How to Adjust Image Size
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How to resize an image in a few clicks?

Imagine preparing a beautiful photo, uploading it to a page... and getting frustrated because you can't resize it. It looks terrible.


Do you know this problem? It's very common. But there is a solution.


Regardless of the resolution of the photos or graphics you place on your website, the BOWWE wizard will allow you to resize them easily. It takes just a few clicks.


This tutorial will teach you how to do that!

Quick image resizing

BOWWE image size panel
Open your website in BOWWE Builder

Click on the image you want to edit and select Widget Styles

Go to the Size and Position tab
Select the unit with which you can determine the dimensions of the image
Adjust the size of the picture by changing the width and height

Automatic adjustment of image size

Hover over the size adjustment. You can choose from 4 options:

BOWWE image size adjustment panel
Original dimensions

The image will retain its dimensions.

Adjust to height

The image will fill the entire height of the container in which it is located.

Adjust to width

The image will fill the entire width of the container in which it is located.

Fill the area

The image will adapt to the size of the container it is in and fill it.

Remember about:

  • Image dimensions valid for computers may not display well on phones. Remember to adjust the picture's dimensions on mobile devices: tablets and smartphones!


You already know how to resize an image on your website.