How to use columns while creating a website?

Columns. How to use them when creating a website?

As you know, websites today must be responsive - otherwise they have no chance of being successful online.

For your website to be responsive, all its elements must display correctly on devices with different resolutions. BOWWE gives you the Columns widget to connect and manage any elements on the page conveniently.

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to add and edit a Columns widget on a page and then use it efficiently.

Benefits of using the Columns widget on your website

Instant changing the number of columns

Set the number of columns with one click. Each additional column is another space where you can place any elements and content.

Easily resize columns

Edit every single column as you want, independently of other columns in the widget.

Adapting the website to mobile devices

Adjust the appearance of the column's content to every single device.

Unlimited content inside columns

By tying together multiple items with columns, you can edit at once by changing only the Column settings. This is a huge time saver.

Adding and managing the Columns widget


Go to the BOWWE Builder and expand the WIDGETS category on the left side bar.


Select the COLUMNS widget.


Place the Columns on your website in a relative way (More info: How to relatively place elements on the website).


In the widget settings, select:

1) number of columns

2) size

3) offset

4) order

5) spacing between columns.


Place the Area widget in the Columns widget.


Now place a few other widgets in the Area that you want to use on your website.


Click the Columns widget and open Widget Styles.


Edit the Column and see how's your content changing!


Click SAVE and PUBLISH to save and publish all your changes!


The Columns widget can be made of 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 12 columns. You choose this number in Widget Settings.
You can edit all columns at once or each one separately.
By hiding/removing the Columns widget, all its content will also be hidden/removed. But remember to hide elements seperately on every single device if you want to totally hide them on your website.


You already know how to manage content on your website using the Columns widget!

Using columns is the easiest solution for creating modern and responsive pages in the BOWWE. Thanks to them, your website's content will be perfectly organized.

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