BOWWE Builder - Your Secret For Growing Successful Business!

BOWWE Builder - Your Secret For Growing Successful Business!

Karol Andruszków
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Are you looking for a proven way to develop your business? Do you want to be visible on the web, have a high conversion rate, and become No. 1 in your industry? Unleash the full potential of your business with BOWWE Builder! Say goodbye to bland and ineffective web projects and hello to a stunning, high-performing online presence that drives growth and success. 

What is BOWWE?

Graphic - whats is BOWWE

BOWWE is a low-code and no-code tool that allows you to create Websites, Landing Pages, Portfolios, CVs, and Micro Pages. 

The No-Code and Low-Code tools are distinguished by the fact that you only need minimal or no programming knowledge to use them.

The BOWWE Builder provides all the necessary solutions to build a successful business that can develop in every possible direction without hiring a group of specialists such as programmers. 

What can you create with BOWWE?

BOWWE allows you to create many different projects that will make it even easier for your brand to appear online and reach customers.

Website - showcase your business  

Graphic - website creation in BOWWE

There are about 2 billion websites on the Internet, and this is a clear sign that life is now going on on the Internet. Therefore necessary for your business to have a website that will be its (as well as your) business card. 


By creating a website in BOWWE Website Builder, you can be sure that it is built according to the standards of web design as well as SEO, which provide you with everything you need to see your website at the top of the search results, where potential customers will be able to quickly see it.

Landing Page - a proven way to get leads 

Graphic - Landing Page creation in BOWWE

The Landing Page is usually created to meet one clearly defined conversion goal. With 10-12 Landing Pages, you can increase leads by up to 55%! It is a very effective promotion and sales tactic, especially if you have, for example, several products targeted at different recipients.  


At BOWWE Landing Page Builder, you can create professional Landing Pages. Our Landing Page templates include contact forms, CTA buttons, and everything else necessary to achieve your dream conversion.  

Online Portfolio - the effective building of your image on the web

Graphic - portfolio creation in BOWWE

If, for example, you are looking for a proven way to stand out among other candidates applying for the same position, or you want to build your recognition on the web - Portfolio Online will be perfect for you!


With BOWWE Portfolio Builder, you have at your disposal, for example, several types of photo galleries that will allow you to present your projects aesthetically and attractively. What's more - adding a section with satisfied customers' opinions will undoubtedly expand your online visibility without much difficulty.

CV - attention-grabbing presentation of your professional predispositions

Graphic - CV creation in BOWWE

A CV can be the key to getting your dream job or internship. Therefore, you must be presented professionally and clearly demonstrate your advantage over other candidates.


In our CV Builder, you will create a well-organized and job-winning CV, with which you will easily stand out in the crowd. You also always have our easy-to-edit resume templates for every industry at your disposal.

Micro Page - successful omnichannel promotion 

Graphic - MIcro Page creation in BOWWE

Want to skyrocket your social media traffic? Use microsite! Is an advanced version of linking pages to which you can easily and quickly connect an unlimited number of links leading to all-important places on the Internet.


Just put a microsite link in your bio on your social media profiles. Then the recipients of your content will be able to easily visit all the places of interest to them: social media profiles, blogs, websites, sales accounts on various websites, and much more! 

Everything else that will be necessary for the development of your business!

Remember - these are only basic categories that don't limit you. In BOWWE, you can create projects tailored to your needs, regardless of whether it will be a blog or an online store. It is up to you to decide on your online project's final shape and purpose.  

How will BOWWE help you create and develop your business? 

Graphic - How BOWWE will help grow your business

You can quickly and effectively use BOWWE to create your own brand, then manage and expand it. How?

A high-positioned website  

Our team has SEO experts who ensure that not only the builder but also BOWWE templates are created according to the principles of search engine optimization. Thanks to this, your website will have a clean code, load quickly, and it will be easier to position it in the first search results, thanks to which it will be faster noticed by potential customers, as well as get a lot of organic (free) traffic.  

Create a business quickly and efficiently

When you create a business, you want it to be thriving. You want to be successful with as few failures as possible. That is why you are looking for solutions, thanks to which you will be able to do everything more efficiently, faster, and at a lower cost without losing quality. This is what BOWWE offers you.


Thanks to the no-code creator, you will be able to create your own website without hiring a programmer, and later you will also be able to manage and expand it yourself. You can always use an even more convenient solution, high-quality website templates created by specialists from BOWWE.

Effective promotion and endless development

With BOWWE, you don't stop at one simple page - you keep developing. You add your company blog to it, sharing your expert knowledge, expanding the database of authentic opinions from satisfied customers, etc.


What's more, thanks to advanced SEO settings, you control the presentation of your website on the web, not only in search results but also in social media, thus increasing your presence on the Internet. 

What does BOWWE offer you? 

Drag & drop - create without a line of code

Create quickly and without a single line of code by dragging pre-made page sections and placing them anywhere in the design. 

570+ ready-to-use widgets and blocks - build from ready-made elements 

Graphic - BOWWE widgets

You don't have to worry about creating from scratch. All you need to do is take advantage of the wide range of ready-to-use blocks and widgets to help ensure your website is built professionally.

200+ ready-to-use templates - choose a template and match it to your needs

Graphic - templates by BOWWE

Creating a website based on a free template from BOWWE is a proven way to get an entire website. All you have to do is choose one of over 200 high-quality templates, modify it according to your brand communication and add your content.


You also don't have to worry if your chosen template has everything you need. At BOWWE, each template implementation is preceded by a thorough analysis of the industry for which it is created. Thanks to this, it contains all the necessary elements to develop your business.   

Choosing between absolute and relative positioning - create designs according to the art 

Adding elements via absolute positioning ultimately blocks the relationship between different page elements and thus completely destroys its positioning (in the case of SEO).

At BOWWE, we clearly communicate when an element is added using absolute and relative positioning. We recommend using relative positioning in most cases to get a better position of the website in the search results and to make the website completely responsive.    

Building an opinion base - show off the opinions of your customers

By using BOWWE, you also get access to the Honaro application (an international business social network connecting consumers, employees, and companies), which allows you to develop your business even better. How? It will enable you to collect and build an extensive database of valuable opinions about your business, which you can then quickly put on your website and confirm the actual value of your offer.

Library of additional applications - add applications that will help you achieve your goals 

BOWWE provides many additional applications that you can add as your business grows. They will help you improve your offer and attract new customers to the website. Here are some of the applications available:


a) Portfolio - show the world your best projects and grab the attention of recruiters. 

b) Customer opinions - present how your product or services work for others. 

c) Vouchers - offer your customers special coupons and promotions. 

Excellent SEO of created projects - position your projects faster and more effectively 

Graphic - templates by BOWWE

SEO is a proven way to attract significant and free traffic to your website. That is why at BOWWE, we ensure that our Builder allows you to create in accordance with the best SEO practices, which will give each project a short loading time and easily positioned subpages. 

Own integrations and code - create what you want, as you want 

BOWWE not only allows you to create your own integrations with any API/tool or use those prepared by us but also allows you to create custom widgets, which you can then use in any project.


If you want even more freedom in creating your website, the widget from BOWWE allows you to add your own code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) that puts no limits on your projects. 

Own UI KIT - Keep your projects consistent 

The above-mentioned BOWWE website templates can be freely modified as needed - you don't even have to do it yourself on each subpage. You can do it much faster by defining your UI Kit. You can adapt any template to your branding in this way or change the current design in a few minutes. If you define your UI KIT in BOWWE, the sections and all elements automatically adapt to your branding with pixel-perfect precision.

Automatic responsiveness - create designs tailored to any device

Graphics - automatic responsiveness of projects created in BOWWE

Did you know that since 2017 more than 50% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices? Nowadays, having a website that works properly on any device is essential for dynamic business development. 


Therefore, each project created in BOWWE is automatically responsive. While editing the page, you can quickly switch between desktop and mobile preview at any time to see how your website looks on a smaller screen.

What distinguishes BOWWE from other builders? 

BOWWE - What makes BOWWE different from other Builders?

"BOWWE has no limits - it is a real builder, not a limited configurator"

The construction of BOWWE took our team 7.5 years (currently 34 people), not ~ 2 years for other configurators or creators. Therefore, we have a completely different (solid) foundation, thanks to which we can also have, for example, Web and Mobile App Builder without changing anything in BOWWE. We build an environment for business and personal development on the Internet, such as CRM, e-Commerce, booking services, and many more.

“We grow together”

We teach how to properly create businesses and the projects that make them up. We want your business to be successful and develop all the time. That's why we provide all the solutions and materials you need to make your projects genuinely profitable. 


We focus on providing a solution allowing users to distinguish their brand. We don't want our clients' website to look nice; we want it to be effective.  


Our fundamental principle is that everything we create is based on healthy and "evergreen" principles: high quality, no shortcuts, and a viable solution that will give you an advantage for many years.  

“At BOWWE, you create code like a programmer”

The code we want to generate must be comparable to the quality of the programmer; website and application development time must be as short as possible; possibilities of creating the broadest possible; and UX / UI must be the most pleasant. At BOWWE, even though you create without interfering with the code, each project is made using the best solutions developed by programming, SEO, and business building experts, resulting in a tool that includes everything necessary to implement each project.

Start creating with BOWWE today!

Start building your business today! BOWWE is an intuitive Online Project Builder for which you don't t need to have programming knowledge. Create a free account and enjoy the unlimited creative possibilities in our Business Builder.

Ready to create your dream Website?
Say goodbye to the hassles of coding and hello to a stunning, professional Website with top-notch SEO today!


Choose what type of project you want to start with. Start building from scratch or with one of our professional templates. Add your content, create a UI KIT, and include the necessary applications. Create your project according to your rules and needs, publish it, and start promoting and gradually developing it as its popularity grows. Remember that we are always here to help you in our chat. We also encourage you to use the base of our tutorials and valuable materials on the BOWWE Blog! May all your projects be always delightful! 

Article by
Karol Andruszków

Karol is a serial entrepreneur, e-commerce speaker for the World Bank, and founder of 3 startups, as part of which he has advised several hundred companies. He was also responsible for projects of the largest financial institutions in Europe, with the smallest project being worth over €50 million.


He has two master's degrees, one in Computer Science and the other in Marketing Management, obtained during his studies in Poland and Portugal. He gained experience in Silicon Valley and while running companies in many countries, including Poland, Portugal, the United States, and Great Britain. For over ten years, he has been helping startups, financial institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises to improve their functioning through digitization.