What is a Slider and how to add it to your website?
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What is a Slider and how to add it to your website?

Are you looking to add some visual flair to your website and grab your visitors' attention right from the get-go? Look no further than the slider! In this tutorial, we'll show you the ins and outs of sliders and guide you through the steps of adding one to your website.

How Slider can look like on your website?

A slider is a dynamic and engaging way to display multiple images or videos in a single area of your website. It's perfect for showcasing your products, services, or portfolio in a way that's both eye-catching and informative. 

How to add a Slider to your website?


Open your site in the BOWWE Builder.

From the left side panel select the green + button and expand the MULTIMEDIA tab to select the Slider widget.

Choose from available templates ot drag the widget and drop it wherever you want on the page.


Click on the green Widget Settings button that appears above the Slider to configure the widget.


Replace the images and adjust the widget.


Open Widget Styles to edit the widget’s position, size and appearance.

Remember about:

If you want to edit specific elements on the slides e.g.: Header or Button, you'll need to access their Widget Styles individually


Here are a few ways this can be done:


Click Save to complete.

Slider - Widget Settings

When you drop a Slider, you will automatically see the Settings panel. Here you can configure the following parameters:


Define the time interval between automatic transitions of slides in your slider

Slides on screen

The number of slides that are visible on the screen at the same time

With arrows

Add arrow buttons to your slider, which allows users to manually navigate through the slides

Indicator type

Choose the style of the indicator dots that show the current position in the slider

Slider coverage

Specify the portion of the screen that the slider occupies

Show picture on popup after click

Show a larger version of the picture in a pop-up when a user clicks on it

Slider effects

Define the transition effects that occur between slides

Content on slide

Enable adding widgets to slides

Video autoplay

Enable automatic playback of videos when the slide is shown

Adjust to width

Adjust the slider's size to fit the width of the device screen

Show title

Display the title of the slide as a caption or heading

Custom controls

Customize the control buttons in your slider


Display different types of multimedia content such as images or videos

How to manage slides?

  1. Create a description to the images using the pen icon.
  2. Remove images from the gallery using the trash can icon.
  3. Add images using the Select image button.
  4. Add a video by clicking the Add movie button.
  5. Add empty slide to create a break between different sections of the slider

Remember about:

You can upload videos no larger than 50 MB to the Slider. Also, keep in mind that putting a lot of heavy files in the widget may reduce its loading speed.


Now you know how to add Slider to your website