How to Quickly Edit Any Text and Header
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How to edit any text or header?

Free text editing in most simple CMSs and page builders can be problematic. Often, such tools offer minimal possibilities if it comes to editing. In other cases, styling text is simply complicated and time-consuming. It takes too much time and thus creates a big problem.


BOWWE allows for instant, almost unlimited editing of texts and headers. This is extremely important because websites are mostly text. Moreover, research shows that well-written and designed texts are the most effective in increasing online sales.


In this tutorial, you'll learn how to format any text you want in the BOWWE page builder with just a few clicks.

How to edit text in BOWWE?

You can format text in the same way for every element on the page.
Drag and drop the Text widget from the left side panel.
In the side panel, select Font tab.
Choose from available options and format text any way you want it.

BOWWE Formatting Toolbar - Inline Text Formatting

Use inline text formatting to apply a new style to a particular part of a text, separate from the rest of the paragraph.


To format a section of text, simply double-click on the corresponding Text Widget, click “Edit” and select the desired text. Once selected, a formatting toolbar will appear above the widget offering various formatting options.

Text formatting available in BOWWE



Selects the font size


Sets the font color


Selects a font from the font library


Changes the font-weight


Sets the horizontal alignment of the text

Letter spacing

Changes the size of the free space between letters

Line height

Height of each line of the text


Changes the case of letters


Sets the text direction of an element

Font style

Italic and oblique formatting


Style of the decoration line

Decor color

Set the color of the decoration line

Decor style

Set text decoration on fonts

Writing mode

Sets whether lines of text are laid out horizontally or vertically


The orientation of the text characters in a line (only in vertical mode)

Text wrap

Overflow wrap

Specifies how browsers can break lines, if they overflow the container

Word Break

Specifies how words should break when reaching the end of line

Text Overflow

Sets how hidden overflow content is signaled to users

White space

Changes how white space inside the element is handled

Text shadow

Add shadow

Creates a shadow effect


Now you know how to format the text on your website!