Image SEO: Boost Traffic with ALT and TITLE Attributes
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SEO Optimization: How to add ALT and TITLE attributes to images in BOWWE?

Images are critical not only for the great website's appearance but also for its high Google rankings. The search engine doesn't have "eyes" to see your image. You must describe it with the ALT and TITLE attributes to let the search know what's exactly on the image. Keywords that are relevant and have high-volume searches will skyrocket your rankings! 


This tutorial will teach you how to quickly and correctly complete the ALT and TITLE attributes in BOWWE.

What are the TITLE and ALT attributes?

The TITLE IMAGE attribute is the name of the picture.

If the image contains a correctly added TITLE attribute, you will see its name when you hover the mouse over it. This is important, especially when the graphic is "clickable" and contains a link.

The ALT IMAGE tag is called alternative text.
It describes what is in the photo. As you remember, Google cannot "see" what is in an image but can analyze the content using alternative text. If you help the search engine understand what is in the picture, you can count on more organic traffic.

Optimizing ALT and TITLE tags in BOWWE

Open your website in the BOWWE Creator.
Move the mouse over the left side panel and add an image on your website.
Click on the captured image. Select Widget Settings.
opening widget settings in BOWWE
The Image Title field is responsible for the TITLE tag.
The Alternative Text field is responsible for the ALT tag.
image alt and title SEO optimization


You already know how to optimize ALT and TITLE and boost your Google rankings!