedIn

Is a platform that is primarily used to build a professional image and establish new professional contacts. It mainly includes educational and informational content.


Thanks to LinkedIn, you can promote yourself or your projects and redirect newly acquired recipients to your website. What's more, you can publish longer entries and articles on it (the LinkedIn community appreciates them very much). You will gain an expert opinion in a niche that is important to you. In this article, you will learn more about promotion on LinkedIn. 

5.3. Instagram

A medium that speaks through images. It allows you to achieve large ranges and offers many opportunities for promotion. Thanks to it, you can, for example, publish interesting photos, share mentions about yourself in Insta Stories, conduct Live meetings, sell your products or organize giveaways.


Instagram is multifunctional and has a diverse audience that practically any industry can be there. Although, of course, the most popular will be interactive and entertaining content there.

5.4. Behance

A great platform for graphic designers, web developers and other creators. It is an ideal place for those who want to present a lot of graphical content. These can be photos, graphics, website designs, original fonts, and much more. 


You will also find job offers and live broadcasts on Behance. You can use them yourself and deepen your knowledge of using various Adobe programs, or you can conduct such meetings yourself and share your skills and tips with others. 

5.5. TikTok

A platform that is mainly associated with very young recipients. However, it is not just for them. On Tik Tok, you can also excel in purely educational content. People love to find out various interesting and valuable information in a fast and exciting way.


However, it must be remembered that Tik Toku is dominated by short content. There is no place for static films lasting a dozen or so minutes. The way content is delivered on this platform must be dynamic and creative. Otherwise, your work will get lost among other more engaging content.

5.6. Pinterest

Another platform where visual content, especially graphics, works very well. On Pinterest, audiences mainly look for inspiration in private and professional matters. First of all, the valuable things are creating your own collections and placing graphics of various sizes.


It's worth promoting your graphic designs, infographics, and articles on Pinterest. The more that the platform allows for very easy redirection to your website.

5.7. YouTube

One of the most popular platforms for promoting video content. You can use it to publish tutorials, set premieres about your products, conduct live broadcasts or share podcasts. 


YouTube is constantly developing and offers more and more promotion opportunities (for example, YouTube Shorts). It is worth being present on this channel because it allows you to build a loyal community around you, which you can later transfer to your website.

5.8. Medium

A platform created for textual content. For example, if you don't want to add a blog to your website, creating content on Medium will replace it. By creating articles on essential topics in your niche, you make yourself known as an expert, inspiring confidence in your audience and convincing them to take a closer look at your projects.


You can also work on Medium with a blog. Such presence will be helpful in the case of only building its authority. By publishing on Medium simultaneously, you gain access to the existing databases of recipients of specific topics. If you manage to arouse their interest, you will easily convince them that they will find your website content even more valuable.

6. Make it easy for customers to get in touch with you 

Customer contact is essential to reaching new audiences and keeping your current audience. Rest assured that your customers can always contact you and get any answers that are important to them. If you know that there will be a lot of such contacts, try to divide the contact channels into specific inquiries, such as inquiries regarding the offer, technical problems, etc. Remember that all contact paths are easy to find and visibly divided according to the needs.


There are many ways to contact the customer, but you shouldn't overdo it with too many contact options, as at some point, it won't be easy to give everyone the same amount of attention. Therefore, it is worth considering for a moment and choosing the options that will best suit the needs of the recipients and the purpose of your website.

6.1. Contact form examples

a) Chat

This is an excellent option for those who care about constant 24/7 customer support. Automated questions and answers allow you to solve many customer problems without involving a human being. However, it would be best not to rely on this solution alone as it will not respond 100% to every query. Additionally, not all recipients may be convinced of such automated contact. 



b) E-mail

Sending welcome or “thank you” emails is a common practice. It makes the client feel distinguished and sympathizes with us. Another form of such contact is a newsletter that can be addressed to potential customers and those present. This is a perfect way to keep in touch with them. You can inform them about new products in your offer or special occasions in the newsletter.



c) Telephone

A group of customers still prefer telephone contact, where they will be in touch with a human, not a bot. On the one hand, this way of communication saves time and allows for a more accurate understanding of the matter with which the client is addressing you. On the other hand, this solution requires you to delegate specific people who will answer the phone at any time of the day.



d) Contact Form

The contact form offers many possibilities. It may give clients complete freedom or provide an opportunity to mark off the type of case the client is referring to support. Additionally, you can add the option to enter the customer's contact details to choose the way of contacting you. 

7. Start building an online community 

Building your community will open up many opportunities for you. You will gain easy access to the opinions of your recipients, and you will be able to respond to their needs faster. You will inform them more efficiently about special occasions and new products in your offer. 


However, to freely use all these opportunities, this community must trust you. Therefore, make sure that you have regular contact with them. Offer additional content, enter into a discussion or start a conversation, ask about experiences related to your product, etc.


You can build such a community on your website by, for example, commenting on blog entries or creating a forum. However, you can also use other platforms, such as YouTube or Facebook. First of all, it is in the latter that it is worth creating a group that will allow you to carry out the activities mentioned above.

8. Test various activities and promotion channels

Don't base your entire promotion only on paid advertising. If you decide to do so, support them with other forms of promotion. Be active in social media, publish articles, send newsletters. That way, if your ad is successful, you'll only double the results. Conversely, if it does not deliver the expected results, you may find that you have lost money and valuable time that you may have spent on more productive activities. Never limit yourself to one way of promotion. Take advantage of many possibilities, especially if you are just developing your projects.

9. Manage the search results that your customers are looking for

Make sure that you are in at least the Top10 search results for keywords that are important to you. This way, more users will find you and see your offer.


If you don't know where to start, do some research with your competitors first. See what keywords they rank for and how they rank. First of all, take a closer look at their website and content. Thanks to this, you will know how to start positioning for the exact phrases and how to do it effectively.

10. Offer something for free

People don't like to buy without knowing much about things or products they are buying. They appreciate the opportunity to try out an offer before buying it. Try to offer your audience something for free. Something so they can see what you offer they need. Here are some ideas:


a) Content

As mentioned in one of the earlier points - valuable content attracts audiences. They can take many forms and be disseminated in just as many ways. You can run webinars, create PDFs, write articles, or record tutorials. The possibilities are endless, and each of them, when used the right way, can bring you a flood of recipients.


b) Features

If you sell an online tool, you can add free access to one of its functionalities. You can also offer a free trial for several days to try it out freely. In BOWWE, for example, you have free access to a wizard where you can create projects such as a website or portfolio. This way, you show your recipient that you trust them and are sure that using your tool will be a good experience.


c) Samples

If you sell products, you can offer samples to the recipient: book chapters, smaller volumes of cosmetics, etc. Each of us wants to know that what we pay for is worth it. Therefore, give a taste of your offer and make people want more.


d) Special occasions

Occasional holidays are an excellent opportunity to modify your offer. First of all, use this solution for events such as Black Friday. Apply discounts, rebate codes, or 2 + 1 free offers in such moments. Carry out such activities not only on special occasions. Impress your audience with unexpected special events that they will simply have to seize.

11. Automate your activities 

There are many ways to increase your sales. They include one-off activities as well as regular, even monotonous ones. In such a situation, use tools that will relieve you from them and save you a lot of time. Here are some of examples:

a) Mailing campaign (Mailchimp, Sare, Campaign Monitor)

b) Content creation (Canva, Freedly, Google Trends, Ahrefs)

c) Planning (Asana, Google Calendar, CoSchedule)

d) SEO activities (Here you will find a list of all tools)

e) Website management (BOWWE, Google Analitycs)

12. Check the results

These tricks will not help you if you do not monitor their results and adjust your actions accordingly. You have to reckon that what works for your competitors may not work for you.


Regular monitoring of the results of your activities will give you a clearer idea of ​​the direction in which you should go. Control the effects of your social media or content, website efficiency, etc. Remember that in the end, you conduct all these activities to strengthen your sales - that is, get better results.

Checklist with all marketing tips



Increasing sales on the website involve taking many different actions in various channels. Thanks to our tips, however, they will be activities worth the time and money, bringing the expected results. It is worth following them from the very beginning to enjoy growing profits in the first days of selling.

Article by
Karol Andruszków

Karol is a serial entrepreneur, e-commerce speaker for the World Bank, and founder of 3 startups, as part of which he has advised several hundred companies. He was also responsible for projects of the largest financial institutions in Europe, with the smallest project being worth over €50 million.


He has two master's degrees, one in Computer Science and the other in Marketing Management, obtained during his studies in Poland and Portugal. He gained experience in Silicon Valley and while running companies in many countries, including Poland, Portugal, the United States, and Great Britain. For over ten years, he has been helping startups, financial institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises to improve their functioning through digitization.