How to use Iframes on your website?
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How to use Iframes on your website?

An iframe is an HTML tag that is useful for including content from other sources, such as videos, maps, and social media feeds, without having to recreate the content yourself. We'll cover how to create an iframe, how to set the source of the iframe, and how to customize the iframe's appearance and behavior.

What is an Iframe and when to use it?

An iframe is like a mini browser window that you can put inside your website. It lets you show content from another website without your visitors having to leave your site. Think of it like a picture-in-picture feature on your TV, but for webpages. So, instead of opening a new tab or window to show the content, you can embed it directly into your website. 


You might want to use an iframe on your website if you want to display content from another website, such as:


  • Social media feeds
  • Videos
  • Maps
  • Documents or PDFs
  • Games or interactive widgets
  • Live chats
  • Advertising banners or external sponsor content

Remember about:

Some websites may not allow their content to be displayed within an iframe due to security or performance concerns. It's important to always check the website's terms of service or usage policy before embedding their content within an iframe to ensure that you are not violating any rules or guidelines.
Watch out
Be cautious when using iframes as they can pose security risks if not implemented correctly. If you embed content from an untrusted source, it may execute malicious code on your website. To avoid this, only use iframes from trusted sources and ensure that proper security measures are in place.

How to set up an Iframe on your website?

Open your project in BOWWE

Go to the Creator in the left side panel and select Iframe widget


Drag and drop it on your website


Insert Page URL in Widget Settings


Edit the appearance of the Iframe in Widget Styles. Adjust size, position and more.


Click SAVE to complete.


Embedding too many iframes on a single page can slow down the page load time, leading to a poor user experience.


Make sure to optimize the performance of your website by minimizing the number of iframes used, or by using lazy loading techniques to delay the loading of iframes until they are needed.


Now you know how to add Iframe widget to your website